How to Do SEO from Scratch in 2024: Advance SBS guide

How to Do SEO from Scratch in 2024: Advance SBS guide

Are you thinking about how to do SEO for a website step-by-step? Here you can learn how to do SEO from Scratch in 2024. Most SEO campaigns fail, but I’ll show you how to rank number one in Google using a proven step-by-step SEO process that gets results.

Do you know after the huge trend of blogging and AI chatbots like Chatgpt-4 and future model 5, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary factor for digital marketers to learn as soon as possible because SEO is the fundamental ranking factor that helps businesses and Most SEO campaigns to increase their online visibility, boost their traffic and attract more customers and sales on the internet in 2024?

There are several key steps and checklists you can take or follow to achieve success in 2024. So If you are one of those who wants to learn and do SEO from scratch in 2024 for a website or blog, here is an advanced step-by-step guide you must follow to do SEO.

1. Attack Your weakest competitors.

To Do SEO from Scratch you need to first Go into ahrefs keyword Explorer search a keyword like wood-burning kit and look at a few things. First, skip looking at the KD for now and instead go to the bottom, where You see the SERP overview. Now look under the Dr, which stands for domain rating column and look for weak websites. In this case, There are two Dr-20 and Dr-33 websites ranking in the top five which immediately confirms that this is a keyword worth pursuing.

ranking in top 5

The reason is simply because of resources and time stronger the websites that are ranking from a DR perspective, the harder it will be to rank because you’ll need a large amount of backlinks to narrow the Authority gap. So unless you have a strong website stick to targeting keywords where there are weak websites already ranking.

Here you see a post about how to compete With domain rating websites if your blog is a new one.

Step two is to scientifically find out how many backlinks you need to rank, So now it’s time to look at KD, which is a keyword difficulty. The reason why you don’t want to look at KD first is that it’s only calculated based on how many backlinks you’ll need at the page level.

So in the case of the wood-burning kit, we’ll only need roughly seven websites to link to our page. But let’s take this to the Next Level, scroll down to the SERP overview and open a ranking result that has a good number of referring domains under the domains column.

So in this example, we found that the competitor mainly has backlinks from websites that are DR 49 and below, and this is important because you don’t want to over-invest in Your backlinks, in short, the higher the Dr of the backlink opportunity, the more It’ll cost you.

High Dr website

3. Map out your anchor text strategy

So in Ahrefs click on anchors and select Do Follow and you can get really granular with this, but you only need to examine One thing: what percentage of the exact match Anchor texts are your competitors using and an exact match for the anchor text. In this case is a wood-burning kit, and the competitor has zero percent exact match anchor text.

anchor text strategy

1. Be careful with your anchor text strategy

Yes, it is important to be careful with your anchor text strategy while doing SEO on a website. Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink that has an essential role in SEO by helping search engines index your web pages. Here are best practices that you should keep in mind when it comes to adding anchor text to your web page. For example, you should make sure that your anchor text is relevant to the web page you are linking to, vary your anchor text usage, and keep your anchor text naturally.

That means you need to be careful with your anchor text strategy when acquiring backlinks.

Using an exact match anchor text from a very high-quality, relevant backlink opportunity will likely have a huge impact on your rankings, but the main takeaway is to use your competitor’s anchor text profile to help you determine how aggressive you can be.

At this point, we know a few things.

  • It’s possible to rank for this keyword
  • We don’t need a huge backlink budget to rank
  • You have to be on the conservative side with your anchor text optimization.

4. Find supporting keywords

Go back to ahrefs and click on matching terms, so for KD, do a Max of 30 and for the lowest, Dr. do up to 40.

Now In my example here, I have 71 keywords with roughly 23,000 searches per month, so just add these keywords to your search list. Then I would also go to related terms and add any relevant keywords you find there as well, so go back to matching terms in ahrefs and clear out your filters now.

Click on the surf features, filter, select People also Ask, and click Show Results. Go to the keyword list and click serve, then Look for peoplemask, and click the arrow to expand it. Open. This little certificate feature is beautiful because Google is telling us what users are searching for that’s directly related to our core topic.

5. Use AI to organize your keyword data

Open Chatgpt and enter the following prompt:

“Assigned a relevance score to the following keywords on a scale of 1-5(5 being the most relevant) for the keyword phrase: (Your targeted keyword) and put it into a table: ( Your list of Keywords that you copy from Ahrefs or any other tool)”

This prompt will help you eliminate irrelevant keywords from your lists

6. Analyze the dissect the existing SEO content using this simple Checklist

Now Analyze the dissect the existing SEO content using this simple Checklist to Do SEO from Scratch in 2024.

1. Copy the URL and run it through Google Page Speed insights

In the case of our target page, We scored a solid 83 on mobile and 98 on desktop, so we can move on; however, if you score below 70 on either, I’d recommend going about fixing that.

2. Is the page using aggressive interstitials pop-ups or ad placements that could disrupt the user experience

In this case, the page has an aggressive ad block above the fold, I’d personally recommend pushing this below the fold to prioritize giving value over Monetization.

3. Is the primary keyword in the most important spots on the page

Is the primary keyword in the most important spots on the page Including the title, the URL, H1, and the first sentence. In this example, they’ve done this very well. You must add your main, Focus, or targeted keywords in the blog post Title, Meta description, tags, post URL, Heading like H2 and H3, and inside the content of the body.

Here is a post about how to optimize your post and Do WordPress SEO.

4. Is the content of more than 50 originality

You Should create original, in-depth, and high-quality SEO-optimized piece of content that has the chance to rank higher in search results. Just use originality. ai to analyze your page. If the content scores well, we can move on.

5. Is the word count sufficient

Use the Surfer analyzer to get a quick word count target, and our Target page has a sufficient number of words to rank on Google. You must use a minimum of 3k to 5k words per blog post to get a better ranking in search results because the more you give in-depth content more you get visitors.

6. Is the page optimized well for NLP or natural language processing

NLP or natural language processing is an artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps your article rank for specific user intent queries by understanding the human language. According to a post on Google’s algorithms for natural language processing function by segmenting sentences into distinct terms, deconstructing the sentences into grammatical components, and determining the correlation between words based on grammatical rules. This process can be easily observed by utilizing Google’s Natural Language API demo to analyze your text.

Again use Surfer to see how your pages will optimize for NLP relative to the competition. If your target page is doing well with a score of 70, which is better than most of the top competitors this is great.

7. Does the content score 95+ on Grammarly

Now you must make sure that your content doesn’t have grammar mistakes like punctuation, Spelling, and sentence errors. So just run your content through grammar, In the case of your target page, was scored a 73, so there’s room to improve.

8. Is the website optimized for EEAT?

Is the website optimized for EEAT, which stands for experience and expertise authoritativeness, and trustworthiness?

Let’s start with experience, and here’s What Google says about experience:

“Does The content demonstrates that it wa sproduced with some degree of experience such as use of the actual product oractually visiting a place or communicating with a person who’s experienced whatever that thing is”

And with a quick scan through our content, It’s clear that it lacks first-hand experience, and I have a little trick for you. You can use it to quickly search for my or me in the content to see if There’s a level of subjectivity and opinion, and in this case, our pages are way too generic to rank, Plus, they don’t show any visual evidence of the use of the product.

Google says the following:

“Provide evidence such as visuals and audio or other links from your own experience with the product to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review”

So if my page has low value and a lack of EEAT, I’d stop right here and fix this core issue right away because no fancy SEO tricks will be powerful enough to overcome a lack of experience in the long term and just to demonstrate how valuable Optimizing for experience is.

looking at this post on Readmorr WordPress SEO tutorial that ranks for best WordPress SEO for beginners. It has a very low wordcount, yet it outranks websites that are way more powerful than my website, So Why is that Because

  • It’s 100 unique angle
  • It demonstrates real first-hand experience by investing in an Experiment
  • It demonstrates a high degree of effort to create more on this In a second
  • It’s acquired high-quality backlinks Naturally

This is the power of focus: focusing on experience Now let’s move on to the next e, which is expertise

Now, while expertise is largely driven by backlinks, it’s still critical that you cover the basics of your site. In short, every informational asset should be written by a subject matter expert, and it should be abundantly clear. At a glance, your target page in this case doesn’t have an author above the It doesn’t have an author box, and if It also doesn’t prioritize the page in the main navigation, the question quickly becomes why would Anyone who trusts your website?

So here’s the point make it obvious that you’re qualified to write about your topic, Just study and copy what Healthline does, and you’ll be ahead of 99 websites.

7. Tear this page to shreds based on one simple question

Does the page have a unique top one percent content? This is a simple but extremely loaded question. First Google doesn’t know how to gauge content quality, but humans can gauge quality. You should create your content for humans, not algorithms.

Now the good news is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to grade SEO content. According to Google’s Quality Raider guidelines, Quality content is original and accurate, reliable, safe, up-to-date, and demonstrates a high degree of effort. Guess what we can use chat GPT to give us objective feedback on our content if You aren’t a skilled SEO copywriter.So Just use the following prompt based on Google’s guidelines:

Rate the following content on a scale of 1-10 based on the following criteria and put it into a
table (please be brutally honest):
Demonstrates a High-Degree of Effort
First-hand experience-Does content also demonstrate that it was produced with some
degree of experience, such as with actual use of a product, having actually visited a place, or
communicating what a person experienced?
Expertise – Does the content demonstrate a high degree of expertise better than the
majority of the population?

So overall ChatGPT gave the content decent scores with the exception of first-hand experience, which we already know.

8. Make the existing SEO content 10 times better

You must Make the existing SEO content 10 times better. Here’s what I would do:

1. Open Google enter the target keyword and study competitors

Open Google enter the target keyword and study competitors. One competitor, in particular, stands out to me, which is Pyrocrafter’s article, which is the 5 best wood-burning kits on a budget is a solid headline.

study competitors

Now, looking at the content It’s definitely not perfect, but It’s doing one thing well, which is demonstrating first-hand experience. When I Just do a quick page search, I’ll find 9 instances of my and 20 instances of I.

Plus when you scroll down You’ll also find some user-generated content that makes the page even more trustworthy. Alright, now that we have a great model of what’s already working. We’re going to build something that’s 10 times better.

2. Create a killer SEO content strategy.

Now, I’m not personally a fan of putting duct tape over average content, so I would rebuild this asset from scratch with an entirely new angle. That’s The beauty of SEO content is that it’s not like publishing a YouTube video or writing a book where you only give one shot to It’s right. You must follow a post about my SEO strategy to do SEO better.

There are no limits on how many times you can iterate on and improve your SEO content. Here’s the strategy: I would deploy a wood-burning kit would create an article titled We Tested 10 best wood-burning kits. I would then Buy the top 10 kits on Amazon. I would personally be comfortable investing for a couple of reasons.

  • The type of content you’re going to create will build a moat.
    A moat means that it’s difficult for your competitors to replicate what you’ve done, and that means you’ll rank for years, not just months. The longer you rank the more you bank.
  • Investment isn’t just for one piece of content.
    You’ll also want to create dedicated review pages for each product, which means you’re getting at least 11 pieces of SEO-driven content from your single Investment.
  • You’re getting a massive amount of real, first-hand experience
    You’re getting a massive amount of real, first-hand experience that’ll make your content and website stand head and shoulders above Your competition.
  • Creating epic content is the best link-building strategy
    So at this point, we need to create a simple scoring system criteria. The good news is you don’t need to invent it, just open chat GPT and Enter the following prompt:

“Give me Scoring criteria for a experiment where I test 10 of the best wood buring kit” A promt after above mentioned promt you may use

In the second chat, GPT gave me a solid 10-point scoring criteria that’s perfect for scoring the wood-burning kits.

Chatgpt promt for seo

3. Documenting the entire process

Now I would just conduct the test, but a very important step that I don’t want to miss. Documenting the entire process, take pictures and videos of every single product and part of the process. This alone will make your content 100 percent unique and will demonstrate first-hand experience.

So now that your experiment is complete, It’s time to recreate your original asset, and the asset itself is simple rank the wood-burning kits based on your scoring system, and make sure you use visual documentation throughout. Here’s a quick mock-up I created just to show you What I would do is

  • Show a visual Proof right away
  • Give the users what they came for

I see way too many reviews with long-winded intros Just get right into it and give the search exactly what they’re looking for. So In this case, I created a table so the user can quickly see what products we recommend.

informational table

In the beginning, you should use a jump link for each product that sends them down the page to the more in-depth section, but once you build out dedicated review pages for each product. You’ll want to go back and replace these links with internal links back to those product pages.

  • Go deep: So self-explanatory here, but detail every little ranking variable for each product and add documentation throughout. Once again, you can use Chat Gpt to write this copy for you
  • Repeat the process for the remaining products
  • Make sure the content scores a 95+ on grammar. At this point You will have an SEO content asset That’s 10 times better than what exists.

9. Optimize the content using artificial intelligence

First, in this case, I would recommend modifying the primary keyword from wood-burning kits to wood-burning kits. This is because This post isn’t just about one singular kit; it’s about multiple kits.

So start with optimizing the URL like: /best-wood-burning-kits/

The goal here is to match the intent perfectly, then just make sure the best wood Burning Kits are in the title, meta description, H1, and first sentence. I also like to add it to the H2 as well, but I just use a slight variation. Now it’s time to take your on-page SEO to the next level by optimizing the content for NLP. Open Surfer Go to the content editor enter your keyword content and follow surprise recommendations for NLP optimization.

Optimize the content using artificial intelligence

I wouldn’t pay much attention to word count requirements because it doesn’t Consider the depth of your content, but It’s important that your content hits on all of the important relevant keywords, so in some cases, you can add these NLP keywords directly into the content. But in some situations, you may need to create additional sections or content on the asset itself.

Just remember that the goal of this SEO content process is to be the number one option for Google for our target keyword by being deeper and more relevant Optimizing for NLP helps with the latter. So now, at this point, you have a killer piece of SEO content that’s perfectly optimized for Google, but there are still a couple more steps before you push it live.

Go to ahrefs keyword Explorer and enter some broad keywords for the industry you’re in, then go to traffic share, buy domains, and look for domains that are niche-focused. I found a few right away, now just look for opportunities to link out to these sources. This serves a few purposes

  • First, it adds more relevance to your page because you’re linking out to relevant entities
  • Second, it makes our page look like a resource instead of a cliche affiliate review
  • Lastly, You can reach out to these niche bloggers to let them know that you link to them from your awesome asset, which helps you build relationships in the industry, which can lead to social shares and possibly backlinks in the future.

2. Inject expertise elements around the content

At a bare minimum prioritize the About page in the Navigation, write a solid bio explaining why you’re qualified, and most importantly, show your face. Next, add an author box that shows at the end of every article, and then from here, you’re ready to launch your SEO content.

So just hit publish and then go and 301 redirect the old asset to the new one since the URL structure is different, and then I’d recommend adding your primary keyword to a rank tracker like NightWatch just to track the performance over time. But Don’t stop now, there’s still more important work to do after the asset goes live.

10. Ways to promote the heck out of your SEO content

First, immediately look for internal linking opportunities, so just Go into your existing content and start adding internal links to the new asset on any page that’s relevant, then It’s time to start building topics Authority, and relevance to support your primary asset.

So start by creating dedicated review pages for each product and make sure you internally link back to the mother asset.

Next, go to your keyword database, and start by creating content that has search demand Within a few seconds, I found 15 unique ideas that will require dedicated pages Then go through the people and ask for ideas as well Within a few seconds I found 32 ideas that do not compete with any other keyword we’re going. You must do the same as this.

This is very important because you want to avoid keyword cannibalization, which is when more than one page targets the same keyword with the same intent, for example, What is the best wood-burning tool?

best wood-burning tool

directly compete with our main asset, so it would be best to just include that exact phrase on our existing asset instead of creating an entirely dedicated page.

Just ask yourself, is the intent different, and when in doubt, go to Google and see what it’s serving up. So Just to read, we now have roughly 50 supporting keywords to create content on that will support our main asset. The beauty of this is that they are 100 relevant to our main idea, which is the best wood-burning kits, and I guarantee if you Create 50 supporting assets around your core keyword, it’s nearly impossible to fail.

I know this because 99 of People never go to this level, but this is what it takes to build a topic Authority and get serious long-term SEO results.

You could just focus a hundred percent of your time and effort on creating epic content and building topic Authority the truth is content is the foundation of acquiring backlinks and you will likely get backlinks naturally, just using pure content strategy, but the problem is that it just takes a very long time.

If you’re patient go that route, but if you’re trying to get results faster, I’d recommend using the Dream 100 method Instead, it’s simple to find 100 websites in your industry that you want to get backlinks on, then spend all of your time trying to figure out how to get links on those websites.

So in our example, I would do everything in my power to build a relationship with Burns Savvy and notice that I didn’t say beg for the links said to build a relationship take it slow because one backlink from an industry blog is a hundred times more powerful than a generic website.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations because you were a seriously motivated individual, but I’m going to be straight with you about what you just follow in my SEO system post, If you want access to my entire proprietary system SEO strategy.

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Is It worth learning SEO in 2024?

Yes, It is worth learning SEO in 2024 as well as learning SEO is very important to rank web pages in Google search results to get better revenue and boost sales p.In short, learning SEO in 2024 is crucial for establishing and optimizing a strong online presence, enhancing user experience, staying ahead of the competition, getting organic traffic, and adapting to evolving digital marketing trends.

How long does SEO take to work in 2024?

According to SEO experts and professional bloggers, SEO take to work in 2024. Estimated SEO takes 6-12 months to show organic results and get enough profit from your website, online store and other online businesses.

What are you worth SEO expert websites or blogs to learn SEO in 2024?

Neil Patel, Ahref, SEMrush,, WordStream, Yoast, BrightLocal, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, and Udemy, ” are some worth SEO expert websites or blogs to learn SEO in 2024.

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