Untold Dark Side Of Chatgpt And Artificial Intelligence

Dark Side of ChatGPT And Artificial Intelligence

Discover both the rise and dark side of Chatgpt and artificial intelligence. How advanced AI has become and there are much more advanced versions of that coming out. I think ChatGPT has illustrated to people, that AI is much better and more efficient and intelligent than humans.

Mark my words, AI is far more dangerous than humans if it is used for wrong hands and wrong purposes. Over the past few days, If we select one issue that has gained popularity all around the world, It is Artificial Intelligence and Open AI Chatbot like Chatgpt-3, 3.5 and 4 and now coming in the future new models of Chatgpt medel 5.

The rise and dark side of Chatgpt and artificial intelligence

You must also believe that Artificial Intelligence is bringing such a revolution in the world of technology that In the whole world, It has completely changed times, lives, and emotions. Here I suggest you follow my other post about AI And the top Tech Future for 2030.

Recently, it has been observed in a survey that 69% of college graduates acknowledge that In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will replace and substitute their jobs and employment Or AI will make all graduates totally irrelevant.

Tido.com report said:
“People with graduate degrees are the ones most afraid of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence development. About 68.5% of them fear being replaced by AI, compared to just 55% of other respondents.”

AI Will Take Over Human Jobs

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk also believes that, In the coming years, Job disruption is inevitable. Because robots are going to work better and more efficiently than human beings in every field.

Another recent post to Open AI Chatgpt and Artificial intelligence is from thejakartapost.com

This article was published in thejakartapost.com with the title “ChatGPT creator OpenAI says to open Dublin office” Reported that

Sam Altman CEO OpenAI addressed a large gathering at the Station F in Paris on May 26, 2023. In Paris that his firm’s technology would not destroy the job market as he sought to calm fears about the march of artificial intelligence (AI). Sam Altman announced Thursday that it will open an office in Dublin, its first base inside the European Union to support the Irish government’s national artificial intelligence strategy, while working alongside Dublin’s tech industry, startups and research community.

Sciencetimes.com Said:

“According to Elon Musk, the jobs today will eventually become pointless in the future. The private tech owner delivered the unconventional statement during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that was held in Shanghai. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO did not mean to scare the audience but is probably giving a stern warning about the future of employment and AI.”

The science times reports ReadMorr

And in this tug-of-war with Artificial Intelligence Major tech companies like Microsoft and Google are also participating. And now this tug of war Is getting converted into a full-fledged war.

You must have heard about ChatGPT, On one side Netflix, Flipkart, Spotify, Instagram, and many major companies Took many months and even years to get 1 Million users Onboard. But ChatGPT took only 5 days to reach this milestone.

Microsoft has recently funded OpenAI which is the parent company of ChatGPT with a capital of $10 Billion, Microsoft has also fused ChatGPT into its Search Engine Bing.

Open Ai reports about GPT

As soon as this news came out, Google was amused that ChatGPT caused code red at Google. And its original founders became active again. And why not? Paul Buchheit who is the founder of Google’s Gmail believes that In the coming years, ChatGPT can completely destroy the search business of Google.

He said:
“Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption. AI will eliminate the Search Engine Result Page, which is where they make most of their money.”

That’s why on 8th February, Google made a huge announcement suddenly. Google told the world to bring its own chatbot called “Google Bard”. It’s Bard, not Bird.

  • “The dark side of Chatgpt and Artificial Intelligence (AI language models)
  • Why ChatGPT is Special?
  • Why Is Google Afraid Of Chatgpt?
  • Google’s Failure With Ai Experiences
  • How do Artificial Intelligence tools work?
  • How this tool is a danger to you?
  • ChatGPT-4 dangers”
  • “The negative impacts of Chat GPT”
  • “ChatGPT ethical concerns”
  • “ChatGPT-4 limitations and risks”
  • Problems With Artificial Intelligence
  • Conclusion: What should you do?

Here is another report by sciencealert.com named “Scientists Devised a Way to Tell if ChatGPT Becomes Aware of Itself”
Scientists want to know if large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are aware of themselves and their situation. This could make them dangerous if they trick safety tests and then do harm. The scientists tested if LLMs can answer questions that are not about the text they learned from. They found that LLMs are bad at this, so they are not aware. However, they said LLMs could get better with more data and training, and more tests are needed to make sure they are safe and good.

Answers to all such questions Will be given in this detailed article. Before going into more detail, Let me tell you quickly What are these Chatbots?

What Are The Chatbots?

Look, Chatbots in actuality are language models, That understand our input language and reply in the same language. Chatbots are trained with open data available on the web, Through thousands and lakhs of parameters, After the completion of the training, These Chatbots can give answers to our questions.

For instance, if you look at ChatGPT. It has been trained with 175 Billion Parameters This Chatbot is based on a Transformer Architecture In one way, Functions like the neural network in the human body.

Why is ChatGPT Special?

Why is ChatGPT Special? look these Chatbots aren’t any new thing Chatbots have been active for a long time. Now we can even talk to the Chatbots of various companies on WhatsApp. We can book the tickets for a Metro Train through Chatbots. So, why there is a lot of noise regarding the ChatGPT Chatbot? Why the world is getting mad about ChatGPT? The answer to this question is Generative Capability.

It means after getting trended on the data, On the basis of simple instructions, It creates original content through Artificial Intelligence. Through Artificial Intelligence, it does many creative works

Like writing essays, stories, poems, video scripts, And even codes for any program. A normal Chatbot would simply provide answers for 2-3 questions, Nothing more than that. But this Chatbot creates original content.

Pre-Training System is one of its facets In this system, The language models are fed with words and phrases on a mass. By detecting certain words, This system can predict the next words and phrases.

What is the difference between chat gpt free and premium?

The main difference between chat gpt free and premium is in the free chat gpt model you only Access their GPT-3.5 model which gives you limited features and qualities as the GPT-3.5 model gives you Standard or Normal response speed only with Regular and Standard updates of the new model whereas in premium ChatGPT you have also the ability to Access to most capable and qualified model GPT-4 with Faster and More rapid response speed rate as well as premium chagpt offers features like Plugins and advanced and up to date data analysis.

AI-based image generation

This was about the language models, But AI is not only limited to writing something. There are various other tasks as well. Today, people are even developing Art Pieces. For this, there is another tool from the same company OpenAI Dall-E. If you would write certain text in this tool then A certain image is generated based on that text. And Midjourney is also a similar tool to Dall-E.

Through this, a Twitter user Madhav Kohli has generated pictures of Hindu Gods, Ancient Indian Rulers, and many more figures.

Ai generated image

These pictures became highly popular on social media. And these images are even very cool Today, Thousands of tools are available for developing such artworks like

  • Jasper Art
  • Starry AI
  • Dream By Wombo AI
  • NightCafe AI
  • Deep AI, Bigsleep AI
  • Photosonic
  • Artbreeder AI
  • Picsray etc.

There are endless tools along with Plagiarism Checker and AI Content Detector Tools that you must know about them. There are many image-generation tools available today, Which are generating many beautiful images. If you would draw an ugly sketch, There are tools available today that convert it into beautiful art.

With NVIDIA Canvas, You can make Clouds, rivers, Mountains, Trees, etc with just a brush stroke. Even Google is also researching such tools, Parti and Imagen are the names of its projects.

How are these images generated?

These are two ways to generate images. First Neural Style Transfer or NST and second Generative Adversarial Network or GAN.

  1. Neural Style Transfer or NST: This system understands the style of the input images and creates the output images. This system can not generate a completely new image. It uses an existing picture and makes a new version of it using certain filters.
  2. Generative Adversarial Network or GAN: This system can generate a completely authentic image. This system understands the text input and creates a direct image. To generate images through AI. AI is trained through a Large set of images, paintings, artworks, etc. Due to this, it understands the context of the input given by people, It generates a similar output image.

In one way or the other easily available abilities of AI Are making it popular among ordinary people. Hence big companies like Google and Microsoft Are involved in the battle for supremacy like Wasseypur.

Why Google Is Afraid Of ChatGPT?

The recent report from businessinsider.com by named “Google isn’t just afraid of competition from ChatGPT” examines Google’s worry about ChatGPT’s rise. It suggests that while Google recognizes the potential benefits of ChatGPT, it also fears the possible negative impacts on the broader AI industry. The concerns stem from ChatGPT’s user-friendly and productive nature, which could potentially derail an entire sector of emerging technology. Furthermore, if misused, it could lead to harmful behaviors like cheating and phishing.

According to the research of Kinsta.com, If we look at the global search engine market then Google has a market share of more than 91% as of June 2022. It is the owner himself. And more than 8.5 Billion searches are done on Google every single day. The valuation of Google is more than $1 Trillion. In simple words, It has a very vast business.

Why Google is having a headache due to this completely new ChatGPT?

The reason is backing from Microsoft. According to Forbs, Microsoft has invested $10 Billion in OpenAI which is the parent company of ChatGPT. After this deal, Microsoft would get a 75% share of the profits and a 49% stake in OpenAI.

Forbs research about chat gpt

In the field of ChatGPT, Google has not had such advancement Neither Google is famous in the market for this. While Microsoft has already added ChatGPT to its Search Engine Bing, That’s why the fear of Google is justified. And this is an issue of fear for Google because 71% of its revenue of Google comes from its search business.

And Microsoft is taking steps in this field from the year 2019. Microsoft invested $ 1 Billion in OpenAI in 2019 as well And now Microsoft has again invested $ 10 Billion. That has stolen the rest of Google.

Google’s Failure With AI Experiences

The most interesting thing is that Google started its AI journey in the year 2016. When Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google He said that Google would be an AI-first company. But even after announcing it so early, How Google is lagging behind in this race?

A big reason for this is Bad PR

When any big company does any big task, The officials talk about various things, and due to this, Huge losses are to be faced by any publically listed company. Look, Recently Google announced BARD And BARD gave the wrong answer to some questions. The share price of Google crashed after this Google faced a loss of $100 Billion.

Bossinesstoday.in Said:

“Shares of Google’s parent company lost more than $100 billion in market value on Wednesday after its Bard chatbot ad showed inaccurate information and analysts said its AI search event lacked details on how it will answer Microsoft’s ChatGPT challenge.”

“Another possible article is this one from The Guardian “Google AI chatbot Bard sends shares plummeting after it gives wrong answer”. It reports that Google’s AI chatbot Bard gave a wrong answer in a promotional video, as investors wiped more than $100bn off the value of the search engine’s parent company, Alphabet.

The article also mentions that Google is facing competition from Microsoft, which is deploying a ChatGPT-powered version of its Bing search engine. The article cites experts who pointed out the error in Bard’s response and quotes a Google spokesperson who said the error highlighted the importance of a rigorous testing process.”

That’s why any big public company like Google, Before making any big step public in this field of AI thinks 10 times. And Open AI is a very small company It has received funding from Microsoft And launched its tool in the market. And now they are also getting a first-mover advantage.

If we look at the history of Google then, Five years ago Google launched Duplex. This was also an AI-based Voice Bot That was used to make calls to restaurants. It can book restaurant tables for you And it used to mimic the human voice completely.

In fact, it used to take pauses during the conversation, So that the Restauranteur does not get to know the difference. But when this tool was launched Many ethical questions were raised against it.

The New York Times called it a very Creepy and horrifying tool Because the chatbot was trying to fool the humans. It is talking like a human This can be dangerous. As Forbes said, In the year 2018, Google worked with the Pentagon And helped them to make the targets of drones more precise, And it backfired again. After this Google had to cancel its contract And had to write a complete document titled AI principles.

This time there were talks about The Facial Recognition Software not detecting darker tones properly. And Google thought to improve this. Google hired some contractors And asked them to gather data on people with a darker tone. So that their Pixel smartphone works properly.

The contractors reached out to some homeless people in the US with a $ 5 Gift Card to get their facial data. These people used to provide their facial data easily due to the gift card. And mostly these people had darker skin tones.

When this news came into the market A lot of criticism was faced by Google. The Verge said that in the year 2020, During this time, The engineers working on AI And the leaders of the Ethical AI unit at Google, Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, All these people Left Google.

Engineers were fired because They said that The AI of Google had become Sentient. It is thinking like humans. It can be dangerous. The team working on Ethical AI said in writing that The AI of Google is very biased.

The verge research about Google

GPU vs TPU Debate

After all these backslashes Google lacked pace in this race for AI, But it has pushed everyone back in one prospect. And that is processor war. That is also going to be extremely useful in this AI domination.

Google has developed its Tensor Processing Unit or TPU Which is specifically developed for AI processing Matrix Multiplication, Intensive Tasks, etc. which are usually used in AI. GPU is used for these tasks.

The same GPU is used to play games or video editing, But the TPU developed by Google Is specifically built for AI-related tasks. That’s why it is very efficient. And in this battle, AI, GPU, and TPU are going to come against each other. And Google has a clear advantage in this battle.

Problems With Artificial Intelligence

In this whole world of AI, There are many serious problems as well.

As people say, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities.”

And in this field of AI, There could be some serious consequences for not adhering to the responsibilities.

  • The main problem is related to biasness. Ultimately these AI tools are trained with a data set And the companies that are running AI can also implement their own rules, and censor them. Due to this, the results may be highly biased. If your data set is biased or limited then Your responses too would be biased.

If we look at the real-world example then Look at the replies given by ChatGPT. It gives highly biased responses related to religion and politics. It can write a poem complimenting Joe Biden But it would deny doing the same for Donald Trump.

 replies given by ChatGPT

And various examples of such biasness are frequently shared by people on social media.

  • 2. The second problem is related to creativity. The image generation tools are generated due to their training on a certain data set The Human Brain also works similarly. We look at 3 to 4 things, Get inspired, And call our new work original and genuine.

AI is also working similarly But there are complications with AI. AI is getting trained on the data set of an artist to make the same artist irrelevant.

According to Techcruch.com

“Two companies behind popular AI art tools, Midjourney and Stability AI, are in the crosshairs of a legal case that alleges they infringed on the rights of millions of artists by training their tools on web-scraped images.”

And that’s why Ethical and Legal questions are raised against this. People are doing court cases, Stating without giving any credit, How can you train your AI model through copyrighted data?

  • The third problem is related to Deepfakes.

Look at these videos (Video)

These things are never said by Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, and Barrack Obama. These clips are made using AI. Through Deepfakes, any voice can be given to anybody with someone else’s body or face. And Lip Syncing can also be done. You can make anyone say anything in a video.

Incidents of scams are increasing due to this. Joe Rogan and Andrew Huberman Are two big podcasters in the US. And once someone has made these two to promote a scammy product through AI.

Joe Rogan and Andrew Huberman deepfakes

And these things were never said by these two. All this was Deepfake. Deepfake also has another problem that is related to pornography. Deeptrace said that after studying 15,000 deep fake videos 96% of them were pornographic.

Think at least once, Anyone can put criminal charges on you by deepfaking any CCTV footage. World Leaders can be made to utter statements That can begin a war between different countries. Blackmailing can be done by making fake Deepfakes. Great personalities are present to think about these issues But the simple question is,

Conclusion: What should you do?

There could be numerous problems with AI, But the fact of the matter is, that AI is taking over the world. I read a very interesting story somewhere There would be three types of people in the field of AI Deniers, Developers, and Deployer.

Denier would neglect the AI And eventually, AI would make them irrelevant. Developers would create AI And these people will earn huge profits. The third one is Deployers Who will learn about how to use AI. They will make their work and life easy.

Don’t become a Denier. Try to become a Developer But it is not possible for everyone. But you can definitely become a Deployer. AI would gradually automate all the basic tasks. Like basic copyrighting, basic coding, and basic art creation So, learn how to use it for all such tasks And make your life easy.

Try to become a specialist in your field Because basic tasks in every field are possible through AI But if you become a specialist in your field then Replacing you through AI would be very difficult. Stay updated with the tools of AI Like DScript is a tool that makes video editing very simple.

Just like text editing Similar to Dall.E. There is a voice creation tool from Microsoft Vall-E Any sound can be generated through this tool. NVIDIA’s tool Maxine will make your eyes look at the camera in spite of looking anywhere.

Ai tool to use

Developments are taking place so fast in the field of AI And every day two new tools are launched. Follow some beneficial accounts on Twitter Stay updated with the latest trends And gain experience with a new tool by becoming its first user.

This will make you cool in front of your friends And you will also be saved from becoming an irrelevant professional. So, I hope you would have learned many things from this article. Share this article with your friends. Comment down your thoughts about AI.


What Is the reason behind Chatgpt trends and specialty?

ChatGPT is very trendy and special nowadays in the AI market because it is one of the most cutting-edge AI chatbots in the AI world as per trends and reports to ChatGPT. The advanced and new model of Chatgpt can generate human-like text for a large number of objectives, purposes and intents, such as responding to user queries, writing stories and narratives, composing and managing emails, designing unique code, and much more other activities. Open AI ChatGPT is powered by a large language model called GPT-4, which was trained on a massive and tremendous portion of text data from the entire internet. ChatGPT can learn from its interactions with users and improve its responses over time. ChatGPT can also understand the context and tone of a conversation, and even use humor and creativity when appropriate.

What are OpenAI ChatGPT Some Unique Uses and Drawbacks?

OpenAI ChatGPT is an AI language model, that has delivered unique capacities to its users to write stories and narratives, compose and manage emails, and design unique code, but also OpenAI ChatGPT has significant limitations and drawbacks as well including Its lacks familiar sense and emotive brains. OpenAI ChatGPT struggles with understanding context as well as facing problems providing long-form structured pieces of content. OpenAI ChatGPT has unique uses as it’s been used for different purposes and objectives, including language and wording translation, writing song lyrics, responding to user research queries as well as have the ability to generate unique programming codes.

Should I Make use of Chatgpt and Artificial intelligence to write website content?

Yes, you can Make use of Chatgpt and Artificial intelligence to write website content and make it unique and less time-consuming but you must note that you need to give a human touch to Chatgpt written content.

What differences between AGI and ChatGPT and How close chat GPT is to AGI?

AGI and ChatGPT are very close to each other and deliver articles writing and runes. But the concept is that AGI may be a more mortal type in the logic and sense that it can figure and understand meaning and intent. Another difference is that ChatGPT’s brains are specified and limited to the data or information it was trained on. ChatGPT has no ability to come up with a brand new concept that’s outside of the actual and authentic data that is given to it. On the other hand, AGI is suitable for learning brand-new concepts and acclimatizing them to break issues in a creative and unique way because ChatGPT couldn’t do but it’s a commodity human could do. AGI would be expected to learn new tasks and disciplines smartly with the lowest data and training. This rigidity is an essential element of AGI that has yet to be realized in GPT- 4. AGI would be eligible to execute any academic task that a human can do, across numerous disciplines and areas of understanding. GPT-4’s limited priority on clear tasks determines its association.

What are the main differences between the chatgpt free and premium models?

The main differences between the chatgpt free and premium models include the free version of Chatgpt that has limited features with the GPT-3.5 model while premium ChatGPT offers you the ability to Access to most capable and qualified model. Free chatgpt gives you Normal response speed only with Regular and Standard updates whereas in premium ChatGPT you can Access of most capable and qualified model GPT-4 with a faster and quicker response speed rate with Chagpt plugins.

Why can’t I open chatgpt?

The main reason behind you can’t open chatgpt may be the issue of usage of VPNs, ChatGPT’s server status, or chatgpt server going down as well as you may have a slow Internet or wifi connection. To solve these issues you must Clear your cookies and your browser cache, disconnect VPNs and check your internet connection.

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