Is It Possible To Compete With Big Brand Websites 2024

Is It Possible To Compete With Big Brand Websites In 2023

Whether you’ve been blogging for a while or you’re new to this and you’re just kind of at the stage of picking your Niche it can be really scary when we see other big established sites in the same Niche.

I commonly get asked if should I be building a niche site or an authority site and people who are doing one think suddenly that oh maybe they should have been doing the other. One of the biggest reasons I see for this fear is because there’s a fear about whether or not the creation of your website has what it takes to compete with those that are already established. That’s what we’re going to talk about here in this post today.

First Of all, let’s see what big websites like Search Engine Journal consider to compete with big brand websites, According to the research Search Engine Journal:

“Smaller brands easily out-competed bigger brands because the big companies took years to recognize the value of SEO. Big brand’s infatuation with Macromedia Flash didn’t help their SEO but it was great for small sites that knew better.”

What Things To Consider to Compete with Big Brand Websites in 2024

It is important to you to know what are the secrets to competing with big brands when it comes to your new website. In this article, I will discuss how you compete with big brand websites. What Competitive Advantages For Niche Websites? Now without wasting our time let’s begin the topic. Here are some tips on how you can compete with the sites of big brands.

Niche Sites vs Authority Sites

So what do you do when you see competition within your Niche, should you switch niches to something with less competition almost always the answer is going to be no. The reality is that no matter what Niche you’re into it’s gonna look competitive at First Look.

The best thing that you can do is actually learn how to lean into your competitive Advantage. We’ll talk more about what competitive advantages you have in just a second but first, there’s something I do need to get off my chest.

I really don’t like the distinction that people make between Niche sites and Authority sites. The way that I see it is a niche site is an authority site that just hasn’t grown up yet.

Niche Site

Now you can make a niche site and keep it as a niche site forever and really the biggest distinction I see between the two is a niche site focuses on a single or a much smaller aspect of a topic or an industry right?

Authority Sites

whereas an authority site has a tendency to Branch out a bit more. But the bigger distinction that I see is in the monetization, with a lot of Niche sites people have the mindset of passive income we’re going to do ads, we’re going to do affiliate marketing and we’re going to keep it as passive as possible.

I’ve seen sites though in a very specific Niche that built up massive Authority in their small Niche and just cranked up the monetization created an info product, a physical product, started e-commerce or Woocommerce store, and started actually making some really really good money from the traffic that they were getting. The only difference between the two sites was the monetization.

According to Moz’s co-founder the Rand Fishkin article on Competing Big Players websits, he said:

“So a big brand will often have big brand associations. A smaller brand can build very strong positive associations with, granted, a smaller audience, but you don’t need to monetize as many or as fast or as directly as a big brand needs to.

He Further said : You can concentrate on building your brand’s appeal to your very specific niche. If you monetize them well enough over time, you can build a great business, a small business but a great small business.”

So there’s not actually a very firm definition or distinction between what’s a niche site and what’s an authority site which is why that distinction just makes absolutely no sense to me. So I’m not going to use them anymore.

If you want to build an authority site, build a niche site. If you want to build a niche site, build a niche site. Either way, we want to start small we want to start specific and build real topical Authority and that’s going to give us the flexibility to expand to the broader topic and or to be able to really monetize well. Without building authority in your niche, you can’t make enough money from blogging.

We can keep it passive if we want to or we can make some really good money from digital products and such.

Building An Authority Site: Keep Branding Generic

Now there are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re on the earlier side of things and this could be the first couple of years. I’m not talking about just total beginners. The first thing is trying to keep your branding generic enough.

I know I said Niche down right but try to keep your branding generic enough that if you were to expand on the topic it wouldn’t hurt the brand. If you pick a really really really really specific domain name, chances are you’re going to want to change the domain name in the future.

If you ever want to Branch out into the broader Niche, however, if you pick something that’s a little bit more generic within your Niche or a name that’s a little bit more of just a brand and less exact match, you’re going to be able to expand and sort of take the site whatever Direction you want to without having to change the branding in the future.

Building An Authority Site: Treated Like a Niche Site

So two things to remember branded or kind of generic topical name for your website but focus on treating it like a really specific Niche site in the very beginning. There’s going to be a lot of opportunity to expand both the topic and the monetization later once you’ve built up s

ome real Authority. Speaking of authority you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to have real Authority within a niche. In fact all of the big websites you’ve seen started out at one point as a small website.

How Do You Compete With Big Brand Websites?

But how do you as the new guy compete with the big companies? This is actually a common question that people have and it’s not just about websites, it’s about business in general. How does anybody ever compete with a big company? It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted computer stuff you went to IBM.

Nowadays most of you have probably never heard of IBM. IBM’s still a big company but so many other companies have grown up in the computer industry creating hardware and software and all sorts of things. How did they do that most of them started out in a niche something specific.

Think about Google, Google was literally just a way to search the internet and nowadays Google is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Think about Amazon how did Amazon ever succeed in an industry, that was I mean like dominated totally dominated by local stores like Walmart.

And think about where they first started, they just sold books. Why would you buy books on the Internet? Today that seems like an obvious question, but 20 years ago it wasn’t so obvious. The point is they all started out in a niche and then they were able to grow and expand from there. Exactly it’s like what I’m telling you to do.

Now with your website, Google probably does see those big established sites as very trustworthy, and very authoritative But here’s the problem and where you have a huge competitive Advantage. The bigger the brand the more they have to try to appeal to everybody and they have to create content that is applicable to everybody.

How Do You Compete With Big Brand Websites?
How Do You Compete With Big Brand Websites?

So what do they end up creating content that’s pretty generic and kind of bland for you as an independent Creator as somebody who’s starting up right?

You can pick your Niche, you can take a stance on things and you can dive in and create content that literally is only applicable to a small group of people. Content that nobody else is going to create because it seems like too small of a group and you can become the Authority for them and it’s a great place to start.

Let me Example show you an example I just went to and I just went to their homepage to see what articles were showing up as recent and featured. I found this one right at the very beginning, How to beat carb cravings.

How to beat carb cravings Webmd
How to beat carb cravings Webmd

When I Googled you know how to Stop craving carbs this was the number three ranking article, why because it’s WebMD of course it’s going to rank well okay they have a lot of authority. But when I go look at the article each one of the different reasons for why we crave carbs.


Look at how little information there is you know or I guess this is how to beat it right. So how to beat carb Cravings and keep your brain busy eat mindfully.


Go for the right kind of carbs. I mean these are good answers I’m sure they’re right but how helpful is this be active great okay…


All right every time I’m craving carbs I’ll just go for a run, What if that doesn’t work for me right now what if I’m dressed for work? If I go for a run I’m gonna start sweating. It’s just not that helpful, if you gave me more specific examples more detailed answers better advice I could actually make good use of this.

But the reality is they just have to stay pretty generic and pretty vanilla because they have to be able to cater to this huge audience. When you’re a big company or when you’re a big successful website and things start to change, it becomes really hard to Pivot.

Competitive Advantages For Niche Websites: Focus On Specific Topics And More Flexibility

This is issue number two with the big companies and where you have another competitive Advantage not only can you focus on very Niche specific topics and give really good helpful advice. But also as things change like I don’t know Ai and the Google algorithm you can make changes that these guys aren’t going to make.

You think WebMD is going to be in a really good position and know exactly what to do to take advantage of video and social media in a way that an independent Creator could.

You as an independent Creator believe it or not you think they have all the money in the world but the reality is they also have processes and systems and bureaucracy that you don’t have and you have a huge opportunity now to Pivot on a dime whenever you need to do that.

Take advantage of that competitive Advantage. Don’t worry about building an authority site or a niche site worry about creating awesome content and when things start to change you’re in a great position to start making those shifts.

Competitive Advantages For Niche Websites: 3. Less Public Scrutiny

The next competitive advantage that you have is not being a major well-known website. You’re also not in the public eye getting a lot of scrutiny sure you might get some comments from someone who disagrees with what you said, but you’re not going to be making headlines on CNN and because of that you can take a stance on different issues.

You can create content that goes further than what WebMD or any other major brand within your space is going to be able to do because if they say something wrong and they offend somebody or they give a piece of advice that doesn’t work well for somebody. They’re a major Target for lawsuits they’re a major Target for ridicule online. Whereas as a small creator with a fairly small site, you’re just not a Target.

Competitive Advantages For Niche Websites: 4. People Don’t Like Corporations

The fourth thing is that a lot of people are more inclined to trust a person than kind of a faceless organization. I don’t know who wrote this article.

How to Beat Carb Cravings post ReadMorr

I don’t really even know what their credentials are or how credible they are it says it was medically viewed, but guess what I’ve seen a lot of doctors that I don’t particularly like or trust that well.

But with the power of the internet with social media with video and as you Niche down and focus on building authority in something specific, you can become actually more trustworthy to a lot of individuals than WebMD is going to be.

Sure WebMD is going to win a whole lot of Google rankings but when their content isn’t helpful and people continue scrolling and then they find your content ranking just below WebMD.

Your content is going to be the content that they end up trusting and that means that your brand is the brand that they go to for that kind of information and in the future for product recommendations for info products.

The other cool thing is that since you’re not a major bureaucratic organization with 100 employees you have to pay. You can make a lot of money for yourself with just a fraction of the traffic that the big websites need in order to be able to make a profit.

Final Thoughts for You to Compete with the Websites of Big Brands

Overall don’t worry about the competition so much. Don’t worry about do I need a niche site Authority site. Don’t worry about if your Niche is the right one because you do see some competition in your space, just move forward keep creating amazing content and take advantage of these competitive advantages that you have as a new independent Creator without all the baggage of being a big website.

As per article on Small Businesses To Compete With Big Brands, they gave their explanation thet:

“By the time you’re halfway towards becoming a recognized authority on Google, your competitors may already have a stronger brand and better positioning. Instead of trying to beat them at their own game, focus on carving your own niche. Target the areas they haven’t covered, and gradually build your brand.”

Thanks for reading, I hope you found that enlightening if you did well frankly that’s the kind of content that we create here on Our goal is to help you to be the most successful content creator that you can be. If that’s what you want too then I recommend you check out some of the other blog posts we have here on this website.

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Is It Possible for New Bloggers to Compete With Big Brand Websites in 2024?

Yes, It is still possible for New bloggers to Compete With Big Brand Websites in 2024 because if you create the most relevant, high quantity and helpful content as well as content that Google loves and answers their user search topic keyword, you can easily compete with big brand websites. By providing in-depth and factual piece of content, you can build your website authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

By creating helpful and high-quality content can we really get easily ranked on Google?

Yes, By creating helpful and high-quality not quantity content you can really get easily ranked on Google because Google and other search engines love content that is original, high quality and answers the user intent base questions and topics.

What strategies to apply for competing high authority websites?

By targeting long tail and most relevant keywords in the title, headings, meta description and FAQs as well as SEO optimized and creating original content you can beat a highly authoritative blog website. These are only the strategies to apply for competing high authority websites. It must be noted that to rank and compete with big websites takes a lot of time so be patient and create well-written content as much as possible.

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