10 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Domain Name

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating your domain name

Here you will discover 10 huge Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Domain Name for your blog or website! What makes a domain name memorable? What are three of the four things you should do when creating your domain name?

These types of questions also will be discussed in this post. The domain name of your website performs the fundamental things to get a successful brand website. As a beginner or newbie, you will make a lot of mistakes with domain names that will cause problems for you and your website in the future. So make sure you follow expert and experienced bloggers’ suggestions while Creating Your Domain Name.

Are you still thinking of your domain name? Hey everyone, In this specific post I am going to share with you 10 tips that will help you choose the right and better domain name. Choosing the right domain will help you drive more traffic and conversion rate to your website and in the long-term great success. If you avoid the mistakes I have mentioned in this blog post, then you have the ability to create a more compelling and successful domain name that will assist in building and promoting your online presence throughout the world.

What Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Domain Name

When Creating your domain name you must add brand-relevant keywords in your domain, the dot-com domain extension must be included, make sure Your Domain name should be short, make it easy in terms of pronunciation and spelling, and Choose a domain name that makes a brandable website. Along with creating unique and short domain names, you must make sure that you are not using hyphens in a domain name, avoid choosing a domain name with numbers, don’t pick difficult words to spell and remember and lastly don’t forget to check trademarks association with the domain name you have chosen.

1. Add Brand relevant keyword

The first tip I have for you is that sometimes it might be a good idea to add a next to your brand a relevant keyword. Adding the right keyword next to your brand will help you rank higher on Google and in general to the search engines.

For example, if you own a jewelry shop and you are planning to create an e-commerce website it will be a great idea to add to your brand the world jewellery. The keyword should always be relevant to your niche or otherwise, you are going to look spammy to your audience and in the long term will hurt the brand. In order for you to find the right keywords you need to have a look on Google and download the Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere which shows you the search volume of each keyword you are planning to add next to your brand.

On the other hand, there is a certain amount of people who don’t really want to add a keyword to their brand and that’s okay. For these people, It might look much more professional not having an extra keyword to their domain name, but it is always a good idea since your brand name might not be available through the registers

2. The dot-com domain extension

The second tip I have for you is to try to use the dot-com domain extension. This is one of the most popular extensions and that’s why I’m suggesting you use it. Through the years this extension has become the most popular website the most popular extension but also the most expensive at the same time.

I want to prove this to you with a test, I want you to think of the first website that is coming up to your mind and if that website was a dot-com website leave a comment with yes and if it was not leave a comment with no! So in this way, we are going to have a better look if the dot-com extension is the most popular. In my case, the first website which just came to my mind was YouTube which has an extension of dot-com.

In any case, the dot-com extension is not mandatory and most of the registered companies provide more options of domain extensions like .blog, .shop, etc. that you can choose from.

3. Must Make Your Domain name Short

The third tip I have for you is that you should keep your domain name short. When I am saying short it doesn’t mean that you should go for the one-word domain name but most of the time one-word domain names are not available or even too expensive, but this also depends on your budget.

This does not mean that you do not have to check for it first because you might be lucky! Who knows??
If it is not You can always check for two or three words but not more than a maximum of 15 characters which are always available. This will help you to choose a memorable domain name and keep in mind that websites with more than 15 characters are harder for people to remember and it might affect your website’s popularity in the long run.

4. Take it easy in terms of pronunciation and spelling

The next tip I have for you is that your domain name needs to be easy in terms of pronunciation and spelling. If your domain name is hard in terms of pronunciation, people are not going to remember it and most probably when they are going to write it, they will write it wrong as a result they will end up to your competitor’s website.

5. Make a brandable website

If you are looking to make a brandable website, make sure you consider this tip in your list. You should always keep your brand in mind because If you are going to choose a domain name that is not brandable most probably your users are going to forget it. Branding nowadays is a must, and you should make sure you include your brand name within your domain name you need to understand that Brands nowadays can influence a large number of users and it is a big factor in your company’s success.

6. You must not use hyphens

The next tip I have for you is that you must not use hyphens because most of the time your visitors the next time they are going to search for your website. They are not going to find it easily. It will be a very hard time for them to search for it. As you can understand hyphens can lead to confusion among brands and websites. Please avoid them

7. Must avoid using the same letters in a row within your domain name

The next tip I have for you is that you should avoid using the same letters in a row within your domain name. This will help your website be much more memorable to your audience and if they are going see it across the web they are going to recognize it much easier.

8. Avoid to register your domain for short periods of time

Domain registration is a very problematic reason for your website if you buy a domain name and make a registration short period of time. If you decide to let your website as a long-term brand it will be important for you to register your brand on your own name as a personal property so that no one will be able to buy that domain name in the future.

Bonus Tip: Avoid trademark violation

Because you have kept reading till now I have chosen to share with you a bonus tip that you should always be aware of. Before purchasing your domain, name you should always have in mind the trademark violation, this will help you avoid problems with any other company that already exists within the market. Trademark registration is something that not a lot of people are aware of but is one of the most important factors before purchasing a domain name.

It happened to me a few months ago when I purchased a domain name from an existing trademarked company. This was not something that I realized immediately but after a week, I had to change my domain name and my whole website as well. Once you have decided on a domain name the final step is to check its availability. This could be done by using a domain name checker tool.

I have included a link here which includes a tool that you can use to check the availability of your domain name and my blog post where you can find more tips about this subject.

What makes a domain name memorable?

It is very critical to make a domain name memorable for everyone. By making the short-term of one or two keywords in your domain, terms of pronunciation and spelling words and adding a relevant keyword that makes your domain name brandable website you can make your domain name memorable and unique, short, and easy to remember.

How do I make my domain name catchy?

Creating a domain name a memorable, unique, short, and easy to remember is very important for us as well as making it catchy. There are a few things you can do to make your domain name catchy and unique. To do this you should try to keep it short and easy to remember, using a play on words or a pun that is relevant to your business or industry and using unusual spellings or combinations of words.

Should I use my full name as a domain name?

Yes, you can use your full name as a domain name! You know Using your full name as a domain name has some advantages. Every Professional blogger generally not recommend you use your full name as a domain name, because there are also some disadvantages of a full name as a domain name such as your domain name can fail the test of “Domain Phone Test”, and may not be memorable or easy to spell for others and it may be hard for you to sell later in the market.

Therefore It will be better for you to choose a domain name that is short, catchy, and shows the users the purpose or content of your website blog articles. However, You must use your full name as a domain name that makes it easier for others to find your personal information online. Using your full name as a domain name has the potential for personal branding, increasing confidence, ideal for a portfolio/resume website and instant credibility boost.

How to Protect Your Domain Name from Cyber Attacks and Scams

You know as website owners we must protect our domain name from cyber attacks and scams which is very crucial for us to maintain our online presence. For Protecting Your Domain Name from Cyber Attacks and Scams we have to follow some steps:

  • To secure your domain you must find out a good domain registrar company for domain registration for your website. Reputable Domain Registrar protects their customers’ domain names from cyber attacks and scams and they have a proven track record in domains.
  • You should use and create strong and hard-to-guess passwords which must be unique and complex, avoiding common phrases and easily guessable information and also change them from time to time.
  • You must Enable Two-Factor Authentication that increases overall protection levels. and adds a layer of security to your account by requiring a code or token to your password in order to access your domain name.
  • You must be aware of Phishing scam emails from Cybercriminals. Don’t open any emails or messages that ask you to click on a link or provide personal information.

According to an entrepreneur.com blog post, “Amazon owns over 5,000 relevant keyword descriptive domains that are set as redirects to relevant pages on amazon.com or wholefoods.com. By claiming brand territory around your company name using redirects, you also help prevent cyber attacks from phishers or even parody sites that might pose as your brand.”

By following these tips for choosing your domain name I am sure that you are going to make the right choice. In case you are still struggling to choose your domain name leave a comment and I am going to come back and help you.

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Can I use my own hosting with Google Domains?

Yes, you can use your own hosting purchased from any source with Google Domains. Google Domains does not offer hosting to its users. You can buy the domain from Google domain and link that domain with other hosting like Hostinger and Namecheap. Google Domains allows you to connect with third-party web hosting providers and website builders.

How much does it cost to buy a domain from Google Domains?

The cost of buying a domain from Google Domains may be for you varies depending on the value and the domain ending you choose. For example, A .com domain Google Domains charges a cost of $12 per year and offers more than 300 domain endings, with prices starting at $7 per year for some extensions including privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, and Google 2-Step Verification. For .org and .net Google domain is charging $12 dollars per year. The price may be higher if you sign up for additional services such as web hosting or Google Workspace integration.

Is it Good to buy a domain from Namecheap?

Yes, You must buy your domain from Namecheap and it is good to buy because Namecheap is a popular and well-known domain registrar or Dmaoin service provider that offers its users a number range and types of domain names at reasonable and cheap prices.

What is a domain name and why do I need one to buy?

A domain name is like a home address. In this world, every house and street has its own address Similar to this every website on the internet has its own address called web address or domain name. To connect your blog or website to the internet you need to buy a host as well as a domain name. Without a host or server, you can’t host a domain on the Internet. So it is very important to have an IP address that a user will visit to use your products, Web pages, or any online services.

How to check the name server of Hostinger?

The name servers for a domain name for Hostinger are ns1.dns-parking.com and ns2.dns-parking.com. To check the name server of Hostinger you need to Log in to your Hostinger account and then go to the Domain section.
Find the domain you want to manage and click on the “Manage” button then In the “Name Servers” section, click on the “Change” button. After this Select “Use custom name servers” and enter the Hostinger name server information.

The difference between www and non-www domains?

The difference between www and non-www domains is that www stands for World Wide Web, while non-www is simply an alternative form of the main domain that includes no spaces. A non-www domain is also called a naked domain and it represents the root domain that you buy from a domain registrar or domain provider like GoDaddy and Namepchaep are popular ones. A www domain is called a subdomain, which is a child domain of your parent domain or main domain.

What is the name server for a domain name for Bluehost?

The name servers for a domain name for Bluehost are ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com.

What is the name server of Bluehost?

The name servers for a domain name for HostGator are ns1.hostgator.com and ns2.hostgator.com

What is the name server for a domain name for Siteground?

The name servers for a domain name for SiteGround are ns1.siteground.net and ns2.siteground.net

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