20+ Leading Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools

Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools For 2k23 & Beyond

How do check AI outputs for plagiarism, How do I make UNDETECTABLE AI Content that Google Loves, Is it a good idea to rewrite using ChatGPT? Are These questions you are searching for?

Want to see the best Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools, I’m going to share 20 leading plagiarism checkers plus AI-detectable tools with you through which you can detect the content that is written through AI or check its plagiarism So that your content doesn’t get deranked in Google.

I welcome you with an exciting post in which I will guide you on how you can check your content’s plagiarism and if your content is written through AI then you can get an idea that your content is either purely AI-based or has a human touch. Before going further, let me tell you that Google is not against AI content As per the rules, recommendations, and terms and conditions. As you can see on the screen.

Google is not against to Ai generated content

Google allows until and unless you are providing the quality As long as there is quality, your content will not be deranked. So, when it comes to plagiarism then in any content, at least 20% of plagiarism is allowed As per expert recommendation.

It is better if it is less but Google allows it, right? And this was also based on experience Sometimes it will be more, sometimes less, sometimes 10% But try to be more than 10%. Now let’s go to the screen and discuss our 20 best plagiarism checker tools. I am sure that one of these will be helpful to you I will also share the one that I personally use with you.

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What Is A Plagiarism Detector Tool

Plagiarism is also known as Content originality verification. A plagiarism detector tool is a computer program or online service that detects plagiarism in written copy throughout the entire web. A plagiarism detector tool works by analogizing the text of the copy to a database of previously published content to recognize any similarities or copied sections of the piece of content.

The plagiarism tool can then give a description of the plagiarism that was found in the document. Therefore, the author has to take action to correct or remove any plagiarized content as per his/her desire.

By using a plagiarism detector is necessary to ensure that all content published is original and free from any copyright issues and that there is no plagiarism found. It is the advantage of A plagiarism detector tool that it can also help to protect the author from being accused of plagiarism themselves.

Significance And Importance Of Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools

The content of a website is extremely important because it determines and tells you whether it will rank high in search engine results and attract visitors or not. The content on your site needs to be of high quality and in-depth if you want to attract customers and search engines to boost your pages. An essential characteristic of high-quality content is originality, which determines and shows its ranking in search engine results

Nowadays Plagiarism checkers and AI Content Detector Tools are very important for Bloggers, Business professionals, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and Digital marketers. AI tools are trending in today’s market.

This is because Plagiarism checkers and AI Content Detector Tools help protect intellectual property, Produce more accurate content, Determine whether the content is human-written or AI-generated, detect plagiarism and save copyright content.

Many organizations are now investing in AI-generated content detector tools to guarantee that their content is authentic, trustworthy, and free of plagiarism. If you use Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools you can protect your organization’s (website) reputation and trustworthiness.

20 Best Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools

Here I am going to introduce you to the best 20+ Tools to check Plagiarism and detect duplicate content. These tools are suggested by experts and professionals after a lot of tests and experiments.

1. GptZero

With the rise of AI content, it was necessary to have a tool to detect AI content So right now, we have GPT-0.me open on the screen which has traffic of 6 million and this is the world’s first AI detector tool that detects AI content whether it is GPT-3, GPT-4, shared GPT, barred human or AI plus human.

It helps in analyzing texts that focus on their perplexity and burstiness. Princeton University student Edward Tian Created GptZero to detect AI plagiarism for teachers after noticing the risen cases of students using AI Chatgpt written content hence to solve this problem Edward Tian made GptZero to overcome the cases of students.

So I would like to add some content from this which I will copy from the shared GPT I have written this content from shared GPT and by the way, the method I shared here is one of the best ever methods to write high-quality human-touchable content.

Chatgpt written text

You must learn this method if you write content through shared GPT. So I copied and I came to the first Mind-Blowing Free AI Tool detector GPT-0.me. We click on Get result So let’s see what result comes in front of us.

Gpt zero Results screen

Your text is likely to be written entirely by a human So this shows that the method I shared with you is a better method Maybe sometimes it will be repeated but the content is of a high level. First is GPTZero, which can easily detect ChatGPT Content.

Features In GptZero

  • Helps in determining whether a text was written by a human or an AI.
  • Analyses the Perplexity score and the text according to the randomness of a text to a model.
  • Give analysis about the Burstiness of text sentences and decide whether there is uniformity or pattern.
  • Detect the Ai Written phrase and Highlight which phrase is mostly written through the Ai chatbot.

GptZero Pros And Cons

  • Easy interface and free to use
  • You don’t have to sign up
  • Detect Ai Written Content


  • Accurate but not completely
  • There are no features

2. Grammarly

After this, we will go to the second tool which is by the name of Grammarly. It is a powerful AI writing assistant and plagiarism checker tool used to check and correct Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Grammarly is also used for Plagiarism detection.

It is broadly used by Business professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. Many people are using it and this is one of the best-ever tools with 79 million traffic.

I will paste this content into Grammarly. I will click on OK on Scan for Plagiarize. I will do this so that all the tools I have opened here I will paste this content in all so that it is easy for us to read this content otherwise this post will be very lengthy.
So you can see here that Grammarly has checked our content and there are 8 writing issues but no plagiarism found Grammar checker is absolutely correct, and The spelling is absolutely correct.

Grammarly results page

There is a little issue with punctuation, There is an issue with conciseness. Readability, word choice, and editorial writing. You can check that from its free version and if you want to take its paid version then this is one of the best tools, You can buy it.


  • It helps to improve readability and rewrite sentences with a click.
  • It has the ability to check plagiarism and is used to check and correct Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • It gives a variety of English variations including American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English
  • A writer can check articles for plagiarism scores and links with Grammarly.
  • It helps with Check Clarity, Fluency checks, Full-sentence rewrites, Detects the Tone, and Set Document Goals
  • With one click Grammarly helps you to generate Ai Generative content, rewrite, and can answer with easy prompts.
  • It is a Plagiarism Checker, Writing and Proofreading Tool with AI prompts.


  • The user interface of Grammarly is easy to use and easy to understand
  • Determine whether the content is human-written or AI and detect plagiarism
  • Grammarly can edit text, rewrite full sentences, and Detect the Tone accurately.
  • Grammarly is very trustworthy as compared to Copyscape and Wordtune. It gives Real-time analysis and suggests and corrects word usage perfectly and accurately.
  • Grammarly offers free as well as paid versions.


  • Software pricing is very high and expensive for premium features
  • It does not give a plagiarism checker in the Free version.
  • Usually, Grammarly can not remove the significant error although when you have corrected it and Its grammar-related suggestions are sometimes irrelevant.

3. Originality AI

If you used to hire writers to produce articles, So Originality AI is best for you to check AI-spammy content because AI-written content is bad, and unhealthy for a good-ranked website and can negatively impact SEO as well as Google does not like AI-generated content. It is one of the popular tools out there, and it is a paid tool and none of the versions are available for free.

Originality.AI is a powerful tool that helps authors and content publishers to provide plagiarism-free, original, AI-free content. It was created for writers aiming to deliver and highlight high accuracy to detect plagiarized and AI-generated or written content.

Originality AI is trained on the most recent OpenAI language models used to check copy-pasted texts, Ai machine-written content, rephrased texts and analysis text to determine any similarities for possible plagiarism and detect if it is written with the help of AI with its artificial intelligence efficiency.

Talking about its Pricing, In easy words, you need to take a $20 plan in which you can scan 2lakh words. The best part is, the credit will not expire. You can use the credits this month or next month or even next year.

It gives $20: 2,000 credits with the basic plan, $50: 5,000 credits, $100: 10,000 credits, $250: 25,000 credits, and $500: 50,000 credits you can buy a plan according to your needs and budget.

You need to purchase it and according to your requirements, you can purchase it again. Coming onto the interface, This is the interface, I use it personally, It is a value-for-money option at present. So these are the articles I scanned, So the AI score was 43% and the score Human was 51% This is how you can enter the score, You can enter the text,


All the AI Content is highlighted. The red part is AI content detected as per Originality.ai. For the price, it is good for AI Content Detection. One problem that I had to face was it provides “False Positive” to the articles that were not written by AI. So this detects human-based articles to be AI articles.

They are also working on a new feature that we will choose, how to detect AI and how strictly it has to be detected, this feature has not arrived yet but it will be launched soon.


  • Best Ai Content Detector Tools for Detecting Paraphrased Content and have the potential to detect copyright problems text.
  • Its important feature is that it can detect plagiarized and AI-generated content and offer up to 94% 9 out of 10-time accuracy.
  • It is capable of analyzing the text whether copyright infringement is used or AI written.
  • With its machine learning algorithms, It can detect ChatGPT, GPT 3, ChatGPT4, or GPT-3.5 and Bard-generated text.
  • Originality AI is quite cheap to use and best for the budget with $20 credits that give you to detect up to 200,000 words of AI content.


  • It has a user-friendly interface and easy to scan large numbers of content.
  • Ease in determining AI-generated content. It provides accurate detection of AI-generated content with a 94% and the highest maximum average score of 99.95%.
  • Originality AI Gives you its Chrome extension from any device to access with a 1-click check content for plagiarism and AI written text.
  • Best for the budget because it is quite cheap to use and gives you $20 credits to detect up to AI-generated content. of 200k words.
  • You can use Originality AI on Email, Google Docs, Websites, WordPress, and other social media platforms.
  • Best and valuable for Content Publishers, Authors, Bloggers, Students and teachers, Web Designers, Journalists, and Education organizations.

Cons or drawbacks of Originality AI

  • No free version to use to detect or determine AI-generated content.
  • It may lead to false positives and false negatives in identifying whether the content is AI-generated or human-written.
  • Not suitable for detecting more advanced humanizers.

4. CopyMatic

There’s no doubt that CopyMatic is one of the Best AI-Powered Content Writing Tools which I am promoting on a regular basis and I personally like it very much and our micro niche websites run through this.

Copymatic is a tool, where you can write full blog post articles, blog titles, blog induction, blog outlines, website headings, and meta description. It has the functionality of detecting AI-generated content and checking AI-written content. This tool has a lot of functionality, If you come here, I will show you.

Copymatic welcome page

How much content we have generated from this and how much time it has saved us? The biggest thing is that it does content writing for you. It also does chat, generates images, rewriting, smart editor, text to speech and the biggest and best functionality is it has a plagiarism checker and keyword research. I opened it and pasted AI-generated content into it. And I will come here to check for plagiarism.

To open its content, you have to go to my content and open a document or go to article generator or blog post writer and open content there. You can see here that the plagiarism rate of this text is 0% So your text is entirely original So you got to know from here.

Copymatic tool

Unfortunately, it will cost an amount, If you use this because this is not a free tool and you can generate content from here.


  • CopyMatic gives you 100% unique plagiarised free content that also easily ranks on Google.
  • It can Translate 108 different Languages.
  • You can generate Free plagiarized and fully SEO-optimized blog articles through Copymatic.
  • Copymatic gives you to create and write high-converting ad copy for social media platforms like you can Generator for Instagram captions and hashtags, Google Ads, Video scripts, titles, descriptions, and tag generators for YouTube, Answers to Quora, Headlines and primary text on Facebook, LinkedIn posts, Personal Biography and Twitter threads.
  • The Copymatic AI tool is the best and fits for every blogger/freelancer/copywriter/agency/organization.

CopyMatic Pros And Cons

  • Simple & easy to use Clean and clear interface.
  • Copymatic AI-powered content can easily be rankable on Google search results.
  • Copymatic provides 24/7 Customer Support to its users.
  • CopyMatic is Best for pricing and giving a free trial version.

Cons or Drawbacks

  • It may give Inaccuracies results as expert experience.
  • You can sign up for the free trial. The free trial gives you only 1000 words to use.

Pricing and Price

Copymatic gives affordable and reasonable prices. There are three subscription options: monthly, annual, and one-time. Copymatic AI Starter plan provides you Plagiarism checker – (3,000 free words), a Website generator – (coming soon), 50,000 words, a WordPress plugin, Access to all tools, 25+ languages, API access, SEO keyword research, and Chat support. Following are the detailed pricing of Copymatic:

Words Per Month/Monthly wordsPricing For Monthly PlanPricing For The Yearly Plan
15000 words$9/Month$6/month ($72)
50000 words$29/Month$19/ month ($228)
200000 words$49/Month$32/month ($384)
400000 words$99/Month$66/month ($792)
800000 words$199/Month$132/month ($1,584)
1600000 words$399/Month$266/month ($3,192)
32300000 words$799/Month$532/month ($6,384)
Copymatic Detailed Pricing

5. Neuron writer

The next tool is neuron writer which I personally admire a lot and like Surfer SEO. Neuron Writer is known as an AI-powered Plagiarism checker, content optimization, and SEO writing tool to rank content fast and easily on search results.

It has the efficiency of Plagiarism detection. Neuron Writer can detect copyright infringement of content that is stolen illegally from other websites. If you want to optimize content then neuron writer is one of the best tools. At the moment, it is available on Epsomo in a lifetime deal If you want to buy it, You must check it.

You can optimize content with it for 69$. I will tell you that it has many packages. You can take it as per your need 2 projects 25 content analysis in 69$ and 50 content analysis in 138$.

I think more than enough If you do more than this, you can go to bigger packages. I have pasted the content here and you can see that your text is 100% unique.

Neuron writer result page

Pros And Cons

  • Good User Experience and clean Interface and excellent UI and workflow.
  • Produces High-quality and rankable content.
  • It offers 24/7 Customer Support to its users.
  • Best and very reasonable prices
  • With the $59 plan of AppSumo, you can create 25 analyses within two projects.
  • It has been created based on the latest version of Chat gpt 3 to generate high-quality, logical, and relevant content.
  • It provides competitor research ideas and gives full insights for a particular query to rank easily.
  • It has a Lifetime Deal with a One-Time Purchase available for $59 in which you can Access to 2 projects, and 15,000 AI credits monthly which include 15k-75k words.

Cons or Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t give a readability score to check the Content Quality score.
  • It offers Limited AI templates to use as compared to other AI writer tool that offers dozens of templates to create different types of content like PPC ad copy or Instagram captions.

Pricing and plans offered by Neuron Writer

In Bronze Plan
19 Euro per month
For business owners to improve their rankings
In Silver Plan
37 Euro per month

For a copywriter producing
excellent results for clients.
In Gold Plan
57 Euro per month

For a team of copywriters or a small agency.
It gives 2 projects/folders,
25 content writer analyses,
15.000 A.I. credits,
Content plan,
and Content sharing.
It gives 5 projects/folders,
50 content writer analyses,
30.000 A.I. credits,
Content plan + New ideas,
and Content sharing
It gives 10 projects/folders,
75 content writer analyses,
45.000 A.I. credits,
75 Plagiarism checks,
Integrations: GSC, WP
and Content management
Pricing and plans offered by Neuron Writer

Features that Neuron Writer provides

  • It provides in-depth SERP and competitor analysis and research.
    Uses GPT-4, ChatGPT, get-3.5-turbo, and InstructGPT with good results.
  • Neuron writer gives Powerful semantic SEO suggestions.
  • It generates One-click SEO-optimized articles with high quality and rankable.
  • Gives Support of 170+ languages to its users.
  • NeuronWriter provides you with the full inside and in-depth SERP analysis of the specific query for higher rank.
  • It has the efficiency of Plagiarism detection that can detect plagiarized and duplicate text through any site.
  • It has multi-tasking functionality of AI writing, Text paraphrasing, giving Content ideas & planning, discovering keyword ideas, integrating WordPress & GSC and Creating article outlines.

6. Quiltbot

Quiltbot which I personally like a lot but unfortunately this is not a free tool. If you’re looking for an easy and efficient Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tool Quiltbot is best for you. It is an AI-powered paraphraser, grammar checker, Co-writer, plagiarism checker, Citation Generator, translator and content summarize tool that will enhance and improve your writing skills.

By using QuillBot’s online paraphraser, you can rephrase any text in a variety of ways that will boost your fluency while also ensuring that you have the right vocabulary, tone, and style for every situation Just simply enter your text into the input box, and then the AI-powered tool will generate the best paraphrase for you.

Demandsage post on Quillbot stated:

“As a leading paraphrasing tool, QuillBot uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to rewrite and enhance sentences, articles, and paragraphs. It can be called an affordable AI writing tool for rephrasing and improving your content.”

There are more than 50 million QuillBot users around the world, including students, writers, freelancers, bloggers, and professional authors, each of whom recommends and trusts QuillBot for its time-saving techniques, its free and Premium affordable plans, and its ability to improve language and correct grammatical errors in a fluent manner.

You can check the content through the plagiarism checker. The cost is not that much, if you buy it, the price is very reasonable. You can choose it at 4.17 USD per month, 2-3 people can also utilize it with unlimited words and a plagiarism checker is also available, tone detection is also available and a paraphraser is also available.

So all these things are available here after that you can utilize them because I personally want you to use it, it is one of the best tools so if you have a little investment you can buy it.

As per ddiy.co review on Quillbot they said:

“Basically, anyone who wants to improve the quality of their writing, save time, and avoid plagiarism may find QuillBot to be a useful tool. The group I could see it most helpful for is going to be students. QuillBot offers a ton of student-friendly tools, from the plagiarism checker to the summarizer and the Co-Writer.”


  • The AI-powered tool will generate the best paraphrase for you. Just simply enter your text into the input box.
  • you can use a thesaurus powered by artificial intelligence to find the perfect synonym for any word in the paraphrase.
  • It is an online paraphraser that helps you rephrase any text in many ways and boost your fluency, vocabulary, tone, and style for every occasion and scenario.
  • Quiltbot gives grammar and plagiarism-checking tools with Chrome and Word extensions to make it easier to operate systems as you like.
  • Not recommended to bloggers and digital marketers, has all the features and functionality for teachers, professors and students.
  • Having great features to create high-quality content and the potential to rank high in Google on search engine results pages.
  • Quillbot is powered by artificial intelligence combined with language processing to give you content that is understandable, unique, comprehensible, and easy to comprehend.

Quiltbot Pros And Cons

  • QuillBot is highly recommended and trusted by 50+ millions of students, writers, freelancers, bloggers, and professional authors, and publishers worldwide every day for its time-saving techniques and free and Premium affordable plans.
  • It is AI mode with 7 unique styles that improve and enhance your fluency, vocabulary, tone & style.
  • You don’t have to switch windows every time you want to rephrase a sentence, paragraph, or article with QuillBot because it connects directly to Microsoft Word and Chrome.
  • It is a powerful AI-based tool that is free and easy to use and the paraphrasing tool will rephrase your sentence, paragraph, essay, or article according to your preferences, allowing you to customize the text with just the click of a button.
  • It gives 125 words on a free plan.
  • Its paraphrasing tool is very easy to use and provides you with many modes like standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand and shortened to make your content unique and plagiarism-free.
  • Quillbot’s free plan also provides support for fluency and standard modes.

Drawbacks Or Cons Of Quilbot

  • Limited to 125 words with a free version.
  • Not fit for bloggers and digital marketers and creators.
  • Sometimes Quillbot can’t overcome AI detection tools.
  • It is not possible to write AI-free in GPT-3 and gpt-4.

Pricing And Plans Of Qiulbot

Take advantage of QuillBot’s full potential and offer you very good pricing and plans free as well as paid premium features.

  • With Monthly $9.95 USD billed monthly,
  • With Semi-Annual you can Save 33% $6.66 USD per month and $39.95 billed every 6 months
  • With Annual you can Save 58%. The Best Value is $4.17 USD per month and $49.95 billed every 12 months.
  • With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Pause Your Subscription.

In Free BASIC plan with No Credit Card Required, it offers you

  • The Paraphraser has 125 words
  • Offers you modes of Fluency and Standard
  • Gives you alternatives to three synonyms
  • Only Freeze a word or phrase
  • In the Summarizer, there are 1200 words
  • There is no faster processing speed
  • No advanced grammar rewrites
  • Lake of Compare Modes (Desktop only)
  • No plagiarism checker
  • Tone detection is not available
  • Paraphrase History is also unavailable

In Premium Plan it offers and provides excellent features with a 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee as below:

  • The Paraphraser supports unlimited words
  • Modes include Standard, Fluency, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative
  • There are four synonyms
  • No limit to the number of words or phrases you can freeze
  • In the Summarizer, there were 6000 words
  • Processing speed is faster
  • Grammar rewrites at an advanced level
  • Modes of Comparison (Desktop Only)
  • Check for plagiarism with this tool
  • The detection of tones
  • History in paraphrase

7. AI Detector.Pro

The next tool that we have is AI Detector.Pro. AI Detector Pro is an all-around platform to easily check for AI-generated content generated by the best AI content tools. It is an accurate AI detector tool that detects ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD written content every day and continuously improves its detection algorithm.

It is mostly a paid tool, but you can get this for free, but in this, you get only 3 reports. In paid, you can get 100 reports per month which are starting from $14 at present. Free will be renewed every month which is good. Reports do not have any limits, you can add unlimited words.
Talking about the interface, let’s open the article and it will mention the words that are used by AI

AI Detector Pro

AI-written Content Symbols

When, approach, and scheduled, are the words often used by AI. In my experience, however,, similarly are the words commonly used by AI. If you are able to see the conclusion in every part of the article, then such content is written by AI.

Often Touted, Not to mention, It also increases the risk, are the words commonly used by AI Either Way, Additionally, these are the words commonly used by AI and it gives a rough idea as to why AI has written this.
I have got a lot of experience and I can easily read an article and find out whether it is written by AI or not. Let’s talk about some of the free tools.

AI Detector.Pro Features

  • It has a great feature is that it can detect whether the text is written through humans or Ai.
  • Have efficiency to catch and detect the content generated by Bard, Chatgpt 1 2 3 and 4 the latest version of chatbot of open Ai.
  • It gives a very cheap and reasonable price with great features of Ai plagiarize detection.

AI Detector Pro Pros And Cons

  • Free and paid plans have no word limits
  • Detect and Highlight AI-generated content more accurately
  • Best experienced interface with ease of use
  • It can detect ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD

Cons or Drawbacks AI Detector Pro

  • May be expensive for a newbie as compared to other tools in the market.
  • Research tools, Developer tools, Content tools, and Data export are not included in the free version.

AI Detector.Pro Pricing

Free PlanBasic Plan Per Month
with 50% off code MSXOA3
Unlimited Plan Per Month
with 50% off code MSXOA3
3 reports
No Branded reports
No White-label reports
No Research tools
No Developer tools
No Content tools
No Data export
No API (additional fee)
Gives 100 reports/month
No Branded reports
No White-label reports
Gives Research tools
No Developer tools
Gives Content tools
Gives Data export
No API (additional fee)
Gives Unlimited reports
No Branded reports
No White-label reports
Gives Research tools
Gives Developer tools
Gives Content tools
Gives Data export
Gives API (additional fee)
AI Detector.Pro Pricing And Plan

8. Smallseotool.com

Smallseotool.com is one of the best and most popular tools used to check for plagiarism, create high-quality content for website ranking, paraphrasing, grammar checks, image editing and compression, check website link count, and create a large number of high-quality backlinks that are essential for Off-page SEO.

SmallSEOTools has many advantages and it aims to help Bloggers, Digital marketers, entrepreneurs, teachers, authors, students, and other fields of daily life. It is the best and totally free search engine optimization platform available in the market that Provides more than 15 tools categories for optimizing websites. I have pasted the content here and the result is 100% unique.

Smallseotool.com Result page

Although I don’t recommend it because of free and paid content writing. There is a big difference in the plagiarism checker tool. Plagiarism checker is paid, It does deep analysis which is free, and It studies your old content normally So this is also the best tool that you can utilize.


  • SmallSEOTools offers plagiarism detection and analysis of grammar mistakes and detecting duplicate content. It can determine if the content created for the site is unique or not or whether is human-written or Artificial intelligence.
  • It provides a Keyword Research Tool to search engine optimization and increases traffic to your website.
  • It tracks visits to a website to find pages with higher sessions and to find out how many visitors come to the site.
  • It is useable for Reverse Image Search.
  • SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker has an all-in-one solution that paraphrases text, view, validate, edit, and format JSON scripts, manage PDFs, check domain page, authority, DNS records, and expiration, create and check high-quality links and provides meta tags for web pages.

Smallseotool.com Pros And Cons

  • SmallSEOTools can work for both Android and iPhone platforms.
  • SmallSEOTools offers a demo before purchase to understand it features and functionality.
  • Simple, easy and user-friendly interface for the users.
  • Entirely Free tools to use no premium plan to buy.

Cons or Drawbacks

  • Plagiarism is not free as they have stated.
  • Display a lot of ads while using.
  • Limited analysis authority and dependence on third-party tools.
  • Still, the software is working on in the Beta phase.
  • You may face limitations in Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, and Article Rewriter.

Smallseotool.com Pricing and plans

If we talk about its pricing and plans, it is free to use but has a lot of limitations for particular tools like Article Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, and Grammar Checker.

To increase the features and functionality Smallseotool.com offers some pricing discussed as below:

Smallseotool.com Pricing and plans
Searching in depth
Technology powered by artificial intelligence
Dedicated to customer service
Privacy & Security of Data
Reports you can share for free
Checking URLs
The validity period is one month.
A multi-layered search engine
Support for multiple formats
Report in PDF format
An advanced plagiarism detection system
Free Grammar Checker
Assistance in multiple languages
An anti-plagiarism plugin for WordPress
Support for add-ons
Customizing profiles
Writing better takes less time.
Scoring of plagiarism on a broad scale
Free of ads
New plagiarism API
Paraphrase for free
Data encryption at 100%
Features that you can get in the premium plan


Google emphasizes using fresh, unique and updated content on your site to provide its users with best ever content according to their query and demand. To get rid of duplicate and copyrighted content, I suggest you use Dublichecker.com to protect your site from copyrighted pieces of content.

Duplichecker is a very powerful free plagiarism checker tool Trusted by millions of people that has unique functions that help you to Check duplicate content, Check grammar mistakes, write more effectively, correct errors and improve your SEO and keyword density, etc

Dublichecker is an online content plagiarism detector that aims to scan the internet for duplicate content, paragraphs, sentences, phrases, or copyright infringement on your website with copy and paste and URL capabilities. It will point and highlight you to external URLs with the same content.

It has the ability to replace expensive tools like Grammarly Premium due to its Both free grammar checking and Duplicate content checking. Using the Duplichecker tool is free and you can check up to 1,000 words without registering or signing up for unlimited times as you like.

It’s unfit for determining quotes or syndicated content and likely does not deliver in every instance where your content is plagiarized.

According to contenthero.co.uk, they are stated that

“Compared to Copyscape and Plagspotter, Duplichecker returns a good rate of plagiarism detection.”

Where I have pasted the Ai generated content and after pasting the content the result we have is 100% unique. So you can utilize this tool.

Dublichecker is an online content plagiarism detector


  • There is no need to register to use Duplichecker, unlike other plagiarism detection tools like Smallseotool, Copywritely and Copyscape.
  • It gives you the benefit of uploading several files including .tex, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .docx, .odt, and .doc.with copy and paste and URL to check duplicate content.
  • It has the functionality to analyze grammar mistakes and correct spelling.
  • Without using an account or login and signing up you can check up to 1,000 words free of cost and You can use the tool as many times as you like.
  • It is something that small bloggers must use and utility.

Duplichecker.com Pros And Cons

  • Ease of Use and 100% free with 1,000 words per search.
  • The Detection Rate is 100% accurate and unique.
  • It can check URLs as well as you can upload .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, and .rtf files.
  • Purchasing Duplichecker Pro, will provide Customer support and help with No ads displayed.

Drawbacks or Cons of Duplichecker.com

  • You can only post or upload 1,000 words of content per search to detect duplicate text.
  • If you have a smaller business, a company, or a website without much content, Duplichecker may be appropriate for you… But it’s not very authentic, accurate, and unique.
  • When plugged in from a URL, some content gets weirdly formatted. Duplichecker doesn’t offer site-wide duplicate content checking. Input the URLs individually, which can be time-consuming.

Premium Duplichecker.com Pricing & Plans for Plagiarism Checker

Duplichecker.com provides very reasonable prices and billing solutions as well as the most customizable service.

Weekly Plan

  • Planned words per search
  • Real-time global web search
  • Different file formats are supported
  • (Downloadable PDF Report)
  • Plagiarism Checker with the most advanced features
  • (Only in English) Rephrase the article
  • Checking URLs
  • Until 1 week after purchase
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Encryption of data (data safety)

Monthly Plan

  • You can search up to 25,000 words (per search)
  • Real-time global web search
  • Different file formats are supported
  • Report in PDF format (downloadable)
  • Plagiarism Checker with the most advanced features
  • (Only in English) Rephrase the article
  • Checking URLs
  • Up to 1-month validity
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Security (encryption)
  • (Extensive) Search
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once

Yearly Plan

  • You can search up to 25,000 words (per search)
  • Real-time global web search
  • Different file formats are supported
  • (Downloadable PDF Report)
  • Plagiarism Checker with the most advanced features
  • (Only in English) Rephrase the article
  • Checking URLs
  • 1-year validity
  • An uptime of 99.9% is guaranteed
  • Encryption of data (data safety)
  • In-depth search (extensive)
  • The latest technology (AI-based)
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once
Weekly Plan Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
33 Searches
10,000 Words
0% Saving per page
$5 Total Payment
310 Searches
93,000 Words
46% Saving per page
$25 Total Payment
1,200 Searches
360,000 Words
41% Saving per page
$110 Total Payment
Duplichecker.com Pricing & Plans for Plagiarism Checker

9. Turnitin

Turnitin Is a well-known, essential anti-plagiarism and cloud-based tool for Plagiarism checking in educational and proficient backgrounds It can check out undetected copyright infringement, paraphrased content and AI-powered generated text that causes the Deflation of credibility or even legal action.

Currently, Turnitin scans and analyzes more than 70 billion websites to detect plagiarism in its database. Turnitin is a Plagiarism detection tool that is comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use. With its color-based identification and recognition, plagiarism sources can be detected, identified, and differentiated.

Turnitin is used to analyze academic papers for similarity, As well as to improve student writing skills, It is also helpful to teachers and students. Turnitin is an excellent option for educational and academic institutions and businesses that want to keep written works original. It also eliminates possible legal problems associated with plagiarism.

According to Codeless.io review on Turnitin, They said:

“Turnitin is a great choice for higher education users because of its many features.”

For more than 20 years, Turnitin has been working with academic institutions and organizations to encourage integrity, authenticity, a high level of accessibility, and impartiality in all assessment types and subjects.

Features That Turnitin software is offering

  • Its advanced and intelligent AI writing detection technology and algorithm are highly reliable, accurate, trustworthy, and efficient at distinguishing and discriminating between AI- and human-written text.
  • It has a very powerful feature of grammar checking that provides reports on grammar and spelling mistakes through the ETS.
  • Turnitin software provides quick feedback on citations and paraphrasing.
  • You can use it on multiple devices, such as documents, docs, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • It provides you with a report and links to sources of a document when you check it for plagiarism.

Pros And Cons Of Turnitin Software

  • It has an easy-to-navigate and User-friendly interface.
  • Provides support in multiple languages
  • An all-encompassing and Comprehensive plagiarism detection system
  • Its customer service is excellent and it responds well to its customers’ needs, demands, and requirements hence the average response time is less than an hour.

Cons Or Drawbacks

  • Free for some, not for all, and very costly to buy premium stuff.
  • 5000 character limit for comments.
  • It would be better if the grammar check function was improved
  • Getting access is expensive and limited which is very problematic for small businesses and organizations or clients with a limited budget.

10. Siteliner

Siteliner is a web crawler and duplicate content checker designed and developed to check your website’s content for duplicate content and find areas and possibilities for improvement on each page of your website like finding broken links, after analyzing your website, it shows you quickly about there are similarities or duplicates of content on your site.

Siteliner is an SEO audit developed by the same folks at Indigo Steam Technologies who created Copyscape.

Overall Using Siteliner, you can scan your website to identify and determine individual errors, faults, and issues. In Siteliner, you can see which pages on your website have the same content as another internal URL and which pages have similar content on other pages on your website.

Features provided by Siteliner

  • It is the best-detecting plagiarism tool ever and gives you all copyright infringement in your content.
  • It crawls each and every internal URL to identify plagiarism and scans for duplicate content on your website in a few minutes, depending on the number of pages on your website.
  • Siteliner is a tool that helps you to find broken or dead links on your site that harm your site according to Google’s terms and conditions.
  • Siteliner can highlight the issues and problems found on your website and also fix those issues.

Cros And Cons Of Siteliner

  • Siteliner is free as well as paid version as you choose as per your need. The paid tool has many features and functionality.
  • It can Find Broken Links, change the link, and redirect the broken URL on your site or across the internet.
  • Siteliner provides its free version to its users for scanning up to 250 pages.
  • Siteliner has multi-tasking functionality of tools from checking and detecting plagiarized content to checking for broken links and works as an SEO toolkit.

Cons or Drawbacks

  • It gives a free version with limited scans to a maximum of 250 pages.
  • Sometimes it gives affiliate links as broken on our website.
  • Siteliner detects plagiarism only within your site with its plagiarism checker.

Pricing And Plans Siteliner

Siteliner is free to use as stated but you are limited to analyzing 250 pages a month with the free version. The premium version allows you to do more than 25,000 reports, as well as save reports and data.

11. Copyscape

Copyscape is the number one position and one of the best and most famous content plagiarism detector online tools with advanced functionality for checking and detecting Plagiarism and duplicate text helping teachers, students, freelancers or professional authors, content creators, and website owners to determine and reduce the use of plagiarized content.

It has the functionality of Analyzing and highlighting duplicate content in documents and identifying the exact sources and references from which it was extracted helps to make sure that all the content you publish is completely original, authentic, and original.

Copyscape is compatible with all languages. This means that whatever language your content is in, Copyscape can read and understand it and determine if it’s plagiarized. They currently own three SEO tools like Sitechecker, Kparser, and Linkstrategy which thousands of people uses regularly.

Copyscape is a plagiarism checker tool that works instantly, has an easy-to-use interface, and is a cost-effective solution. To detect plagiarism on the Internet, Copyscape searches Google and Bing with the search engine database.

There are many more options available in the paid version over the free version. These options include the ability to copy and paste the text into a search box that indicates whether it is duplicate content.


  • Having an advanced functionality of checking and detecting Plagiarism and duplicate text.
  • With the help of Copyscape duplicate data on any website is automatically checked on web pages and Copyscape alerts you to copyright infringements.
  • Without approval, using Copyscape’s free feature, you can search URLs to find websites that are using your content.
  • In the premium version, it Works offline.

Pros And Cons

  • By using Copyscape you’ll never make the mistake of publishing a low-quality article online.
  • Free to use. You don’t need to buy it.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Available and supported in multiple languages
  • Highlights and corrects Spelling and Grammar mistakes.
  • Copyscape is a free tool that detects and identifies plagiarism and copied content.

Drawbacks or Cons

  • You need to sign up for Copyscape Premium
  • Saved reports are not available.
  • This tool detects plagiarism, provides grammar checks and paragraph changes, and only works with a Premium subscription.
  • Customer service is a slow bad experience with customer support.

Pricing And plans

Copyscape Premium charge 3 cents for searches up to 200 words, plus 1 cent for each additional 100 words. The premium plagiarism checker allows users to check offline content on the web, such as blog articles or unpublished text. The following are premium features that Copyscape is offering:

  • Using copy and paste, you can check offline content.
  • You can upload a PDF or Word document to check its content.
  • With Batch Search, you can check up to 10,000 pages at once.
  • Track plagiarism cases and your responses (online content only).
  • Pay for and track your team’s searches by linking to other Copyscape accounts.
  • You can exclude results from other sites you own or know about by filtering out results from them.
  • By using the Premium API, scripts can automate Copyscape queries.

12. Copywritely

Copywritely is other an SEO and grammar checking, editing and rewriting content, writing and analyzing quality content, creating updated and fresh content, and Identifying and analyzing the problems and issues that prevent and stop your pages from higher ranking in Google SERP. Writing and Proofreading Tools Located in Ukraine company Boosta was Founded in 2014.

Customizable and easy to use and user-friendly but not free. It will be the best tool for you because it helps you to create high-quality and valuable content for both search engines and readers.

Copywritely provides you with high-quality, unique, original, and well-written SEO content that will not only increase your traffic but also conversions.Copywritely Fix plagiarism and keyword spam problems to increase your website’s ranking and make sure your content doesn’t have too many keywords.

Copywritely features

  • Having the ability to rewrite, replace, or delete content with low quality and that’s not appropriate using its customizable writing tips in the online editor..
  • Our search engine results checker examines the content of your competitors and helps you to find and identify keywords to use on your website.
  • Its great features like a grammar checker, word counter, and paraphrasing tool can help you improve your efficiency and productivity.

Copywritely Pros And Cons

  • Copywritely supports a 24/7 prominent support team.
  • Copywritely’s UI/UX is one of the best copywriters and is best for a small company. I love the UI / UX of Copywritely.
  • It has the functionality of Researching keywords for content and checking keyword density.
  • Make your landing pages easy to read and understand to increase conversions.
  • You can automate the content creation process through copywriters and make your content strategy happen more quickly.

Drawbacks or Cons

  • There are still a few features that aren’t working perfectly due to its development.
  • As compared to Grammarly and other grammar-checking tools it has not to have accurate and appropriate.
  • The tool can be expensive to access its premium features.

Pricing And Plans

They are offering reasonable and best prices as compared to other tools in the market. Easy customizable To check each month for content quality and search engine optimization, You can decide how many pages you want according to your need.

  • Content optimization tools are available in nine languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish.
  • It’s better to have fewer keywords in your content. Get real-time suggestions for overused keywords in your content.
  • Rewrite your article to express your ideas clearly and to make it SEO-friendly. Observe how your organic traffic is growing next.
  • A maximum of 10000 words can be analyzed in any tariff plan per check. Produce high-quality, unique content.
  • Check your content for grammar errors before posting. Make sure your writing is clear and polished.
  • Be confident in your content even if you are in a hurry. On the go, you can check and correct your errors.
Pricing And Plans Of Copywritely

13. QueText

After that, we have another tool with the name of QueText and you can utilize this tool. Quetext is a most effective Plagiarism Checker that analyzes your text to identify plagiarism, detect duplicate material and eliminate plagiarism, fix other writing problems and you can easily build citations using this tool. with its combined DeepSearch technology.

QueText has assisted and been used by more than 5 million teachers, students, and professionals, writers, bloggers, webmasters, to identify and detect the possibility of plagiarism in their work.

According to the digitalgyd.com

“The Quetext database consists of 20 million books, 35 billion web pages, and over 1 million academic journals, making detection of plagiarism as effective as possible.”

It is a tool for Detecting Plagiarism for Writers, bloggers, webmasters, teachers, and professional students Based on the contextual analysis, placement of words, and its smart algorithms, plagiarism can be detected quickly and easily.

The plagiarism score users receive is backed up by billions of sources on the internet, so Teachers, students, and content writers are dependent on Quetext to verify content quickly and accurately.

If I say that I didn’t invest I used to utilize this tool and through this, I used to check for plagiarism. It is a very easy-to-use tool You can check content up to 1000 words and personally, I really like this tool. I like its results and along with the results I like its overall layout very much.


  • You can easily drill down or perform a deep dive in parallel with your matches and simultaneously use its interactive, user-friendly, and straightforward text snippet viewer
  • You can find plagiarism quickly and easily with a click of a button and an easy with its intuitive user interface.
  • Quetext is a highly accurate, secure, and highly effective tool to verify original work efficiently and effectively.
  • In addition to identifying plagiarism quickly and accurately, it also creates and provides citations and sources when required and needed.

QueText Pros And Cons

  • Millions of internet sources support the plagiarism score users receive.
  • Reliable and safe to use.
  • Quetext is a highly effective tool and valuable tool used by writers to verify the originality of their content.
  • The Quetext platform is an advanced and intelligent platform whose capability is to analyze the context of texts and to determine their errors.

Drawbacks or Cons

  • There is no customer service or technical support included with QueText.
  • A free version of QueText does not offer DeepSearch, which is a premium feature.
  • A maximum of 500 words should be used in the free version.

QueText Pricing And Plans

QueText Pricing And Plans as below have both free and paid versions.

Free with Key plan featuresPremium Plans
Starting at $8.25/month/ user
Enterprise Plan Starting
at $7.50/month per user
Plagiarism Checker with Deep Search.
A maximum of 500 words should be used.
Generator of website citations.
Assistant for Citation.
There is nothing to pay.
An expanded citation generator has been added.
Uploading of bulk files.
Plans for individuals or small teams.
Originality Reports can be downloaded and shared.
The beta version of the grammar checker.
Check your spelling.
Extension for the Chrome browser.
Includes 100,000 words per month per user.
A complete package of premium features.
Six or more members of a team.
Includes 100,000 words per month per user.
Additional users and word counts are available.
QueText Pricing And Plans

14. Plagiarismdetector.net

We will go to the next tool and this tool is plagiarismdetector.net with 4 million traffic. Plagiarismdetector.net is the most trustworthy plagiarism checker tool that offers you to Copy and paste your text in the text box for plagiarism detection. The tool is Working on Fuzzy Matching, Lexical Frequencies, and Contextual Analysis.

Plagiarismdetector.net is the most reliable, trustworthy, and accurate plagiarism checker tool that offers users the ability to quickly copy and paste text into a text box for accurate plagiarism detection. The tool uses the latest technology and deep search to produce accurate reports.

This software is a free and intelligent plagiarism detector for essays for students, teachers, professionals, bloggers, and content publishers. The tool has developed its algorithm specifically to ignore phrases that are statistically common in order to provide a more valuable and accurate search for possible plagiarism.

It also supports multiple file uploads and is easy to use with the most user-friendly interface. The tool also protects the data security of its users and have Efficient and reliable features. Users can check up to 25,000 words for plagiarism with Plagiarismdetector.net, making it the perfect tool for any writing needs and requirements. I have published content here. You can check content up to 1000 words.

Plagiarismdetector.net interface

And now when we see the quality of the content the result is 100% unique content which it has written So this is also another best AI and plagiarism checker tool.


  • It is the most trustworthy plagiarism checker tool that provides an in-depth analysis of plagiarism Through its deep search, it provides additional levels of plagiarism detection and analysis.
  • With Plagiarismdetector.net, you can perform multiple searches at once simply by copying and pasting your content.
  • It has great functionality that allows you to upload the URL and check for plagiarism for free instead of copying and pasting your text.
  • The tool has the ability to match phrases, lexical frequencies and word choice.

Plagiarismdetector.net Pros And Cons

  • Plagiarismdetector.net is the most reliable plagiarism detector with free of charge.
  • Students, teachers, professionals, bloggers, and content publishers can use this software to detect plagiarism in essays and academic papers.
  • It is a Multilingual tool and supports 150+ Languages.
  • It can match phrases, lexical frequencies, and word choices.

Drawbacks Or Cons

  • The tool has no Free Trial version.
  • Provides no premium consulting integration services.
  • Expensive and costly to access.

Plagiarismdetector.net Pricing and Plans

Plagiarismdetector.net Gives its Pricing and Plans based on market research to meet your needs and requirements. It provides the most flexible billing and customizable options to achieve efficiency and reliability. It Offers prices for students, institutes, and enterprises weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Plagiarismdetector.net Pricing and Plans

15. Plagiarism checker.co

Plagiarism checker.co cloud-based Free plagiarism checker tool that detects and checks for duplication in your academic papers, web pages, blogs, and assignments with one click. This is done just by pasting your content into the text box.

The Tool has advanced algorithms and technology with 7 years of excellent work reaching 500,000+ Customers Worldwide, and 3,800,000 + Checks.

Plagiarism checker.co is also a paraphrasing tool, and a grammar checker tool that Corrects punctuation errors, misspelled words, and other grammatical errors and lets students, teachers, and writers, bloggers, professionals, and content publishers verify that their documents are plagiarism-free.

The tool has a deep search feature that checks your content for plagiarism to make sure that you get in-depth and copyright-free content. Through its algorithms, it dives into the world of the internet and searches a wide range of databases to provide you with the most accurate and thorough plagiarism test results.

So this is a Plagiarism Checker.co which is a premium tool but it also gives you a free version or some content. So the same procedure is you have to paste the content then click on the I am not a robot button and then click on the Check Plagiarism button and it will tell you how much plagiarism is there in your content and how much is not.

So normally the result can be seen in front of you so you can check this tool because the traffic is good and people are using it. Sentence wise it is unique, Document wise it is unique and Text analysis is also unique.

Plagiarism checker.co interface page


  • execute in-depth content analysis for you with its advanced algorithm
  • Students, teachers, and writers can also use Plagiarismchecker.co’s paraphrasing tool and grammar checker to verify that their documents are plagiarism-free.
  • plagiarism checker.co has Unlimited Text Length and gives you Interactive Results and Downloadable Reports.
  • With plagiarismchecker.co, you can copy/paste as well as upload files directly from your desktop or cloud.
  • Its free plagiarism checker allows users to enter a query its intelligent and advanced algorithms of its free plagiarism checker provide detailed content analysis on billions of online documents such as articles, newspapers, books, magazines, academic papers, journals, and many others.

Plagiarism checker.co Pros And Cons

  • A friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and detect plagiarism in writing.
  • It highlights plagiarized content in the downloadable detailed analysis reports and links to the source text from where the data is copied.
  • It supports different file formats such as .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf for checking plagiarism just Copy-paste text or upload a file directly from your desktop computer.
  • It gives you free as well as paid versions.
  • Check the content you submit to publishers is 100% unique, original and authentic.
  • It provides writers with all the tools they need to create engaging, fresh, and unique content that copyright free.

Drawbacks Or Cons

  • It doesn’t give a Free trial version.
  • Users are limited to process 800 words articles in the free version.
  • Expensive to buy premium features.

Pricing And plans

Plagiarism checker.co pricing

16. Copyleaks.com

We will go to a new tool which is CopyLeaks. This is also one of the best plagiarism checker tools. It is the most effective and AI-based text analysis and plagiarism and AI Content detector tool in the market that empowers originality and inspires authenticity.

The only company-wide tool and platform that lets you know whether your content is written by a human or generated by artificial intelligence, or ChatGPT4.
There is a Free as well as Paid version of it I will paste the text and I will click on the “Check” option Let’s wait to process it.

It best plagiarism detector and AI content detector tool for teachers, Students, Bloggers, Freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Copyleaks helps enterprises and Businesses like Ed Tech, SEO Agencies, Media, Publishers, and Government Documents as well as Education sides like Schools, Colleges, Graduates and postgraduates and Universities.

It will mention the content that is written by AI it will scan the content and tell us if there is plagiarism or not. All the content highlighted in red is written by AI, this is for free.
This is the paid version, you get a free trial for 10 pages and then you need to update this, This is the report and I have run the test,

Copyleaks results scan page

I like this tool and it does 2 things, First: It is detecting AI Content, Second: It does a Plagiarism test. It can also detect whether it is copied or rewritten.
Pricing is $9.16/ month Yearly it will have 1200 pages up to 3 Lakh Words Every Month you can pay $10.99 for 25k words Pricing is expensive but the tool is good for AI Content Detection and Plagiarism Test


  • You can identify potential plagiarism, detect AI-generated content, and more by using its award-winning and AI-based plagiarism detection.
  • It is also a revolutionary solution AI Grader tool that can test and grade thousands of standardized tests fast and accurately at state, national, and university levels.
  • Copyleaks provides you with AI Content Detector Chrome Extension as well as API.
  • Copyleaks has the ability to Check image-based text, search trillions of content sources, compare two websites’ content, scan source code, and more for potential plagiarism risks.

Copyleaks.com Pros And Cons

  • Copyleaks offers a high level of customer support to its users.
  • It provides you with both AI Content Detector and a Plagiarism Detector.
  • Easy to use and has an interactive interface and best customer experience.
  • Just Copy-paste text to the CopyLeaks editor to check Paraphrased, AI-generated and Duplicate text or content.
  • Provide you with 99.25% accuracy and 60% Matches with more similarity.
  • Copyleaks supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.

DrawbackDrawbacks or Cons

  • It sometimes flagged very short fragments and pieces of generic text as plagiarized and duplicates.
  • It more time-consuming and frustrating API response.
  • May be expensive for someone to access premium features.

Copyleaks.com Pricing and Plans

Copyleaks.com Provides its Pricing and Plans very reasonably and customizable as follows: The monthly price is $9.16, There will be 1200 pages up to 3 lakh words in it every year. You can pay $10.99 a month for 25k words. Although the tool is expensive, AI Content Detection and Plagiarism Test are good features

Copyleaks.com Pricing and Plans

17. Content at scale

Content at Scale is an AI Content Generator for SEO-friendly long-form blog posts tool that has been featured and trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and organizations including Digital Marketer, Adam Enfroy, Fadaat, Wodagents, Content Marketing Institute and Design Pickle.

Content at Scale is so human-like and an AI writing tool that it bypasses and avoids AI content detection and, as a result, protects you against future Google updates and ranks your targeted keyword on Google search results.

With Contentatscale.ai, you can publish high-ranking content, fulfill Google’s EEAT requirements, obtain SEO-optimized posts and Produce research-backed content with just a keyword YouTube URL, podcast, existing blog, or custom audio file immediately and at any time.

Content at Scale creates SEO-optimized long-form articles similar to ChatGPT-3,4 and other Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools. Content at Scale provides you with a Shopify plugin that allows you to generate high-quality content without leaving the app and helps you directly integrate your Content at Scale pages into your Shopify site.

It is An excellent tool for SEO agencies that produce high-quality content using AI algorithms. Enhance and Increase Your SEO Content Effortlessly without the Effort of Human Work and automatically Suitable for Any Niche as well as Produce Long-Rolling, totally Unique, and original, completely hidden SEO Blogs.

Content at scale is another AI-detectable tool that is free of cost and here it is telling that your content is both human and AI written.

Content at scale interface page

According to Nichepursuits post on Content at Scale review they said

“Content at Scale is An AI tool that can literally produce tons of long-form content with very little human input. They utterred I think the more you use this tool, the better results you’ll get. The further told that With Content at Scale, you’ll find that the content is SEO-driven and uses multiple AI engines as well as two language processing and semantic analysis algorithms to produce human-like content. Therefore, fewer edits are required and the content has a better chance of ranking in the SERPs.”

So this is something very good that at least a tool is telling us and of course we know that this is AI content. So this tool is very powerful in terms of detectability. You can utilize it free of cost.

Check it out with a free trial or a free re-run guarantee before you decide. Content at Scale is the only choice and best option for AI-written SEO blogs that are authentic, comprehensive, in-depth, unique and backed by research.


  • Content at Scale has a direct connection and relationship with Copyscape to scan plagiarised content with just one click of a button and it shows and highlights if there are any issues with your blog post.
  • AI Content tool that Generates SEO-friendly long-form blog posts and Generates long-form content quickly with just one click by scraping the internet including YouTube videos.
  • Using AI content detectors and plagiarism checkers such as ChatGPT-3,4 and others, Content at Scale creates search engine-optimized long-form articles.
  • Just type in a keyword you want for your article to rank and within minutes later you have a 2,600+ word blog post that is SEO optimized for the Google search engine and almost ready to be published.
  • You can create educational articles by converting existing podcast episodes like MP3s into comprehensive informational posts.
  • Content at Scale allows you to upload a doc, PowerPoint deck, or PDF of your raw content compiled from social media posts or multiple articles into one document. This will enable you to get a well-written, beautifully-formatted blog and professionally formatted blog article written in just a couple of minutes.
  • Support at Scale supports and is available in hundreds of languages not only is the content translated, it is written natively for your language of choice.

Content at Scale Pros And Cons

  • Having good features and functionality for SEO agencies as mentioned earlier that produce high-quality content using AI algorithms, Automate and Enhance Your SEO Content Effortlessly without Human Work.
  • With its high-quality SEO content writer, you can cut content production time and costs by 10x.
  • Also Suitable for Any Niche as well as producing long-rolling, totally Unique, and hidden SEO Blogs.
  • Content at Scale is a tool that is built by content marketers who have expertise in and knowledge of SEO that is why the content created by Content at Scale is unique, original and rankable on Google.
  • It is a tool that also creates a Table of Contents for your blog post.
  • It is possible to add a YouTube video URL, an MP4 link, or even embed the video directly into the content. As a result, you will have original educational content about the topic discussed in the video that reads like it was written by a talented writer.

Drawbacks Or Cons of Content at Scale

  • May someone hard to buy its premium functionality and features.
  • It has less ability to detect AI-generated Copy as compared to Originality.ai
  • There are no options for bulk volume purchases.

Content at Scale Pricing And Plans

As a means of powering their internal content the world’s largest search engine optimization agencies, smart companies and marketers, business organizations and startups are utilizing Content at Scale.

You can start at $500/month plans to find keywords, and content that ranks highly in your niche, get a content plan for the entire year, as well as everything you need to scale your content and grow your business effectively with Content at Scale.

The plans that you can start at $250. This level of quality content you can not find anywhere else with internal and external links to credible sources, embedded tweets, QA schema, table of contents, SEO optimized, key takeaways, and overall high levels of quality and accuracy. This Content at Scale plan avoids AI detection even better than the work of a native writer. Content this good has never been seen before, let alone with an entire writing team at your fingertips.

With Solo Plan, it offers 8 posts per month, $31 per post that Replaces 1 part-time or 1 freelance writer. You must Try it for $39.99 then just $250/month.

  • The full version of Content at Scale 2.0 is available
  • A community for scalers
  • The number of projects is unlimited
  • Post creation on an individual basis or in bulk
  • A new blog output using keywords, YouTube, podcasts, files, and documents
  • Voice AI training options that are unique
  • Analysis of natural language processing
  • Checklist for SEO
  • A Copyscape website
  • Detection of artificial intelligence
  • Plugin for Shopify
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Learn how to publish a blog every day with this free course
  • The AIO Writer Certification is a free course

With Starter you can get 20 posts per month, at $25 per post that can replace 1 full-time or 2 freelance writers. You must try it for $39.99 then just $500/per month

  • The full version of Content at Scale 2.0 is available
  • A community for scalers
  • The number of projects is unlimited
  • Post creation on an individual basis or in bulk
  • A new blog output using keywords, YouTube, podcasts, files, and documents
  • Voice AI training options that are unique
  • Analysis of natural language processing
  • Checklist for SEO
  • A Copyscape website
  • Detection of artificial intelligence
  • Plugin for Shopify
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Learn how to publish a blog every day with this free course
  • The AIO Writer Certification is a free course
  • Free AIO Agency Certification Course
  • Management and users of the team
  • Drip marketing with automated keywords (coming soon)
  • The reporting process
  • Subdomain White Labeling
  • Options for bulk volume purchases

With Scaling it offers 50 posts per month, at $20 per post that will Replace 2 full-time or 5 freelance writers. Also, try it for $39.99, and then you will just pay $1000/per month.

  • The full version of Content at Scale 2.0 is available
  • A community for scalers
  • The number of projects is unlimited
  • Post creation on an individual basis or in bulk
  • A new blog output using keywords, YouTube, podcasts, files, and documents
  • Voice AI training options that are unique
  • Analysis of natural language processing
  • Checklist for SEO
  • A Copyscape website
  • Detection of artificial intelligence
  • Plugin for Shopify
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Learn how to publish a blog every day with this free course
  • The AIO Writer Certification is a free course
  • Free AIO Agency Certification Course
  • Management and users of the team
  • Drip marketing with automated keywords (coming soon)
  • The reporting process
  • Subdomain White Labeling
  • Options for bulk volume purchases
  • Course on AIO Agency Certification – Free
  • The reporting process
  • Your Subdomain as a White Label
  • Options for bulk volume purchases

With Agency they are offering you 100 posts per month at $15 per post that will replace 5 full-time or 10 freelance writers. You must try it for $39.99 then you have to just pay $1500/month.

  • This plan is the same as Scaling just the difference of these:
  • Drip marketing with automated keywords (coming soon)
  • Providing reports
  • Adding a white label to your subdomain
  • Options for bulk volumes

18. Crossplag

Then we have another tool cross plag, Crossplag is the most powerful, advanced, and affordable plagiarism-checking tool that is fit for individuals, education and business. The AI Content Detector provides you with lightning-fast verification of authenticity and The threat to originality has changed.

Its plagiarism detection and AI Content Detector tool enables students, teachers, writers, professors, companies, entrepreneurs and bloggers to maintain originality and authenticity in their working projects and assignments by comparing their writing against 100 billion texts across the world.

The automated or self-provisioning plagiarism detection tool offers you affordable, customizable, and powerful features as well as empowering institutions with complete ownership and management capability. and maintain control over their personal information.

It is the main reason for students, teachers, and bloggers to use Crossplag because Crossplag believes you should have control over who can access your data, where it can be accessed, and how it can be accessed. Intellectual property rights, data privacy, and data control of its users are very significant to Crossplag.

According to Originality.ai review on Crossplag AI Content Detector, thay said:

“While the Crossplag AI Content Detector is not yet accurate enough to be heavily relied upon, it can still provide useful guidance when reviewing AI content. Additionally, the data management features accompanying this platform help users take advantage of it more efficiently, and the plagiarism checker is a worthwhile addition.”

and this tool is here, after pasting the content I pressed the check button and you can see that it is mainly written by humans so it could not detect although it is an AI-detectable tool.

Contant at scale interface

Whatever but we are happy that most of the tools are passing our content.


  • You can verify authenticity lightning-fast with the AI Content Detector.
  • Using its plagiarism detection and AI Content Detector tools, students, teachers, writers, professors, companies, entrepreneurs, and bloggers can ensure that their writing is original and authentic by comparing it to 100 billion texts from around the world.
  • Crossplag AI Detector is a powerful software that uses the latest machine learning algorithms and NLP techniques to detect plagiarism.
  • Crossplag AI Detector has the ability and functionality to correct or change punctuation, Paraphrase sentences, and correct spelling errors through its machine learning algorithm.

Crossplag Pros And Cons

  • There is no better plagiarism-checking tool for individuals, educators, and businesses than Crossplag for its lightning-fast verification of authenticity.
  • Crossplag checks for plagiarism in more than 100 languages, whether they are single-language or translations.
  • Using CrossPlag’s AI content detector, you can determine how human-written your content is By just Copy-paste text into the CrossPlag AI content detector.
  • User-friendly AI detection tool with 100% accurate score results that are highly accurate with 1.5 billion parameters.

Drawbacks Or Cons Crossplag

  • Sometimes CrossPlag AI content detector has no functionality to determine whether human-written content was written by humans or artificial intelligence.
  • CrossPlag AI content detector cannot scan and analyze URLs and domains.
  • It offers a lot of features along with plans.
  • Users can review up to 1,000 words at a time for free to CrossPlag AI content detector.

Pricing And Plans Of Crossplag

Crossplag offers Pricing And Plans very reasonable for individuals, Educational institutions, and as well as Small businesses.

It offers four plans for individuals at a cost of $0 in which you can use up to 1,000 words for free. With the pay-as-you-go plan, it charges $9.99 which it gives up to 5,000 words. In the Bundle package, they charge $149.99 for up to 100,000 words. and for Custom plans to get more features, you must Reach out to us and contact them.

  • Checking for plagiarism against billions of writings
  • Detection of plagiarism translated into English
  • Support for more than 100 languages
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Offline Plagiarism Report Download
  • Certificates of Plagiarism are available for download
  • Integrity insights and statistics in advance

For Education institutions

On the Small Plan, they are charging $3.99/per user for up to 500 users. With the Medium Plan, you have to pay $2.99/per user for up to 5,000 users. The Large Plan Offers you to buy at $1.99/per user for up to 30,000 users. And last but not least, E-Learning Plan White label +30,000 users. To buy this plan you have to contact them.

  • Checking millions of pieces of writing for plagiarism
  • Identification of plagiarism in translation
  • Support for more than 100 languages
  • A wide variety of file formats are supported
  • Admin panel with advanced features
  • Monitoring and insights into multi-layer integrity
  • Subscription management with self-provisioning
  • Panel for user management
  • Integration of LTI
  • An IP Rights and Data Privacy Control Panel will be available soon
  • Live chat, phone, and email support

19. Sapling.ai

Sapling is designed as an artificial intelligence assistant for enterprise communication, one that is a free grammar check, Free Punctuation Check, Sentence Rewriter, AI Detector, and LLM Index Machine Learning Index that enables teams, enterprises, and organizations to communicate and work more seamlessly, quickly and efficiently with their customers aor on client projects depending on the situation.

Sapling will improve and enhance GPT-4 capabilities and functionality in the future and further improve short-text accuracy as well.

Based on Sapling.AI internal metrics and test results, Sapling detects greater than 97% of text generated by artificial intelligence with a false positive rate of less than 3%. Sapling.AI accuracy is measured using a specific test or benchmark as well as multiple accuracy measurements for detection tools that balance detecting the most text generated by artificial intelligence while minimizing false positives. You must note should be acknowledged that these test results are likely to be based on longer texts that may not represent your text.

You can polish your writing by reviewing and catching typos in your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. This will keep your writing fluent, Clearly written, and well-phrased as well as you can proofread your text through your computer, tablet, or mobile phone device.

Sapling.ai is developed based on ChatGPT-like datasets and analysis that Improves and enhances robustness for slight changes Sections generated by artificial intelligence appear in red.

we will paste the content here and it will tell us that our content is either fake or real content so 24% of this is telling us fake and the rest tells us that your content is completely pure.

Sapling.ai tool interface page

If you remember I said that our content if it is at least 10-15% we can utilize it. So what you have to do is bring changes to this content and this tool will tell your content as human-written.


  • Sapling will improve and enhance GPT-4 capabilities and functionality in the future and further improve shorter-text accuracy as well.
  • Sapling’s AI language models can automatically produce rewrite suggestions based on a given input sentence. As you know, sentence rewriting is very essential to improving written communication. However, it can be time-consuming hence Sapling helps you to rewrite the text and sentences by just typing the sentence in the input box.
  • Using the Saplings machine learning system, you can perform free grammar checks, punctuation checks, sentence rewriting, AI detectors, and LLM Index Machine Learning Index for enterprise communication.
  • By reviewing and catching typos in your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, you can polish your writing and make it fluent, well-written, and well-phrased as well as proofread your text on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Sapling Pros And Cons

  • Through its integrations, Sapling supports American English, Australian English, British English, and Canadian English and offers Spell-checking and grammar-checking in multiple languages.
  • You can polish your writing by reviewing and catching typos in your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes Through its AI-powered writing assistant free grammar checker tool
  • You have the ability to increase and improve your productivity with Sapling by spending less time analyzing and focusing on communication and composing high-quality content, emails and accurate documents.
  • Its free online AI-powered grammar-checking tool works with every internet platform that you use including Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Zendesk, and hundreds of other websites or platforms.

Drawbacks Or Cons Of Sapling

  • Compared to Grammarly sapling grammar checking is not good.
  • The user interface may not be as well designed as you want.
  • No live chat support.

Pricing A Plan By Sapling

Sapling offers its Pricing Plan best for you according to your requirements.

Pricing An Plan By Sapling

Plagiarism checker tools are an important and valuable tool for any writer, blogger and website owner, digital marketer, and professional content publisher as they allow you to detect and check any copied and plagiarized content from other sources like other publications and website owners.

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How to check AI outputs for plagiarism?

To check AI outputs for plagiarism you can use AI detection tools that use (AI) artificial intelligence to examine the patterns and ways in the writing itself and determine if it was written by AI-powered software or any other AI chatbot. You should also use authorship detection tools that compare the writing style of the text to the known style of the author. There are also a large number of plagiarism checkers for AI-generated content that you can use to confirm Plagiarism. Some of them include Originally.AI, GPTRadar, CopyLeaks, ChatGPT plagiarism detector & AI checker, AI Detector Pro, GPTKit, Scribbr plagiarism checker powered by Turnitin, and Grammarly.

How do I make UNDETECTABLE AI Content that Google Loves?

To make UNDETECTABLE AI Content that Google Loves, you must use high-quality and advanced AI models like GPT-4, Google BERT and other well-known tools that optimize your content for Google and other search engines by including relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and headings and produce for you high-quality and in-depth content that Google Loves. You must edit and make proofread your text as well as make your content grammatically correct, and free of errors. Finally, give your content a human touch by making changes in the language and tone of spoken words.

Is it a good idea to rewrite using ChatGPT-4 and other chabot?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT-4 and other chabot to rewrite text because ChatGPT-4 and other chabot have high-quality and advanced AI models that make your content free from Plagiarism and rank easily on Google search results. Note: It depends on the specific use cases and the reasons for the rewrite of the content. ChatGPT-4 is a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI that has many capabilities like Exclusive access to beta features like Browsing, Plugins, and Advanced Data Analysis, generating human-like text, answering questions, and engaging in conversation. But it may be giving some incorrect or baseless answers to questions as it had mentioned.

What is the difference between a plagiarism checker and an AI detector?

A plagiarism checker is a tool that checks and determines whether a piece of content is duplicate or original by comparing it to a database of sources throughout the entire web, Whereas An AI detector is a tool that detects whether a piece of content was generated by an AI writing chatbot or any other AI Writing software.

What are the best tools to check plagiarism 100%?

Scribbr, PaperRater, Copyscape, iThenticate, Grammarly, PlagScan, Turnitin, Unicheck, Copyleaks, and PlagTracker are the best tools to check plagiarism 100%. These Tools are suggested by professionals, Bloggers and the Well-known websites Wikipedia and other official tool websites owners.

Can originality ai detector chatgpt?

Yes, the Originality AI detector has the functionality to catch the AI on all content generated by all models of Open AI GPT4, GPT3, and GPT3.5. All models of chatgpt give a 95% average score when crossed through the originality ai detector.

How to bypass the originality through the originality AI detector

Originality AI detector is the best AI content detector that has the functionality to check AI on all text generated through chatbot tools and software like chatgpt and all their models. To pass the originality through the originality AI detector you make sure to give a human touch to your AI-generated text as well as make some changes to pass the originality and make it unique.

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