Is It Worth Learning Coding Or Tech Skills Anymore With AI?

Is It Worth Learning Coding Or Tech Skills Anymore Aith AI

Is it worth learning coding or tech skills anymore with AI? there’s no point in doing anything anymore making overall jobs why do I even bother? Code with AI.I think a lot of people are feeling this way still every day it seems like a new technology or new AI tool is coming out that can replace whether it be coders, UI UX designers, product managers, or SEO individuals whatever the case may be. Can AI replace the need for coding or tech skills?

I understand why people get nervous or get scared Wendy especially when you are investing a lot of time and energy into learning something new or growing your career. It can feel very overwhelming as to whether is it even worth, it or is the right way to go. I’ve seen so many comments on my post recently about what should I learn? should I learn data science or should I learn web development? what is going to become extinct faster?

It really blows my mind I mean on the one hand I understand where you are coming from you are worried you want to learn a skill that is going to be in demand. And that is something we speak about a lot on this blog website. So I get it. On the other hand, though it’s one of those things I really try and hone in on to learn whatever you are passionate about.

You will find a way to evolve and grow. You’re looking at it from the wrong perspective, you’re looking at a perspective of survival where in reality. You will survive and you will thrive in your career by focusing on what you are truly passionate about and interested in. That aside though here are some tips that I’m going to be sharing with you today to really ensure you can kind of get the best of both worlds.

On one hand, your career will be in demand the skills that you have developed will be in demand and on the other hand you can flip the switch and really utilize AI and these tools to help you outperform all your colleagues or whatever the case may be.

One skill to staying in demand in tech or other industries

When you really look ahead think even five-ten years the number one skill to staying in demand in tech or other industries. From now starting to look ahead and think about how can you stay in demand. I’m not talking necessarily a technical skill or even a soft skill. Let’s leave skills to the side for a second here.

What makes companies hire people? at the end of the day, it’s the classic slogan we always hear which is People hire people. I know you’re probably thinking that now people hire AI but at the end of the day we still need people and nothing is more important.

The reality is oftentimes not seeing all the time but oftentimes skills aside are having that human connection. When people really enjoy speaking with you throughout the interview and can see you’re really collaborative and want to be part of their team and just an all-around good human.

Whatever that means to them they oftentimes hire that over someone who has these crazy skills. Obviously, skills are very important but putting that to the side. I’m sharing these thoughts with you because at the end of the day. You really need to take a step back we’re in this Rat Race it feels like what skill is most in demand? or what should I learn the fastest? or what is going to keep me employed? take a step back and just eliminate all skills for a second, what do people look for in really good people?

Networking is key bill building that community and support system. Now I know a lot of you or some of you are saying tip I hate networking you know why I know that because I hate networking too but it is key oftentimes when you are looking at jobs, you’ve had in the past or future jobs.

It is so much simpler to gain those jobs when you have that Network. This is something whether you like it or not that will probably be even more important as the AI and future of tech continue to evolve.

Having those connections with people because, at the end of the day, they are the ones making the decisions of who they want to hire. If you have those Ins at certain companies or are networking and really investing your time into networking, you will see it pay off. now that being said sometimes networking all the time in my opinion just is not that fun.

AI Tools To Help Your Network & Be Productive

So here are some AI tools that can help you especially when it comes to writing because a lot of times for me writing emails or just getting those conversations started is where I have that big writer’s block to even initiate a call. As I mentioned with emails it’s so difficult to even just send that email that I get writer’s block. I want to share with you

I’ve been using on my other computer for a while now because it really helps me. I find when I want to send someone an email but I have no idea how to do and this isn’t sponsored by any of these tools. By the way, I just am obsessed with using tools to help me out. You can see here I’m on their website it’s called

website it's called

I’m just on their demo page so let’s do something like this hi Ellie how are you how good are you at replying to emails thanks Sam ask See look how accurate this is though Sam I’m “pretty good if I do say so myself I’m here to help you with any emails you need what’s up.”

It sounds like a human wrote this which is pretty wild so Let’s go back to their home page here you can install it and use it for free but then also too depending on how many emails you want to use it. You do have to purchase a license but you can install and start using it for free but what?

I really like about it too is it has different ways to responding, so respectful casual, annoyed, and interested and it really helps me even if I modify the response at least get a response out there get something on paper or even if I’m reaching out to someone get something on paper.

Tryelli result pagge ReadMorr

So whether you use or a different AI tool for designers to help you write emails it’s a really great way to unblock that friction for sending that first email to someone.

Alright, the other one I want to share with you about networking and really just finding time to connect with others is this personal assistant. it’s called I’ve used for a few different tasks it’s still working better.

It’s still in beta format It’s really helpful for certain tasks I don’t find to help me to the point where it’s actually a personal assistant per se. but I do find it helpful that the more you use this tool the more it gets to know your habits and your requests, your calendar.

You can really use it to help you do the small things such as scheduling invites, let me know when my next meeting will be. I use it for scheduling so handle it back and forth to find common availabilities so I kind of like an email writer as well.

You can really use it to help you do the small things such as scheduling invites

With that also too this is really cool around pre-draft to your email. You can actually wake up with responses to some of your emails I mean that’s a dream to me wake up and this AI has already responded in draft form to the emails.

I mean that’s going to save you so much time you can also to morning anxiety, knowing that these emails have drafts already written out is huge for me. anyways. Let’s dive into or address the elephant in the room which is the great tip we’ve done in our networking where you know meeting the right people at the end of the day you still want to learn How to learn new coding or tech skills at a fast pace?

How do learn Coding or tech skills fast?

New skills are fast and as Tech continues to evolve you will need to learn Tech at a faster Pace or these skills at a faster Pace. The good news is if you are embracing AI and using tools to help you learn faster, it won’t be a problem but if you are one of those people who are really hesitant to use it or really think negatively about incorporating some AI tools into your workflow.

I’m not sure how you will be able to keep up with technology and keep up with building new skills. The reality is the people who are using these tools these AI tools to help them learn or work faster and be more productive, Freeze up their minds to focus on bigger tasks, bigger problems are more complex problems and in turn, they will be the thought leaders the thinkers ahead thinkers.

They will be the thought leaders of the next of 2030 or 2040 because they are using these tools to help with the smaller tasks so they can focus on the larger tasks, and think about the big picture. There are so many different AI tools that you can utilize today whether you are a coder, whether you are a UI UX designer.

This tool is going to be a game changer and I know what you’re thinking if this is going to take out front-end developers, no it’s not what it will do is once again, AI tools to help you learn new tech skills fast designs that will turn into react code at the end of the day it’s not perfect it still needs to be implemented but it is a really wild.

This is called Bifrost. It’s still in Alpha Testing right now, but what it will do is turn your Figma designs into clean react code. Let’s watch a little video here. turn your Figma designs into clean react code

Wild this is really interesting when you think about the future not only for coders but also for designers and how these roles will closely merge and that’s what I’m getting at throughout this video hopefully you is you need to start somewhere, you need to have that knowledge.

Don’t worry about what skills are going to be, and don’t focus on your learnings on what’s going to be in demand five years from now or 10 years from now. Focus on what you’re interested in because with that Foundation you will naturally evolve with these tools. As long as you’re open to using them. This is a really cool one.

All right one other one I wanted to share with you I mean there are tons out there. I’m trying to share different ones with you is

Now this is not a free tool, let’s start off by saying that but what it does do is it’s a course that will teach you how to build no-code or low-code apps with AI. This is really interesting to me so if you go to courses here you can see say course Basics… courses

You will learn to build an AI web app. With a simple one-page AI web app, with Zapier and openAi building an AI dream decoder. it’s a really interesting thing to think about this new level, this new wave of technologists that are coming out that are using AI and low.

No code tools to build really quickly and I think we will see more of that progressing. This merge of so many different roles coming together.
This is another interesting tool or of course, I guess I should say that you can utilize it to really take your skills to the next level just because you do one thing today you’re in one world today as tech advances it definitely means doesn’t mean you will be doing that in two or three years you need to be open to evolving and growing in your career and skill set.

What You Need to Thrive in the Machine Era and the AI Tools to Help You Or Job Revolution in the Machine Era: Top Skills & AI Tools to Help You Succeed. All right we made it to the end I hope you enjoyed not only hearing some thoughts about how the future of AI or the future of tech will affect your skill sets.

And where to put your attention if you take anything away from this blog post, I hope it’s two things the first being to put your attention to what you are actually passionate about take AI away because that will find its way into every role and every career.

It’s not just related to what you’re interested in, maybe you think that though because you just heard about a new tool coming out that’s going to take over data scientists or web developers. Well tomorrow there will be another tool that takes over lawyers there are tools coming out every day, focus on your passion.

The second thing I hope you take away from this blog post is to utilize AI to embrace it. Question it yes we all are aware of that but use these tools to your advantage to help you learn quicker, help you learn smarter, and also to work smarter in the sense of giving it these little simple tasks, so you can continue to be a thought leader.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and will be valuable for you. Leave down below any thoughts you have about this blog post questions I do my best to answer every single one also let me know what else you want to see and what other Tech coding or tech skills career-related posts would you find helpful.


Should You Still Learn To Code In 2024?

Yes, you must learn how to code in 2024 because coding is a huge and highly demanded IT skill that has the potential to make a full-time income source. According to expert programmers and coders, professional coders and programmers can earn income an estimated $73,059 per year.

Is coding still worth learning after AI?

Yes, of course, learning coding has great potential and demand although AI is trending and spoken by every person related to the online field. After Chatgpt-4 and other AI tools and software that make basic coding and building a basic website easy with their Artificial intelligence algorithm and data. They can generate a full website code and design but still, we need full-time and expert codes and programmers to build and design a unique website with real coding.

Why You Need to Learn Code Even if You Don’t Work in IT?

Even if you don’t work in the IT sector learning how to code is necessary to be up to date with every knowledgeable trend to stand ahead in blogging and other online fields. Learning coding has the ability to Expand and promote Your Career, Skill Set and in case you want to join technology.

Is it worth learning to code in 2024?

Yes, the Learning code will be evergreen and the most in-demanded skill still 2030. Although Artificial intelligence chatbots and tools now generate a basic website code and have the ability to build and develop the website with a detailed provided description. But AI does not eliminate the need for human coders to build a unique and desired design website

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