Discover: What Are The Top Future Tech For 2030?

What Are The Top Future Tech For 2030

Do you want to explore what are the top future tech for 2030 from expert predictions? Discover the technology of the future to look out for in 2030 and inventions that the world needs.

Is this the future that we are all in for where robots can literally do everything, we can do but better what does it mean when we look ahead till 2030? What skills will be in demand will our jobs even be in demand? What can we do now to prepare for the future? and technology in the future Or Upcoming technologies.

We have seen that Tech grows and changes so quickly, that we cannot go look back at history to see how quickly it’s changed because for example, with AI we’ve seen that the curve was relatively going like this, and then even within the last eight months it just went skyrocketing. This will continue to happen in more areas than we have ever seen before.

Expert Predictions About Top Future Tech For 2030

The reason is that Tech is accelerating quicker than ever and as it continues to accelerate that acceleration process will continue to go faster and faster. The reality is no one knows what the future looks like but there are definitely some experts and some really great companies out there that spend a lot of time researching as to what the future of work may look like and what will be the top future tech for 2030.

You know this is a topic that I am obsessed with mainly because I love learning and growing skills. I’m really excited about the future and how our roles whether developer UI UX designer, project manager whatever role you are in technical or soft skill will evolve & grow, and you will be able to stay ahead of the curve as long as you are willing to and open-minded.

Now this is just my prediction based on someone who’s been in the tech industry for quite a while now and has been a software developer professionally networking developer relations whatever this feeling is you get the point. My prediction is that a lot of these different roles will become merged meaning I think over time we will continue to see more project managers being able to code designers, being able to code developers, being able to design like a lot of these roles.

I believe that will become more closely intertwined. The reason is that in a lot of these roles, there’s going to be so much more access to getting into them even coding, for example, now there are so many tools to really help you code that even if you’re not a proficient coder and maybe your role isn’t fully software engineer.

You can use these AI tools to help you build or understand code. The same goes with all these other rules as well which, I think is pretty exciting if my prediction goes in this direction. And is correct because it means that you will get to wear many different hats.

Now this isn’t to say that the traditional role goals of being a complete expert as a software engineer or designer will become extinct. Those will still be needed but more so there’s a lot of opportunity for people who are interested in wearing many different hats and trying different Technologies. I think that those are the people who really succeed in the next 10 years.

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Digital Literacy

So the first skill on the list is something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you which is digital literacy. Actually according to the World Economic Forum by 2030 over half, more than half the jobs we do will require an understanding of digital technology. They actually go as far as to say people who lack digital literacy will be at an extreme disadvantage & drawback. When it comes to competing for jobs and business opportunities by 2030.

Digital Literacy The Top Future Tech For 2030
Digital Literacy The Top Future Tech For 2030

So this is a very bold statement to make by the World Economic Forum stating that over half the jobs by 2030 will require an understanding of digital technology. Now I’m interested to hear do you agree with this. Do you think this is accurate for me? I definitely think it is because as we’ve seen Tech is not just an industry on its own technology impacts every single industry. So whether you are a developer designer whatever the case is you do not need to specifically work at a tech company.

All these other Industries will need you to continue to work in them to bring them to the Forefront. All businesses nowadays or most of them need to be online or it’s going in that direction So having technical individuals will become more and more important.

Now you might be saying well tip this isn’t a specific skill digital literacy could mean many things and I think this is really important to know because there is no one way to have digital literacy.

I think that’s the beauty of it. You could have cyber security, or you could be an expert in a specific programming language or designer But continuing to be up to date with what is going on in Tech will continue to be even more important than it is today.

Why digital literacy?

Digital literacy has huge demands and needs for the future still 2023 because every sector of Technology is growing day by day like AI artificial intelligence therefore to stay ahead and be up to date of in a particular technology sector you need digital literacy.


Now let’s get into a specific skill or a specific area that will continue to be in demand which hopefully is no surprise to you regarding cyber security. This is an area that even my dad, I kid you, not my dad called me one day he was like Dear Son I keep on seeing about how important cyber security is on the news you need to get into cyber security.

You know I feel like I’ve gone too far down the developer relations path I really appreciate that I definitely agree with you if I were to do it all over. Again it’s probably where I would end up in cyber security actually.

Cybersecurity future technology predictions

Fun fact here it says 1.7 Million results on Google search for the term cyber security jobs that are over a hundred thousand USD for salary. There is a lot of opportunity in this space and as everything continues to go online more and more the need for cyber Security Experts will continue to Skyrocket.

This is probably you can quote me on this in a few years but this is probably the most important area that is not only for today if you are looking for a job that will be secure for a long time but also by 2030. Cyber Security Experts will not be overtaken by AI or automation you need the human touch. The human intelligence to understand what is good, what is bad, what is allowed, what we should prevent, and what we should not prevent.

There are so many different things so this in my opinion is the number one skill to learn if you want to continue to be in demand for 2030. Now the next question might be well.

How do I get into cybersecurity?

The good thing is that this is probably now one of the best times to get into it. Cyber security actually because there is a need for so many more cyber Security Experts that they aren’t having this very hard limit that you need to graduate with this specific degree to get into Cyber security.

They need people so if you are willing to spend the time taking a course online or certification online whatever the case is, there is a job for you.

That’s as far as you need to go you need to be passionate and willing to learn take a course or some certification to show that you are really taking initiative and from there. I’m not saying it’s as easy as one two three but you do not need to go back to University necessarily to get into cyber security. Now this can depend on what role you want to play, so do research on it.

Of course but at the end of the day, the demand is so high for these roles or people with these skills that you do not need to necessarily go back to University or college. Just start by doing your research and probably just take a course online.

Next up I found this skill or this trait to be super interesting. It is actually backed up or said by a Silicon Valley-based investor named Zoar Arwa, This individual says the next decade of I.T. will be an age of shared cognition. Driven by the increasing adoption of cognitive technology ongoing concerns about the scarcity of human attention.

A need for independent individuals of trust has yet to be developed. So what does this mean, what is this person predicting? Essentially it means the willingness and ability to partner with AI not only on decisions but also on executions.

Now this is looking ahead to 2030 but we see this happening already right now. We see that there is friction between developers and individuals who are willing and open-minded to use AI. What it has to offer and then we see this other side of individuals who think. No, we are not even going to touch AI it is scary, it’s not for us or maybe they don’t even think it’s scary but it’s bad or we’re not using our own minds.

There is a lot of the unknown right now and what he is predicting is in the future we will use AI alongside us and I really think this is extraordinary, the way the future and going to happen. We see it happening already. It will continue that way AI is not going to get Dumber. It’s just going to get smarter and smarter.

The people who will continue to evolve and really grow in the next few years will be the ones who are open-minded and actually, embrace these AI Technologies. McKinsey Global recently did a study or a research report that highlighted the top three skill sets workers will need to secure the best careers. Here are the top three they list as higher cognitive.

Why Cybersecurity?

As you know Cybersecurity is necessary to safeguard & secure individual sensitive personal and financial information or data-protecting devices and systems from attackers & cyber attackers, Cybersecurity has huge potential and demand due to securing sensitive data and information related to business and large industries. Hence Cybersecurity experts can make an amount of PKR 357,500 per month in the Pakistan region, the intermediate salary for CyberSecurity is ₹5,93,500 per year in India and in the USA $111,202 per year.

Higher cognitive

Higher cognitive -futuristic technologies that will exist by 2030

These can include Advanced literacy, writing, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and statistical skills. So doctors, accountants analysts, writers, and different things like that you’re really using your higher cognitive skills.

Higher Cognitive psychologists are those who conceive methods to assist individuals who are undergoing problems and issues with more than two of these methods. said
“The rise of digital technologies means you’re going to need to be able to handle the plethora of opportunities and challenges that come with it.”

According to, they stated that:
“Cognitive skills are a set of thinking strategies that enable the use of language, numbers, reasoning and acquired knowledge.”

Why Higher Cognitive?

According to a report by As of 2023, the intermediate annual income for a Higher Cognitive Psychologist in the United States is $4,580 per month and $54,968 a year. Due to large demand and income, you definitely invest in Higher Cognitive to make the most of it.

Social and emotional

Social and emotional - Future technology

Another future job growing day by day is social and emotional. Social and emotional jobs are those skills that have the ability to assist youths and young ones in devising their strength and systematizing their opinions, studies, sensations, manners and modern as well as have self-control & handle and overcome problems.

This I found very interesting. Social and emotional could include advanced communication, empathy, adaptability and the ability to constantly learn. The ability to continuously learn. Let me say that one more time no you won’t. But I think that’s so important because they’re not just speaking about the tech industry, they’re speaking about the world as a whole and what skills will be in demand. said:
“Social-emotional skills are essential for connecting with others! They help us manage our emotions, build healthy relationships, and feel empathy.”

I think that really though is so important in the tech industry. Do not if you are someone who just wants a job and does not want to learn any further skill sets. I really do not think the tech industry is for you. You need to be continuing to learn and grow. Not becoming obsessed with it and it takes over everything but just the awareness and the Learning to continue to self-improve and continue to grow your mind and your skill set.

Why Social and emotional?

Social and emotional specialists are also demanded in the forthcoming future as they guide and assist youngsters, kids and young people about how to make good decisions and determinations, Oppose harmful social stress and tension, and acquire an understanding of what others are feeling or supposing.

Space Tourism Guide

Space Tourism Guide - Top Future Tech For 2030

Different companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin making really large improvements in the world of space. When it comes to getting normal citizens to be able to go into space and putting normal citizens into space that will continue to grow and evolve at a quick rate. And now this isn’t something that’s the future.

This is happening now, but having a tourism guide where you can imagine people are loading onto spacecraft going into space and the tourism guide can guide them along their Journey. That’s pretty cool if you ask me and we’re definitely making steps to go in that direction. So I’m really curious to see how that one evolves.

Why Space Tourism Guide?

Space Tourism Guide’ Is Only One of the Most In-demand latest and future Jobs that has the ability to make an amount of $17 to $26 per hour in the United States areas. you must take the tour for the Space Tourism Guide job to learn.

Augmented Reality Architect

Augmented Reality Architect

Augmented Reality Architecture will be another rapidly evolving technology that has the potential to create new job opportunities. AR reality architects could design and create AR experiences that blend the virtual and physical worlds. The technology of augmented reality in architecture involves superimposing 3D architectural models on top of the real-world visual layer. said:

“Augmented Reality or AR, allows you to add digital information and content to real objects using mobile devices. All you need to do is grab a tablet or smartphone and point at any object to view text, images, models or videos superimposed on the current view.”

I feel like that’s already here today but I’ve seen this trend over and over again after really diving into future tech talk Tech topics recently of AR. The possibilities it brings to us in our daily lives. So I definitely think there is a lot of opportunity in the world of AR and it looks like Chat GPT4 does too who’s smarter Bro or Chat GPT?

Why Augmented Reality Architect?

An Augmented Reality Architect’s invention is growing day by day in this AI and IT world where everything going to be automated. Augmented reality keeps merely breaking onto the stage and has already been changing the civil structure as experts stated. Augmented Reality Architect transformations can noticed not exclusively in inventing and modeling but also in building, industry architects, online project managers, and building construction, modern engineers, and innovators.

Smart City Data Analysts

Smart City Data Analysts individual are someone who is able to look at a city as a whole similar to when you think of city planners nowadays but for smart cities. Smart cities are happening today already you see especially in areas. I know Dubai has a lot of features around smart cities. I know there are so many others that I’ll list here that I’m missing. But there are so many smart cities that are continuing to pop up or trying to evolve as smart cities as much as possible.

Smart City Data Analysts

Science direct said:

“Big data have a direct influence on transportation capacity in future cities. There has been a significant increase in urbanization over the last decade in which one in three people will live in an urban area by 2050.”

With that comes a lot of data that is going to be collected. The reality is that everything is automated and technology is intertwined further in these cities. Data analysts or companies have the ability to frankly track what’s going on. Where humans are going, what are they doing, and what decisions are they making?

Now that on its own is a whole other topic we are not going to get into in this post but the reality is just like companies have data analysts to analyze how people are using their products or their apps and what data they can gather.

There is the possibility of data analysts specific for smart cities this is a really interesting job, if you ask me, or could be an interesting job merging both city planners and Architects but also technologists. I really want to highlight one thing we are talking about jobs of the future and for the most part they all are really closely intertwined with tech.

Do you notice a trend here although there are a lot of conversations happening online right now around? How Tech is going to become obsolete or Tech workers are going to become obsolete or should you even learn how to code more?

Everything I just listed I think well maybe not a space tour guide. But for the most part, for everything I’ve listed, you need to be pretty technical or understanding of tech or passionate or be involved in Tech to some degree.

I think that will become closer and closer or closely knit together as technology continues to evolve in our daily lives. There is a need for people who understand technology to understand code. Even if they’re not coders per se understanding how Tech is built and how it operates is going to become more and more in demand. that’s just my personal take based on the way things are going.

Why Smart City Data Analysts?

For smart city development, Smart City Data Analysts already established itself as beneficial in various specializations and areas. Smart City Data Analysts experts have great potential for the future still 2030 due to making smart planning and analyzing data for smart cities as well as making a full-time income of $76,403 per year.

Climate Reverse Specialist

Smart City Data Analysts
Climate Reverse Specialist The Top Future Tech For 2030

Climate Reverse Specialist kind of already is starting to pop up now. As the climate continues to become such an important topic of discussion and what climate reverse Specialists will do. According to online is someone who is using technology, using this data to find ways to if not reverse the climate and what we have done thus far to it at least protect it moving forward.

Tech is going to be an integral part of that from understanding the data and finding new ways with technology To build better Tech, to build better ways, to live that aren’t having such a negative impact on our climate.


The third is technological, Everything from basic to Advanced IT skills, data analysis, and Engineering. These future skills of Technology are the most likely to be highly paid. So anyone who is technical in 2030 they are predicted will be the highest paid.

Technological  - Top Future of technology 2023
Technological – Top Future of Technology 2023

Now I’m not surprised by this as technology is continuing to grow and I know some of you might be like well Sam hey AI is going to take over our jobs. AI is going to do all this coding for us. Yes, it will be doing more of the smaller tasks and you as a technical person will continue to evolve your skill sets. We might not even know what skill sets are needed by 2030.

Because we might not exist but you need to be Technical and have that basic understanding in order to get to the second step. That’s something I always see nowadays people are like well I’m not learning web development or I’m not learning how to code because AI can do it now. Well yeah, that’s great but you still need to learn the foundation of these fundamentals in order to get ahead of AI.

If you’re never willing to learn the basics then you will never get ahead. That’s just a little around. There anyways very interesting top three skill sets and with that when we speak about data analysis, of course, means data scientists and data analysts. They will continue to be very in demand. This is such a great area to get into. As more companies continue to want to understand their data where they should be putting their effort and research.

And if we want to look ahead to specific career paths to go for 2030. Here’s what the Simplilearn States or has done their research on will be the top eight. Let’s go through that data science we already touched on that. Cloud computing shouldn’t come as a surprise as more and more companies are going towards the cloud.

Digital marketing this one I don’t know if I fully agree with I think it will be in demand but will be in the top eight. I don’t know about that. Curious to hear your thoughts. Machine learning.

Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality. I think augmented reality is an area that is so untouched. Still, we are making progress with it but there’s so much more we can unlock with AR so if that is not of interest to you leave it in the comments because I think there’s a lot of potential there. Software development can take on many forms. Cyber security those lists for the most part make sense to me for the top 8 best jobs for the future by 2030.

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