ChatGPT And AI Tools For Learning Technical Things Fast

ChatGPT And AI Tools For Learning Technical Things Fast

Introduction: ChatGPT And AI Tools

Do you want to take ChatGPT And AI Tools For Learning Technical Things Fast? How You Can Learn Technical Things FAST and Increase Your Productivity with AI Tools And ChatGPT. As Chatgpt extends fast, new AI tools come daily with new amazing features and functionality, people are curious to learn about How can use Chatgpt And AI tools for learning technical things or technology very quickly.

So in this particular blog post, I will give you an Intro to the power of AI in Learning, an explanation for Identifying the WHY you are learning technical things, Using AI to review and test your knowledge and How to use ChatGPT to test you on technical topics.

We’ve done posts in the past on how to study technical things and the reality is when you are learning a new technical skill regardless of where you’re at in your career. Whether you’re a developer, product manager anyone really depends on how technical you want to get.

There’s a different way or different method to learning technical things at a much quicker rate and being more successful at it. I’m sure you’ve all seen these people who can pick up things quickly and they just get it and you’re like what do they have, what is their secret?

Today I’m going to share with you not only how to learn technical things quicker but of course for this version of the post we are going to be doing it with the help of AI. I really wanted to do another one of these posts on how to learn Tech at a very quick Pace, very efficiently but with the help of AI.

Because AI isn’t going anywhere it’s becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives. I’ve been seeing some really interesting ways that people are using and harnessing AI to learn probably quicker than before and today we’re going to get into just that. So you’re not like that one person who’s stuck in the past.

Identifying the WHY you are learning technical things

Before we even start diving into different AI tools to use and different tactics have you identified your goals why are you learning these new technical skills? focus and narrow in on what your specific goal is.

Maybe it sounds like tipped is as obvious I’m learning so I can upskill, get a better job or grow my career, get more money more freedom whatever the case is or maybe you’re on the path of. I’m really interested in entrepreneurship, I want to build my own app and start my own company. That’s amazing too but really having a focus and narrowing in on what your specific goal is.

It is so important even just writing it out or saying it out loud because you might think you know what it is but when you take a step back and think why am I really learning this, what am I gaining, what is the purpose?

It’s so essential to do because too often we just kind of almost go with the rat race. We think it is so important to learn the latest and greatest because everyone else around us is learning this. We see this a lot with you know the web3 hype and then now the AI hype it’s and there will be another one too.

The reality is you really need to take a step back and answer the why before you move forward on anything else why are you learning this technology? You know once you are done figuring out your why as to why specifically you are learning whatever technology is the case that you are learning.

What resource to use to learn technical Things

The Next Step before even figuring out what resource to use to earn technical Things and what study resources will help you is to come up with a plan and be realistic too.

Oftentimes we kind of almost glamorize what this study pattern will look like, and how frequently we can study. We think I’m going to, I’m so motivated. I’m thinking about this that there will be no problem with me keeping this motivation. The reality is if you are working you have a family, you have friends like social life, and all these other responsibilities piling up.

It will be the motivation will disappear and you’re going to have to look somewhere else. Find that discipline in you in order to keep on studying. There are some really interesting tools. Now with AI that I will share with you that will really help you as far as coming up with a plan or a schedule with your calendar, for finding the perfect times to study.

And for me what I do is whatever I think is going to be realistic. Say I think to myself all right Sam I can study an hour a day to learn about say AI That’s something I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about. I’m very interested in it. Even though when I’m saying that to myself, I’ll be like oh yeah I can definitely spend an hour a day.

I’ll actually cut that in half because what ends up happening is when you’re making that commitment, you’re so much more motivated than when you actually are following through with it.

If it’s possible in your situation I would honestly cut it in half and anything extra that you do on top of what you’ve committed to that’s great but at least you’re hitting your goals and getting that sense of accomplishment on a daily or weekly basis.

Trevor AI tool

AI Trevor AI tool: ChatGPT And AI Tools For Learning Technical Things Fast

This AI Trevor AI tool really is pretty cool with time blocking. If you’ve seen some of my past blog posts you know I really like time-blocking. I speak about it a lot actually and when I discovered this AI it’s called Trevor AI. You can literally put blocks into your calendar and as someone who’s a visual person, this is super helpful.

You can see here on screen it’s good for task planning, so you can literally come up with different tasks throughout the day, different goals for your learnings and then you can put them in throughout your calendar. This is super handy too when you think about the good life, it changes all the time every day.

AI Trevor AI good for task planning

What I think I’m gonna do I end up doing different things typically more things unfortunately and things get moved around.
It’s called Trevor AI I would highly suggest you check it out, it’s really cool, and you also to that satisfaction when you check off that you’ve done something.

Using AI to review and test your knowledge.

Another area that AI has made significantly easier when you are studying is being able to step back and review your knowledge. This could be through quizzes, flashcards, or through whoever challenges you to really reinforce your learnings. It’s one thing to take time out of your day and go through the studying process and really understand it.

But it’s completely another skill set to be able to sit yourself down, take time out of your day, and test yourself. Test yourself on your knowledge. For me, this is one of the best ways to really reinforce where I am at in my learning. Where there are holes although sometimes it can be frustrating. You spend all of this time learning these new skills or learning these new technologies.

You aren’t really where you want to be. Even though testing yourself, is another form of studying altogether.

Scholarcy: The AI-powered article summarizer

Here are some tools that will really help you with testing your knowledge. All right this is probably one of my new favorite tools it’s called Scholarcy. What it does is summarize key articles for you. Scholarcy AI tool as you can see on the screen here is an example that they give on the website.

How the weather affects the pain of Citizen scientists using a smartphone app. So then as you can see here you input the URL or you can upload a document. This is great for students as well and then what it will do is you can export the summary flashcards, save it to the library and it will share with you different key Concepts, abstracts, summaries, and highlights.

Scholarcy: The AI-powered article summarizer

They can save you hundreds of hours so it’s an online article summarizing tools. It reads your research whether it be reports or websites and then breaks them down into bite-sized information. This is really interesting the flashcards usually work right now they’re not working for me but you can also export them as flashcards which is a great way to continue to study.

Scholarcy: AI-powered article summarizer

Wolfram Alpha

I actually discovered this, it’s called Wolfram Alpha in chatgpt. It’s one of the Chatgpt plugins that.

Wolfram Alpha best ai tool for learning technical thing

What’s really interesting though so you can actually ask it or get it to explain to you things from mathematics Science and Technology, Society everyday life and it really breaks it down for you in a logical way that’s easy to understand.

Let’s go by let’s say you’re studying computer science and you can see here you can get very specific.


It’s very technical or very math-oriented. I would say this is really good for anyone who is more on that side or really finds that interesting. You can do for example touring machines, fractals, and image processing hashing. Let’s do something like personal health and once again it’s all around math and equations, so it’s very logical in this way. Let’s do how much iron is in one cup of orange juice. You can see here it will output it for you and it’s very specific and very data-driven.

How much iron in 1 cup fresh orange juice

This is really interesting if you are someone who’s studying one of these topics especially I think in Mathematics and Technology.
Find more of the math side of things and the logistical side of things very interesting.

ChatGPT 4: How to use ChatGPT to test you on technical topics

The other thing I would do when you are looking to quiz yourself and continue to see where your knowledge lies is. Honestly, if you have chat GPT I know it’s so talking to it all the time but honestly, there are so many use cases. Chat gpt4 in particular if you go to it, you can browse with Bing which is super powerful in my opinion.

Then you can prompt it to quiz you on whatever topic you are learning For example, ask me “Quiz me on 10 let’s say senior Python questions people ask in interviews.”

This might not be perfect I feel like this prompt could be improved quite a bit but if you get the idea then it will output after some time some questions that are typically asked.

It’s important to know because they might not directly ask you these specific questions but they’re going to ask they’re going to be speaking to you about a lot of these topics and you need to know what you’re speaking about.

It’s also a great way to really enhance your confidence before going into an interview by understanding, where your knowledge stands and maybe you are a little nervous. But then you do some of these quizzes on here.

ChatGpt 4 tool image

Even if it’s a false confidence boost meaning that they don’t ask you anything that you quiz yourself on. It will give you that extra kind of is that what it is to to help you stand out. Chat GPT gpt4 prompted to ask you some questions you can’t go wrong.

Those are some of Your Roadmap for Success using AI to learn technical topics and interesting ways that you can really utilize AI for self-studying technical things.

It is such an art form in itself being able to really Master learning technical things at a quick Pace. But it will help you substantially in your career, in your business whatever the case may be, if you are able to really harness these tools and utilize them to your full effect that you are learning better and faster with them.

I know some people are kind of hesitant about I don’t know if I want to incorporate AI tools into my day-to-day life or in my study patterns. Is it really going to help me learn or is it doing the learning for me?

If you are using some of the tools that I’ve listed throughout this post you are totally fine meaning, you are the one in charge, you are the one in control of learning still. These tools are here to assist you and help really with learn faster and more efficiently. Alright, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and really explored some of my favorite AI tools for learning at a quicker and faster rate.

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Is It possible for everyone to access ChatGPT for free?

Yes, the ChatGPT 3.5 model is accessible to anyone for free with an internet data connection and a device that has the ability to access the internet.

What kinds of technical topics I can learn by using ChatGPT for free?

ChatGPT free model 3.5 has unique features and functionality that can help you with a large number of technical topics to learn and get basic information, including programming languages, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, and IoT.

How correct are the replies delivered by ChatGPT free model 3.5?

ChatGPT Is an AI-powered chatbot that uses advanced AI algorithms and (NLP) Natural Processing language to provide accurate, correct and relevant answers to your queries but you must note that ChatGPT is not perfect and 100% accurate it may sometimes deliver incorrect or incomplete information and data on provided prompt.

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