ChatGPT’s Top 5 Coding And IT Skill Enhancing Plugins

ChatGPT's Top 5 Coding And IT Skill Enhancing Plugins

Do you know ChatGPT also offers plugins for coders to code better and increase their productivity? Here you will be walked through some of ChatGPT’s Top 5 Coding And IT Skill Enhancing Plugins mentioned below.

I just saw with my own eyes a real-life programmer still using Technologies from 2021. These programmers are hardly seen nowadays. They’re so rare to find stuck back in the past of the Technologies.

Programmer: He Said, I’m too cool I will never ever let AI help me with programming I will be stuck in the past forever. Bad Jock All right you do not want to be a techie that is stuck in the past like that person was and because of that today we are going to talk about the top five chatGPT plugins for coding and enhancing your IT skills. You Shouldn’t Skip These ChatGPT Plugins & Courses to Level Up Your IT Skills and become an up-to-date coder as well as a programmer.

You need to know that ChatGPT recently announced that plugins are now available to anyone with a subscription plus membership. Of course, I got sucked into paying for the subscription Plus Membership. I’m going to take you through the top five plugins that will help you code better and be more productive all at your fingertips and you can make your IT skills shine with these ChatGPT plugins & courses.

As a quick side note, one thing that has come up is various companies not allowing certain AI tools to be used at work.

Arjun Kharpal the Senior Technology Reporter of CNBC said:

“Samsung told employees to take precautions when using ChatGPT and other products outside of work and advised workers not to enter any personal or company related information into the services.”

These tools that I’m listing or these plugins that I am listing are a great way to learn how to code whether you are starting out your coding Journey or maybe you are further along, you’re learning a new language, building a project or business, or also maybe you’re not a coder and you want to just focus on the productivity aspect understanding what some technical tools are doing.

These are for you as well companies may be banning or having limits around the usage of AI tools right now but what I know will happen or what I see will happen in the near future is they will come out with their own version of tools for this AI or for these AI tools that these employees can use.

It will not be that employees are not allowed to use AI tools in the near future. It’s very impractical that way and in turn, what will happen is AI will merge very closely with different roles and work alongside them.

Make Your IT Skills Shine with These ChatGPT’s Top 5 Coding And IT Skill Enhancing Plugins

If you’re looking to improve your IT skillfulness and make yourself stand out in the job market to level up your coding and IT skills, You must look no further than ChatGPT’s top 5 coding and IT skill enhancing plugins that we are mentioning here. These plugins are designed and developed to assist you in learning new skills and simplify and automate your workflow and task management as well as making you a more productive and effective IT professional individual. You shouldn’t skip these ChatGPT Plugins and courses to level up your IT skills.

Bonus Tips For Coders: Is It Worth Learning Coding Or Tech Skills Anymore Ai With AI?

1. Code Interpreter

Code Interpreter Chatgpt Plugin
Code Interpreter Chatgpt Plugin

The first plug-in that I would do a disservice to this post. if I didn’t list and go through it now that I have access to it is a code interpreter. I recently did a Blog Post covering code interpreters. I wanted to share with you what some other people are building with it.

This is probably for me the biggest plug-in that’s going to change a lot of things. This is going to significantly help data analysts and data scientists. It’s going to help developers so essentially this plugin has the power to help you write Python code not help it will write Python code for you.

So what’s the difference between this and chat Gpt. When you prompt the chatbot I write a Python script for me, it will spit it out for you. Right but what the code interpreter will do, is it will allow chat GPT to write and run the code.

code interpreter
code interpreter

So it’s a huge difference you’ve seen a lot or I’ve seen a lot of use cases where someone inputs an Excel sheet and then it outputs a form of data visualization for that.

code interpreter outputs a form of data visualization
code interpreter outputs a form of data visualization

All right code interpreter is being it’s acting up a little bit for me here so instead I’m going to share with you on-screen here some more examples of things that people have used with code interpreter.

Code interpreter examples of things ReadMorr
Code interpreter examples of things

It’s crazy like look at these things and it’s one of those things that it’s really good with visualizing data but also helping you write better code. This next one might be. I’m not going to say that again I feel like for every tool every plugin I keep on saying this is the best one but it’s because they all are so helpful. I really took time to research and find the best one for you which is Kraftful.

2. Kraftful

Kraftful The chatgpt Plugin
Kraftful The chatgpt Plugin

What exactly is Kraftful? well, it solves a problem when you’re going ahead to start building a product. Maybe you have an app idea or a business idea. It can be very overwhelming. You’re like where do I start with this what steps do I know to take?

Kraftful will essentially walk you through each step. It refers to itself as the product development coach and it pretty much is. You can use it to ask questions about building a product Source the industry’s best practices and have it provide feedback on the products you’re working on.

Kraftful chatgpt Plugin for coding
Kraftful chatgpt Plugin for coding

So especially if you are a freelance developer or want to get into freelance development. This tool I think would be so helpful for you when you get stuck or you’re not certain about the next steps as you’re starting out your freelancing career, you can rely on this to help guide you. All right so what I did here with Kraftful is. I literally just put in share with me the best way to improve retention of keeping users on a website.

So this is pretty generic but depending on the product you are building. You can get specific and it will literally share with you sources and outline these steps needed to keep users on a website.

This is super handy too as a value add-on when you are freelancing. Think of all the things you can tell your client hey by the way I really took these extra steps to ensure that users stay on your website.

3. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect for ChatGPT-4
Prompt Perfect for ChatGPT-4

The next one is called prompt perfect. This is essentially what it says it does. You can tell it what kind of prompt you are looking to give. Maybe you’re not a prompt expert, I mean there are already so many job listings for prompt Engineers. This is a real skill set that people are developing and it isn’t something that people naturally have just as.

When you learn learning how to code. You have to learn how to Google. They say now you’re learning how to prompt so with this prompt plugin you essentially can write something as simple as say summarizing what the Python script X Y Z should be able to do right.

Prompt Perfect ChatGPT-4 Plugin for Coding
Prompt Perfect ChatGPT-4 Plugin for Coding

When you use prompt perfect it will rewrite your prompt to be longer and more detailed. So you can get a very specific answer from AI. This I put off for so long I thought this was kind of cool but is it really that helpful? When I started playing around with it, especially in the technical space whether you are a technical person or even if you are not.

You just want to understand some technical Concepts. By the way nowadays who doesn’t with tech literally taking over every industry or immersing itself in every industry? It’s a really great way to be able to learn very fast because you are learning the way that works best for you by having things explained in that way.

4. Show me

Show me plugin ReadMorr
Show me ChatGPT Plugin

Next on the list is called Show Me. It does exactly that it creates diagrams for you in a simple visual way. This is perfect if you are looking to learn something that’s very complex and technical more Theory based as well.

It will actually spit out a diagram of what you are looking for. I’ve actually seen examples of people using this when they are using mermaid.js inputting some of their prompts or code for that and then outputting it in a very nice format.

Show me Is the ChatGPT Plugin For Coding 2 ReadMorr
Show me Is the ChatGPT Plugin For Coding

Obviously, mermaid.js can visualize data as well but this just reformats everything I think the main thing it can do here is really show you in a visual way what you are learning in graph format. This is something if you start talking about system design it’s very interesting or how systems are built it gets pretty fascinating.

let me show you all right for show me what I did was. I go create a diagram for me of Netflix system design but you can think you can do this really with anything. I just wanted to see what it would produce. And it was super accurate you can see here

Show me for chatgpt coding
Show me for chatgpt coding

user request load balancer Etc. Then I also really like about this is that it explains a bit about the process as well down below. You can also edit the diagram which is really cool too. You can think of how much this could come in handy when you are writing documentation or when you are just trying to learn something new and visualize it.

5. Ambition

Ambition for chatgpt

The fifth one the last one I want to talk to you about is called ambition. This is for all my job Seekers out there or people who are interested in seeing what other maybe you’re not fully job hunting but you’re curious about it. It is called Ambition,

It lets you really customize the job search you can get really specific results. Nowadays I find there are so many different job postings and job communities online that can get very overwhelming. As to what is good quality what is junk?

This will actually combine all of these job postings into one place curated. It’s very specific to you so it’s much more efficient and you can apply for jobs at a much quicker rate quality jobs.

All right this is using the plug-in ambition, so you can see here I said find for me software engineering jobs that have one year of experience required, tell me where you are looking for these jobs and you can see here the plugin is enabled. I’m going to say I’m looking for these jobs in let’s say Toronto. Now you can see it’s using ambition to provide us with these results, it’s pretty cool.

Ambition for chatgpt coding
Ambition for chatgpt coding

All right it’s great with all these tools but at the end of the day if you don’t have the right skill set or not building or learning with the right skill set to utilize these tools or build with these tools what good is it?

It’s like giving someone what is that old saying giving someone a hammer and nail who doesn’t know how to construct that’s not the same no it’s not all right to take away from a bad joke.

Courses That Level Up Your Coding And IT Skills

Let’s go through some courses that I’ve been having my eye on some that have actually taken not only building with chat GPT but also utilizing open ai’s API. This is why I’ve seen so many job postings for this skill set intertwined with developer roles or intertwined with product management roles. It’s kind of feeling like it’s all coming together right now and having these courses and these certifications on your resume is so key. Especially nowadays with AI sifting through resumes being able to include these keywords on it Game Changer.

ChatGPT Masterclass – Build Solutions And Apps With ChatGPT

ChatGPT Masterclass - Build Solutions And Apps With ChatGPT
ChatGPT Masterclass – Build Solutions And Apps With ChatGPT

The first course that I want to talk about is called Chat GPT masterclass build Solutions and Apps with Chat GPT. Now what this course will cover is not only will you be able to build full business applications with Openai’s API and chat GPTs AI but also to integrate chat GPT into several business platforms such as Outlook Teams Excel.

So you’re not only learning how to build this technology but also to implement it into other Technologies. Other things that stand out about this course here are some of the key things.

Course content
Course content

I always look for when I’m checking out if I want to commit to taking a course one is the time how long is. This course sometimes long courses if they’re broken up in the right way can be very beneficial for me personally.

I know my learning style I don’t like to spend 50 hours on a course I like to kind of know that I can spend a weekend on it and move forward. This course is six and a half hours, so it’s perfect I mean you can complete it in a weekend three hours Saturday morning three hours Sunday morning and then you have this to put on your resume, which is amazing also.

When I look at the ratings I love that Udemy always is very transparent about the ratings. So not only does it get a 4.5 but it’s out of over 1765+ ratings. That means 17,821+ people came in here and overall it still has a 4.5 which I think is pretty cool.

The Course has over 1765+ ratings

ChatGPT – The Complete Guide To ChatGPT & OpenAI APis

ChatGPT - The Complete Guide To ChatGPT & OpenAI APis
ChatGPT – The Complete Guide To ChatGPT & OpenAI APis

The next one on the list that I really want to go through is the complete guide to chat GPT and open AI’s API. So a similar title to the last one but you do learn different skill sets in this one. What I like about this one is it also focuses on mid-journey which I mean is an incredible AI tool that you see so many amazing projects coming out of.

For this course I like how it’s broken down into different sections so not only are you getting you’re kind of getting the Best of Both Worlds meaning you are getting some development courses in some development sessions in this course but you’re also getting things such as how to build automated AI tools or how to focus on prompt engineering.

The Complete Guide To ChatGPT & OpenAI APi

It kind of covers a wide range of skill sets and things you can do with AI. Which I really like because the course isn’t limiting you to here is how you as a developer can build with these tools but also to kind of flex some other skill sets.

As developers and techies whatever role you are in. you need to be open to continuing to evolve and being aware of other roles and other tools out there to use which this course dives into is a great way to really get that experience.

Make Python Programs With ChatGPT With Zero Coding Skills

Make Python Programs With ChatGPT With Zero Coding Skills
Make Python Programs With ChatGPT With Zero Coding Skills

The next one is one that I am actually in the midst of taking because if you know me, you know I have been obsessed with Python as a recent meeting like the last while really actually it’s not really recent and being able to use Python skills Python Programming with chat GPT honestly a game changer.

When ChatGPT came out I started using Python with ChatGPT to build faster and more efficiently. My creativity just blew up. I got so excited I felt like okay what business opportunity do I see, what app do I want to create?

There are so many things now because when you are developing and you are one person whether you’re freelancing or building some projects on the side outside of your day job.

I think one of the biggest frustrations why so many of us always stop working on side projects is because it takes so long or you get stuck on a bug that you just cannot crack for so long that you’re just like it’s not worth it.

I really found that using these tools really helps resolve that. This course here I’ve been really enjoying this so far. Being able to really merge the Python skills and knowledge with chatgpt. Also, it’s three hours long, I think I’m an hour and a half in I’ve kind of just been puttering around with it. But I highly recommend this course as well.

ChatGPT & MidJourney: 23 Ways Of Earning Money With AI

ChatGPT & MidJourney: 23 Ways Of Earning Money With AI
ChatGPT & MidJourney: 23 Ways Of Earning Money With AI

All right the last one I want to talk about is for everyone in any role but but anyone who just wants to have a side hustle or make some extra income, which I think is all of us at this point. It’s called chat-gpt and MidJourney. It’s 23 ways of earning money with AI.

I was kind of skeptical about this course at first I said is it really going to be there are really going to be any differentiators that I don’t know about or that the public doesn’t know about but they give some really valuable tips throughout it.

It is at a 4.7. It’s one of the highest-rated chat GPT courses on Udemy. It has almost 3,618+ students thus far. It’s a newly released course. It was just updated a few days ago, actually which I really love as well they’re staying on top of AI That’s moving so quickly.

ChatGPT & MidJourney: 23 Ways Of Earning Money With AI By Udemy
ChatGPT & MidJourney: 23 Ways Of Earning Money With AI By Udemy

It really goes through different ways that you can use chat GPT to make money. Things that you wouldn’t have thought about from copywriting, email marketing, video scripts, sale funnels, and website content.

I think this again is just another way to really if even if you are more on the technical side, integrate some of these skill sets with that while you are building to be able to generate income from what you are working on.

Final Thought:

All right we have gone through a lot I hope you found this post very valuable and helpful. You won’t want to Skip these ChatGPT Plugins and courses to become an IT expert and make your IT skills Shine with these ChatGPT Plugins & Courses.

In conclusion, ChatGPT’s Top 5 Coding and IT Skill Enhancing Plugins are valuable tools for anyone who is looking to boost their skills in the AI world of coding and IT. These ChatGPT plugins for Coding come with a wide variety of features and functionalities that users can use to improve and maximize their coding performance and boost productivity very quickly.

One of the top plugins on the list is Code Runner the highest-rated Chatgpt plugin, which offers support for over 20 programming languages and makes it possible to run code snippets straight within the text editor. Other wonderful plugins are Link Reader and Wolfram Alpha., which provide users with enhanced Git features and functionality.

The Zapier Chat GPT plugin is also a worthwhile and useful tool for developers, coders, and creators. The Live Server Chat GPT plugin helps you to preview your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript changes and modifications in real-time within the browser. Besides this, the Polacode plugin makes it easy for you to create good-looking and gorgeous code screenshots through user-configurable settings.

Across the board, these five plugins and courses for coders are highly recommended for developers, creators, and designers who are examining how to improve and upgrade their coding and IT skills to the next level and advanced level.

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What are the best ChatGPT plugins for new coding?

Code Interpreter, Prompt Perfect, Wolfram and Show Me are the most famous & best ChatGPT plugins for new coding and programmers to use for better productivity and write excellent prompts for the AI chatbot.

What Essential ChatGPT coding Plugins that every coder use?

Ambition, Zapier, OpenTable, Ask Your Code Image Editor and Serpstat SEO Tool are expert-suggested Essential and Introductory ChatGPT coding Plugins that every coder makes use of to improve productivity and learn to code better.

How can Chatgpt plugins improve coding and IT skills?

Chatgpt plugins have a lot of features that help you write more pristine code, discover and fix bugs in your project structure, manage your code arrangements for better understanding as well and remain you revised with the most delinquent coding measures and techniques.

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