My 2023 SEO Strategy For Google Traffic!

[SEO in 2023] My 2023 SEO Strategy for Google Traffic!

The ultimate guide for my 2023 SEO Strategy for Google Traffic! In this super valuable Post, I will lay out my entire SEO strategy for 2023, and I will explain it step by step so that you can copy it for massive traffic on Google. These are the same tactics that I’m using in my Website Blog.

Today, I’m opening up our playbook to share these strategies with you, But before we get started, there are a few things to note.

First, everything you’re about to learn is current and up-to-date. This article was written in 2023. I didn’t just change the title of an old post. Second, you will be hearing different generic, unactionable SEO advice than you are used to.

Right-quality content and Google will reward you. What are you supposed to do with that? Everything I will teach you will be actionable and clear, so you can start today and stick around to the end. The bonus tactic I will share with you is already making waves, but it will change SEO forever. Let’s get started.

How I use my 2023 SEO Strategy rank on Google

In this post, I’m gonna show you a personal tactic I use to relentlessly get my articles to the top of Google. In fact, this is the same tactic I used to force this article from position 57 to position 1 for a 2,000-per-month search volume keyword.

Not only that, this same strategy will make sure that your articles will remain at the top positions forever. And I’m gonna prove all this to you with live examples on my own website. But before I jump into the strategy, you need to understand why it works. When you’re writing a piece of content that you want to perform well on Google, what’s the first thing you do?

You do your research. You Google the keyword it’s targeting and you open up the articles in the top positions. You then start looking at how you can beat these articles.

  • How can you make the content more thorough?
  • Can you give the answer quicker and more clearly than the competition?
  • Can you optimize the article better than they have?
  • Can you have a better design in UX?

The whole point is to write content that is superior to the number one article because that’s where you want to be. That makes sense.
So you get writing that content, post it up on your site, and if all works out great, then bam, you’re now the number one mofo on Google. But here’s the kicker.

Now, Joe SEO and the other site owners that you just pushed down on Google say, Oh hell naw, now we’re gonna rewrite our content and get back our rankings. This is the game of SEO.

You outdo your competition, then they outdo you. What you need is a content upgrade process to make sure that your content is always the best. But, you need to do it the right way. You don’t want to be spending all your time updating content every damn day. Here you can follow the Most Common Seo Mistakes To Avoid as a beginner.

So, you need a process to tell you when to update content only when you need to. You also want to be effective. You want to minimize the time it takes by only performing the content upgrade actions that will give you a consistent ranking boost every time.

This post will spell out that exact process and I’m going to prove to you that it works with a live demo. But before we jump into it, I’d like to toss you an invite to my free SEO training articles.

It’s been recently updated for 2023 and goes over everything I’m doing to get sites to the top of Google. You must see Best WordPress SEO Tips and Practices for Beginners 2024.

Perfectly optimized, search engine-friendly articles

The first pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to write perfectly optimized search engine-friendly articles. There’s much to unpack here, so let me break this down. First, you must know that Google has yet to learn what apple pie is.

No, I mean it. Google is a robot. It’s code. It’s never made apple pie or eaten apple pie, So if you write an apple pie recipe article, how can you make Google understand that your article is best? While Google doesn’t know what apple pie is, It does have a good reference of what makes a good apple pie article.

It’s called page one of Google. Google compares your content with the existing content at the top of Google to see how you measure up, So your 2023 strategy needs to reverse engineer what got these people to the top of Google in the first place and it’s not just me that’s getting results with this approach.

Creating An Article Outlines

Before creating an article, it is best to create a superior article outline to your competition. To do that, you want to determine the heading structure outlined for your article as well as the ideal word count.

Creating an outline

Let’s say you’re writing an article on does the Metaverse exists yet. Go to Google, type in your keyword, then open up the number one article.

Now, look at these H2 and H3 headings on the page since this is the best article on the topic. This is the best topic outline and note these headings down. Also, look at how long this article is.

Outline headings

Because Google thinks it’s ideal, Open up the second-place article and the third-place article to get more headings to add to your outline the reason. Your outline is the best because it supersets all three top-ranking articles. Now it’s time to start writing, but here’s how you will outclass your competition in your introduction paragraph.

Don’t Fluff In The Intro

Don’t fluff around the intro. If someone searches for, does the Metaverse exist yet? That means they already know what the Metaverse is. Refrain from wasting their time explaining. The Metaverse is a network of 3D worlds.

Next, you know how Google uses the top articles as a reference. If you jump in and start writing, you want your content to include the keywords that Google expects to see in the best Metaverse articles. There’s a good chance you’ll include keywords like VR, web 3.0, and freaking Zuckerberg in your article. But that would be blind luck entering SurferSeo.

Surfer is a must-have SEO tool that reverses the engineer’s page. One of Google’s to determine the exact frequencies that Google expects to see these keywords in an article. It guides you as you write so that you can get everything right.

Google-friendly Format

The next tip is a game changer, write the answer to a search query in a Google-friendly format if the question is.

  • “Does the Metaverse exist yet.” then use a straightforward sentence to answer it.
  • “Yes, the Metaverse does exist.” or
  • “No, the Metaverse does not exist.”

Answering in a format like this makes it easy for Google’s language algorithm to know your answer. It also skyrockets your chance to get the featured snippet position at the top of Google, as you can see in this example.

Features snipped picture

My 2023 SEO Strategy Is To Become A Topical Authority.

The next key pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to become a topical authority. Let’s say you want to write an article on how to start a business. And let’s say you write the best article the world has ever seen on starting a business.

Let’s say you got freaking Elon, Bezos and Bill Gates to co-author this article. This article will get zero traffic unless you post it on a website with a lot of business content. This concept is called topical authority.

On the other hand, When you start to cover every aspect of a topic, Google has no choice but to think this website is a business expert. Let’s award it with a vertical traffic boner like this. Here’s How you become a topical authority.

First, you must figure out all the topics that must be written. This is called generating a topical map. Then you want to start writing each of these articles one by one good thing because you just learned the formula for writing a perfectly optimized article.

Lastly, you seal the deal by interlinking relevant articles. Remember to link more to the articles that are your topic centerpiece, like How to Start a Business.

The next foundational pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to have a link-building plan that the Google algorithm loves. Do you know what else you hear in generic SEO Posts? The link building is dead. You don’t need backlinks to get Google traffic anymore. Let me show you something, Google the best Keto pills.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of diet pills, doesn’t come to mind, nor does Outlook India or Dallas News. All these sites have one thing going for them, a ton of backlinks. DR83, DRR84, and DR88.

Backlinks matter in 2023, And that’s not going away. With everyone in their grandma racing for topical authority, links will decide who wins. If your website is the car, then links are the fuel, but there’s an even more important reason you want to build links. A strong backlink profile protects you from getting messed with in the Google algorithm updates.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (EAT)

The next foundational pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is EAT. The reason is that EAT, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust are three requirements that show up 130 times in Google’s quality rate guidelines. Google has said it EAT is mainly quoted based on links and mentions.

Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust

All right, So what kind of links am I building in 2023? 40% of the links I’m building are Guest Posts, Coming from both In-House outreach and using vendors like Authority Builders. Another 30% of my links will be linked insertions. I am getting links in existing articles that have links going to them. I also do that in-house or outsource to Authority Builders.

15% of the links will come from Health Reporter Out, HARO, which we build in-house. And 10% from Digital PR, Where we create newsworthy stories and outreach journalists. 3% is coming from business Directory Citations I outsource to authority builders. The remaining 2% is coming from link exchanges just answering the inbox and working out some exchanges with high-quality websites already reaching out to me. 

Focusing On The User Experience

The next foundational pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to give Google exactly what it’s looking for by Focusing On The User Experience in particular goal completion. Google wants its users to achieve their goals. If someone searches for how to shave a cat, then goddamnit, they should be cat-shaving experts.

By the end of the day, In June, they explicitly showed how important this is to them. A friend searched for the best data center in Buffalo on mobile, visited the first result, and then hit back on his browser. He found this. The survey asked him to rate how easy it was to see what he wanted.

It’s crystal clear to stop horsing around, and it gives your users what they’re looking for as fast as possible. Ancient SEO theory used to believe that Google loved it when users were on your content for a long time.

Google has TikTok to deal with in this attention economy. There’s no time for reading anymore. Use a key takeaway section to summarize the bulk of your article. In a short section at the top, Use large fonts to draw the eye to a quick answer to the search query, And if you’re writing review content, Put your comparison tables at the top.

Before we get into my next 2023 SEO strategy, Here is a fair warning whether you like it or not, this strategy will change how SEO is done completely in the future. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, your competition definitely will. Before we go to the next strategy, you must check my blog post on the Profitable Blog niche to get more revenue.

AI content

Look, the current quality of AI tools on the market is good. I have sites built of AI content that has shot up vertically in traffic while avoiding every single Google update. But the roadmap of what’s on the horizon for AI content is insane. GPT-4 is coming out with better, more undetectable algorithms, and the AI software is now letting you write full SEO-optimized articles from top to bottom in one click.

I have a Post coming out soon on my complete AI content process, so you don’t miss it. Finally, These are my 2023 SEO strategies for Google traffic. I hope You learned a lot from today’s informative post. If you have any comments, drop them down in the comment box.

The Process

Here’s the process for determining which content needs to be upgraded and when. The first thing you’re going to do is set up a quarterly calendar reminder for your content update audit. Have it trigger on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Here’s what you’re going to do on those dates. To pull this off, a rank tracker helps, but you can also do things manually.

If you’re an Ahrefs user, then their bundled rank tracker works fine. I also like Nightwatch, an excellent rank tracker for you super nerds. In your rank tracker, you want to set the comparison window to compare keyword rankings between today and the rankings from exactly three months ago. Export this data.

Seo rank tracker

You’re going to get a sheet that looks like this. Column F, the change in rankings between now and then is what you’re after. Anything that is positive means that the keyword lost its rankings.

 keyword lost its rankings

For these reasons, you can accurately assume that the content deserves an update. So all these keywords on my site, like content audit, ironically, web hosting, and business ideas for small towns, three months I used to rank higher for these keywords.

It’s time for a content refresh on these articles. That said, the articles you should prioritize are the ones that used to be on page 1 of Google. So if you can get these keywords boosted, you’ll get an immediate return in the form of traffic.

In my situation, affiliate marketing forums were at position 5. Now I’m at position 13. That’s unacceptable. Best Magento hosting dropped from 5 to 12. Casino affiliate programs went from 4 to 9. And this is an interesting one, too, because I know it’s a huge money maker.

ranking articles

Later on in this post, I’m going to show you what changes I’m going to make to these articles in order to boost them. And we’ll see if it works. How about the keywords with flat movement? No change in rankings. They deserve an update too, homie.

When you post a new article, you begin with mediocre rankings. Page six of Google or whatever, and slowly it should creep up over time. If you’re not creeping up over the last three months, it means you’ve hit your limit with the current state of the article. It’s time to polish it up.

So going back to my report, affiliate marketing website examples, the best CBD oil affiliate program, and the best hosting for SEO all need a rework. Why am I not touching adult affiliate programs? It has zero movement. The answer is that it’s ranking at position one already. It’s already at the top. Don’t touch it.

The search intent

The first thing you want to check is the search intent. Is your content the type of content that Google expects to see answering the query? Let’s Google that example keyword, affiliate marketing forms. Ignore the ad here at the top. The first search result is an actual affiliate marketing form. The second and third results are a list of the best affiliate marketing forms. Then the fourth result is another straight-up form.

The search intent

So to be on page one, I need to make sure my content is either a form or a list of the best forms. Most of the time, search intent won’t be an issue for you because you probably wrote the content correctly the first time around. But sometimes the search result performs a 180 on you.

I used to rank on page one for buy backlinks with an article called Should you buy backlinks that discusses the pros and cons of paying for links. But if you Google buy backlinks now, page one is occupied by websites that are actually selling backlinks.

Google buy backlinks

So sometimes you’re out of luck unless you want to start slaying links. If you want to learn more about search intent, check out my article called How to Write Content which ranks number one on Google after you finish here.

Answer the search query ASAP

Next, you want to make sure you’re answering the search query as fast as possible. This is a new requirement, so pay attention. Now, back in the day, SEOs used to think that if users spent more time on your page, that was a good thing. It was a sign to Google that people were reading your content Now, all that has changed.

Google knows it’s in an attention economy and has to compete with the dopamine-charged, rapid satisfaction of platforms like TikTok. You need to give your answers quickly. The name of the game here is quick goal completion. Google wants your content to end the search journey for its users. That’s what Google defines as a happy customer. Check this out.

Last year, one of my community members was on his mobile device, searched for something, looked at the first result, and then hit back on his browser. He then found this. Underneath the results he had previously visited, he found this quick survey. How easy was it to find what you wanted on this site?

quick survey on Google

And in this age of distraction, easy means quick. How quickly did you find what you wanted? Are you giving your answers quickly enough?

Going back to my article in the top 10 best affiliate marketing forms, I screwed the pooch. The reader wants to know what these damn forms are and look how much fluff content I put in their way. It’s only when they’re 60% down the damn article that they start seeing what they’re looking for. So this is definitely on my fix list. We’ll see if it works in a bit.

Answer the search query ASAP

Give NLP-friendly format

The next item on your content refresh checklist is to make sure you’re answering the search queries in an NLP-friendly format. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. It’s an algorithm that takes what we write as humans and converts it into code that Google can understand. The thing is, that’s a hard task to pull off, even for the almighty Google.

If instead, you write your content in such a way that it makes it It’s easy for Google to understand that you answered the search query, you get rewarded. Here’s how to do that. Make sure that somewhere in your content, you echo back the main search query. Add the word is, then give your answer. If there are any units associated with the answer, tack them on too.

So for the search query, what’s the best temperature to brew beer? Have a sentence like this in your content. The best temperature to brew beer is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it extremely easy for Google to know that you answered the question.

I had a piece of content that used to rank high for organic SEO consultants, but I was missing an NLP-friendly answer to the implied question. What is an organic SEO consultant? Once I noticed this, I wrote an NLP-friendly answer. An organic SEO consultant is a search engine, blah, blah, blah.

Give NLP-friendly format

And now, bam, I’m number one for the keyword and I’m ranked now for this keyword.

Seo Optimization Refresh your content with Surfer.

The next step in the process, and this one is definitely the most impactful, is to SEO re-optimize your content with a tool like Surfer. Surfer will use algorithms to reverse engineer the top-ranking articles in your niche to determine how you should write your content if you want to surpass them.

But what happens over time is that the top articles shift around. So you need to periodically rerun your surfer analysis to make sure your content is aligned against the best of the best. Let me show you how it works using my casino affiliate program article example. In Surfer, open up the audit tool.

Type in the URL you want to audit and then the keyword you’re gunning for down below. Then select Create Audit.

surfer seo tool audit

They suggest landing some missing common backlinks that all my competition has but I don’t have.

missing common backlinks

They also suggest some internal link opportunities for my other articles that will boost my casino article

uggest some internal link opportunities

But the real juice is in this terms-to-use section. It uses Google’s NLP algorithm to extract out what are the key entities, words, and phrases that need to show up in your content. and at what frequencies?

terms-to-use section

I’m under-optimized when it comes to words like casino affiliate marketing and gambling affiliate program, but I’m over-optimized, which is really bad when it comes to words like virtual casino games and payment methods. These need to be fixed ASAP.

As we scroll down, you can see that my word count looks okay, and I’m properly optimized for the exact and partial keywords. But when it comes to page structure, I could use some more h2 headings and I might have too many images.

need to be fixed ASAP

Did changing all this stuff work? Let’s find out. Remember that Affiliate Marketing Forms article that delivered the answer to the search query way too late?

Well, it’s fixed now, and the list of forms is now found at the top. Plus I fixed up quite a bit in the server. I was ranked 13 for this keyword. Now where is it? Bam! I’m back near the top of Google at position 5.

the top of Google at position 5

Now with a little link building, expect to see me creeping towards number 1. It works. Then we have the best Magento Hosting. What wasn’t wrong with this one? Again, the answer to the search query was down at the bottom, so I moved it to the top. It was missing an NLP-friendly answer, and you’ll now find that here with The Best Magento Hosting, which is blah blah blah. Then, lastly, I gave it the Surfer Royal treatment. The ranking for best Magento hosting was 12. Now we are at 3.

How about casino affiliate programs? This is the one that produces the most cash. As you remember, the only thing that was wrong with it was the surfer optimization. Specifically, the keyword frequencies. Its last ranking was 9. How about now? Number freaking 1, baby.

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What are Common SEO strategy examples?

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What are the best SEO strategies to boost the traffic of a website?

Here are the best SEO strategies to boost the traffic of a website:

First of all, You must Improve your Keyword Strategy to Target Relevant Primary and Secondary Keywords.
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Third, You have to Build an internal link to Optimize your Site restructure.
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Finally, Must remove anything that loads your website slowly and You should provide an appropriate amount of content for your subject to accomplish user search intent.

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