Best Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs From Home 2024

Best Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs From Home 2024

A Freelance digital marketing career is the most profitable area that proposes a large number of opportunities for online freelancers who want to work from home. According to the report from Indeed article Digital marketer’s average salary in the United Kingdom ranges from £120 to £150 per hour, £1,984 to £2,100 per month and £28,021 to £30,000 per year. Whether you are experienced in social media management and marketing, doing SEO of Business, Agencies and Brands, content writing, website designing and customization, or email marketing and promotions, there is a huge potential and demand for your Digital Marketing assistance online.

But there are so many questions how do you discover the best freelance digital marketing jobs from home? What are the best freelancing platforms to give Digital Marketing services online from home? How do you stand out from the crowd and land your intent projects? In this post, I am going to walk you through some guidance and resources to help you succeed as a freelance digital marketer.

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What is meant by Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs From Home?

Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs From Home means A person or individual is using a freelancer marketplace to sell his/her online services of Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising like Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Podcast Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing and much more to small businesses, corporations, agencies, and firms to increase productivity, sales and performance as well as building brand.

Top Hireable Freelance Digital Marketers In October 2023

The freelancing industry is growing day by day around the world, especially in the UK, USA and other developed countries. According to experts and specialists’ estimations, there were 1.56 billion freelancers worldwide in 2021 who are serving their service worldwide to every person who needs it. Hiring the right Freelance Digital Marketers is very important for businesses, companies and agencies to boost productivity, generate leads, sales and performance as well as build the brand name at the right time and place. This post will also provide you best Hireable Freelance Digital Marketers In October 2023. is one of the most trusted freelancing platforms for freelancers as well as Individuals who want to hire the world’s best freelancers to manage their business projects, deals and contracts online with top quality. also Access international skills on the freelancer website which is owned by over 1 million businesses and firms throughout the world.

Tom McCarron: Google Ads Partner / PPC / AdWords / Google Shopping / Remarketing

Tom McCarron is a London-founded performance marketing expert specializing in Google Ads and Pay Per Click advertising expert who is good at driving highly and most relevant appropriate and targeted organic traffic to assist world customers in acquiring the best potential return on their marketing investment. He has also 10 years of industry experience in planning, structuring, and organizing creative and high-quality campaigns that have the potential to fetch results across Google Ads – Paid Search, Display and Social Facebook Ads, Shopping Ads, TikTok, Instagram Ads and Snap. He is dedicated to reviewing your Google Ads Account – Performance Boosting Report in just one day at $35 with a money-back guarantee.

“Excellent work, Tom completed a thorough audit for us and showed us where our current agency was underperforming”

Green Designer: 18+ years Experience as an SEO Expert, 5000+ Reviews, #1in SEO & Marketing on PPH in UK & USA.

Green Designer another Search Engine optimization and marketing expert who holds 18+ years of Experience, 5000+ positive Reviews, 1 in SEO & Marketing on PeoplePerHour in the UK & USA. He started as a junior web designer which is why now has over 18 years of online experience and has performed as an SEO and online marketing consultant for 10+ years.Due to his curiosity to discover unique things and natural enthusiasm for all something technical have delivered him with an extensive scope of skills which is why he specializes in reasonable SEO services – expert keyword research and strategy, on-page technical expert, and Google Safe authority link-building. He is offering 100% Manual Website SEO Audit – Expert Technical at $185 in just 5 days with Money Protection Guarantee.

Monty H. London, GB
Another successful order with phenomenal support. In SEO, no one wants to tell you their formula for success and that keeps services like this hidden in plain sight. If you are an SEO, this should be one of your foundational linkbuilding partners. Highly recommended.


Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing marketplaces that you must consider for hiring the most trusted Freelance Digital Marketers because Upwork is the most high proof of quality provider well is also Safe and secure and helps protect your data and privacy. Upwork is the most trusted and used freelancing website because it allows you to view individual freelancer profiles as well as overall rates, which makes checking individual freelancers’ qualifications in a better way. Upwork helps you to reach out to any freelancer depending on your choice and need.

Michael N: Award-Winning Content Marketing Director & Branding Strategy

Michael N is a top-rated Plus Upwork highly experienced freelancer and Award-Winning Content Marketing Director and branding Strategy resident of Anchorage, United States. Michael N offers the best services of digital marketing including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, SaaS and technology startups, Marketing Strategy, Pay Per Click Advertising, Copywriting for paid advertising, Content Strategy, Competitor & market research and SEO Backlinking to SaaS and technology startups.

“Michael embodies the highest caliber of Digital Marketing Strategy knowledge and talent. His communication should be rated in the top 1% of Upwork freelancers. Michael’s deliverables are breathtaking and impressive to the point of humbling. Our company is in a much better place that it was prior to meeting and working with Michael and we will work with him continually as long as he will have us. If you have ANY Digital Strategy, Marketing, Sales Driven Solution needs in your business- DO NOT SLEEP ON MICHAEL. Worth EVERY penny and more.”

Yacine H: Paid Search Manager

Yacine H is a top-rated Plus Upword freelancer who is a Paid Search Manager with 14 years of International experience and knowledge in Digital Marketing, including 4 years in Google Ads in the USA, UK, Europe, UAE and Saudi Arabia charging $60.00/hr. He is also Certified in Google Ads (Search, Display, Video), Google Analytics, and Apple Search Ads. Yacine H offer unique services of Digital marketing such as PPC Campaign Setup and management, Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Digital Ad Campaign, Bing Ads, Google Ads, Display Ad, Microsoft Ads, Apple Search Ads, and App Store Optimization.

“Yacine has made a huge difference to our SEA campaigns – consistently improving our results month after month. He offers valuable insights and proactively recommends ways to enhance performance. He is easy to work with, responsive and reliable.”

After UpWork is the most famous and most used freelancing marketplace for online services. The best part of is it is best for Budget because just project-based pricing charging, has the best quality freelancer that works quickly, giving you the ability to Pay when you’re happy and its team offers support 24/7.

On freelancers offer a large number of Digital marketing services such as Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Community Management, E-Commerce Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing Social Media Advertising, Podcast Marketing, Display Advertising, Mobile App Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Book & eBook Marketing.

Osama @dadigitallads: digital marketing manager and social media manager

Osama has been a Fiverr member since Jan 2021 and has a team of Graphic Designers Social Media Managers and WordPress Developers from Pakistan. Osama’s team has specialized in social media management, webpage SEO optimization and content composition for Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Business charging PKR 25,357.

Osama is doing a great job in managing our social media. We are happy with him and we will continue working with him.

Carlos V: Seasoned Digital marketing lead generation strategies

Carlos V (Miami Marketer) Vazquez is a Seasoned Digital marketing lead generation strategist offered by a Pro freelancer. He has High-quality work experience working with businesses and worked with agencies and developed campaigns for companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Universal Studios, and more. Now Carlos V creates campaigns and trains small businesses and firms on how to leverage digital marketing to scale their businesses. He has experience and expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Advice, Website Maintenance, Marketing Strategy, Website Builders & CMS and Website Development.

Carlos stands out as a mastermind in digital marketing, seamlessly blending expertise with outstanding communication. I’m enthusiastic about our future collaborations. is another excellent Expert freelancer website with Over 3 Million People’s choices and comes with a 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate. have currently 800,000 Employers Worldwide, 1 Million+ Paid Invoices, and $250 Million Paid to world Freelancers. Currently, 113,429 Digital Marketing Experts are working on which offers services like Direct Digital Marketing, Amazon Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing Facebook ads google ads, PPC Campaign Setup and management, YouTube Marketing, YouTube Marketing and much more.

Husbi Ahmed: Digital Marketing Plan Creation

Husbi Ahmed is a resident of Islamabad, Pakistan who has experience and knowledge of more than 10 years in Digital Marketing Plan Creation. He has completed many online projects and has All-Time Earnings of $78K. Husbi Ahmed works with well-experienced teams that offer Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Display, and video Advertising, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Website Optimization, and Email Marketing at Freelancer rates.

Matt_Mrowicki · May 26, 2012
My first project with ESOLPK was a pleasure. It was done on-time, accurately and to high standards. Communication was excellent, the team worked together well and the project was completed to full satisfaction. We look forward to working with them again.

Rajan Pandey: Top Web Developer and Sales & Marketing

Rajan Pandey is a Digital Marketer at Starting at $300 and charging $15/hr. He is a resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with Skills and expertise in Digital Ads, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Google ads, business marketing strategies, Online Advertising, Online Branding, PPC, Search social engine advertising, SEO Auditing, SMM, Social Media Marketing.

Suzanna 8 · Feb 06, 2023
Rajan did a great job with creating my website. I wanted a simple e-commerce website as I’m a teacher in the U.K and need it for my students to book online classes for me. Rajan worked diligently to create the website I wanted. Replying quickly and making the necessary adjustments to the website that I needed. He has also provided me with hosting services at a good price. I may use his SEO in the future. All in all, I thought it was good value for money and I’m happy with my website. I’d definitely recommend.

Why is Business Hiring Freelance Digital Marketers?

Digital Freelance Marketers have huge needs and demands for Content writing and Copywriting, Marketing analytics, Creating a comprehensive advertising strategy, Communicating with customers and setting up a plan for each project, Setting up paid ads campaigns, Building the marketing funnel and much more. Due to good experience and expertise businesses hire Freelance Digital Marketers to get marketing strategies, do business promotions and build brand awareness.

As Freelance Digital Marketers work with a number of companies and agencies to do marketing promotions and increase sales and productivity, companies are easily attracted to hire them for many projects. Businesses also hire Freelance Digital Marketers because they are affordable and reasonable and they have the flexibility for Social media advertising, Facebook advertising, Improved conversions and CTAs, improved Search Engine Optimisation, and they are also Stay up-to-date on marketing trends and movements.

Why do Digital Freelance Marketers have huge popularity?

Digital Freelance Marketers have huge popularity and potential in freelance marketplaces due to huge earning potential, working time flexibility, and have ability to decide why you want to work in your own choices. In the USA the demand for Digital Freelance Marketers is boosting continuously with big margins. According to expert reports the annual average salary of a freelance digital marketing specialist is between $24,000 and $128,500 per year. Digital marketing freelancer has the potential to fix their own fees and employment, schedule their own working hour as well and decide on their own place to work from anywhere.

What Does a Professional Freelance Digital Marketer Actually Do?

A Professional freelance digital marketer is an individual who offers digital marketing services and assistance to small businesses, companies, nonprofits, and organizations as an employed freelancer to promote their Digital products, services, and assets, build brand awareness, management of project reports, and increase sales and productivity. Professional Freelance digital marketers also work as an expert in many digital marketing fields such as Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media management, Content writing and Copywriting, Search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing and promotion, Marketing analytics and much a lot.

What roles and responsibilities do Freelance digital marketers have?

Professional Freelance digital marketers are self-employed individuals who have roles and responsibilities in assisting businesses, companies and customers with their online marketing needs and requirements, such as promoting brand awareness using written content, managing websites, performing SEO, and maintaining social media accounts,Conducting keyword research, improve engagement and growth on social media, expanding a company’s social existence and engagement with their target audiences for digital products, Setting up the paid ads, makes high quality a piece of content including a blog, an ebook publication, content for an email newsletter, designing and managing email campaigns, landing pages, and lead-generation form, Collaboration with affiliate marketers and much more.

How to become a successful freelance digital marketer?

With full planning and having knowledge and understanding of market trends and movements you can become a successful freelance digital marketer. Without any skill set, planning and setting up, starting a freelance digital marketer becomes more difficult. You can become a professional in digital marketing by learning all varieties of skills or picking the niche in which you specialize.

To do freelance digital marketing you need a proper understanding of marketing such as how to Manage paid campaigns and create unique emails for promotion and branding and advertising. You also need to create your own personal brand or website for your portfolio as part of your freelance business and attract potential clients. Here are some experts’ suggested tips and guidance to become a successful freelance digital marketer:

1. Discover your niche

Digital marketing is a wide industry to enter making it your primary niche. To become a successful freelance digital marketer need to choose one clear niche or domain for the digital marketing service you want to offer and you want to specialize in.Make sure to narrow down your freelance services to one or two straightforward areas that link with your most powerful skills and expertise. For example, if want to offer content marketing services you need to make it narrow down to copywriting and writing promotional emails to increase sales.

2. Build your Digital marketing skillset

The digital marketing world is growing day by day it is hard to stand out and show yourself unique individual in professional markets. Make guarantee you’re remaining up to date with trends and movements and understand which skills are most in demand and Trending. Make sure before starting your career and selling your services in digital marketing to build your Digital Marketing skillset by learning from YouTube videos, online free and paid courses, or working with any experienced agency or small business.

Take Udemy, or Google Digital Marketing courses to get professional certification and a degree to show your authority, and expertise in the Freelance Digital Marketing field so that you attract business to hire you instantly. Having Industry and hands-on experience are the most important factors in getting more clients and success as well as professional experience certification from authority and website agencies builds trust in online clients hence you get more money-making projects and boost your digital marketing skills.

3. Create an outstanding portfolio and an online presence

Possible online customers and clients always check you out and make decisions around you and your social media accounts before they connect with you or hire you as an online Freelance Digital Marketer for their business projects.To prove yourself as a digital media/marketing expert and attract more professional clients, you need to Start a video resume and online portfolio as well as build an online presence to build clients’ trust and stand up in a competitive market. You also understand how to manage social media accounts, run campaigns, make business promotions and help businesses to increase sales and revenue.

You can also build your website portfolio as a part of your Freelance Digital Marketing that shows your working experience, and authority in Digital Marketing fields to attract potential organic clients directly from Google search without any investment and asset just optimize SEO. Make your website portfolio should be user-friendly, creative, and exciting with the ability to boost your brand awareness, and future clients because your website portfolio has the only potential to serve as one of the most significant advertisements of your skills and services in the digital marketing world.

4. Make a proper track record and history of your working experience

Make a proper track record and history of your working experience with small businesses, agencies and, testimonials from customers, everything you do in Digital Marketing fields as an experienced and authoritative employee. By doing this you can create proper proof of what expertise and authority you have in your marketing career.

5. Find clients and Bid Projects

After Identifying your niche, Building your Digital marketing skillset, and Creating an outstanding portfolio and an online presence now it is time to find potential clients and Bid Projects from freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr, Guru, and You can also make use of social media to find potential clients and customers because on social media there are millions of people such as Finance, Insurance and Education business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs come to hire an experienced freelancer for their projects and needs.

You can use LinkedIn to get more money making original clients without any endorsement or investment. Facebook groups are also the best source of getting possible at a large scale because Facebook groups have millions of people joining, they share their projects and short-term business-related tasks to complete them in short periods of time. Learn How Ahrefs Would Learn Digital Marketing From Scratch


What are Freelance Digital Marketers?

Freelance digital marketers are professionals or individuals who sell digital marketing services to businesses, companies, clients, small industries and startups to increase their sales, build brand names, do Social media marketing, Increase their presence in Google and other search engines and grow their digital product sales by targeting a focused audience.

What are some well-known services of freelance Digital Marketers?

Freelance Digital Marketers provides a lot of services to its online clients, businesses and companies worldwide to boost their startups, grow productively as well as increase sales. Some of the services included Paid advertising, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, TikTok ads, and YouTube ads as well as dining email marketing and promotion, Video marketing, and Content writing and Copywriting.

What digital marketer skills do you need to become a freelance digital marketer?

To stand up in the digital marketing world you must learn and fully understand its skills and expertise. A new individual must have proper knowledge and experience of Digital marketing skills to become a freelance digital marketer. Here are some most in-demand marketing skills to enter a freelance digital marketer field: creating individual email marketing campaigns and Creating an email strategy, Content marketing manager creating promotional email newsletters, blog posts, and ebooks, Marketing Analytics such as administrator or analyst need analysis of market requirements, competition and business analysis, and client manners in dealing actions, Doing Seo to boost business`s website and their sales and productivity.

Is there any demand for freelance Digital Marketers jobs?

Yes, freelance Digital Marketers have huge potential and demand for advertising business, doing social media marketing, writing high-quality blog posts, email newsletters and copywriting. Digital marketing is one of the most profitable and worthwhile jobs in today’s trends and movements because every new business, startup and small agency to doing business promotion, growing productivity and sales.

Who has the ability to Apply for A Digital Marketing Job?

Applying for A Digital Marketing Job needs certification, expertise and experience to bid on any project. Without any experience, an individual doesn’t have the ability to Apply for A Digital Marketing Job. But there are a lot of video tutorials, paid and free courses and individuals on the internet where you can learn about digital marketing current trends and most in demand easy services that you can offer as a Digital Marketing Job.

What are less competitive websites to Apply for A Digital Marketing Job and services?

Fiverr, FlexJobs, 99designs, LinkedIn Jobs, Upwork, Facebook groups, and Finance, Insurance and Education business websites are some potential and less competitive websites to Apply for A Digital Marketing Job and services.

How much money does a freelance digital marketer earn?

The freelance digital marketer earns money depending upon the quality of work, the services type of digital marketing and the time period such as how valuable your services freelance digital marketers are offering, and how much time it takes to deliver a project to its clients. As per my experience and expert suggestions, a professional freelance digital marketer has the ability to earn $49K to $72K per year in the United States area.

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