Best Blog Post Writing for Beginners 2023

Best Blog Post Writing for Beginners 2023

Discover what is the best Blog Post Writing for Beginners and blog writing format and structure to rank easily on Google SERPs. Today, I will walk you through exactly How I write a blog post fast and quickly. I get tons of questions about this, and I want to give you all the juicy details about how to write a blog about yourself, so writing blog posts is the core of what you do as a blogger.

I’ve got over 50+ blog posts on my blog, and I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years, so there are many things I wish I had known when I started. Today. I’m giving away all I know from beginning to end when I write a blog post inside your blog post. I Will teach you all about how to write a blog for beginners and what is blog post template.

You can teach people and inspire them with your ideas or sell something, a product, or a service, and you can apply my process of Best Blog Post Writing for different types of Content.

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Tips for Beginners in Blog Post Writing

There are a couple of things you can do to create the best content according to your niche. Use your time efficiently and create Content with the purpose and intent of user base query. Knowing About the Content Topic and intent of user search queries is essential for the Best Blog Post Writing that attracts more traffic and sales.

So for Step One before you start writing a post, You need to decide what type of Content you’re going to create if you want to use your blog for business or to grow on social media. You’re not writing for yourself.

You’re writing for your audience, and a couple of types of content work the best to do that, so my favorite kinds of posts to connect with your audience are how-to-post list posts and reviews.

Write your first blog post with How To.

Why are how-to posts usually in-depth tutorials where you’re being specific about your audience’s problem and trying to solve it for them? It can be a tool walkthrough or a story of how you overcame a roadblock or something now.

The purpose of a how-to post is to educate your audience. We always want a reason why we’re writing a blog post; otherwise, you’re just creating random things, and that’s a waste of your time. It’s to spend a bit more time before you start Blog Post Writing if that means you’re creating Content with a purpose.

List Posts for Blog Post Writing

We have a list of posts. Usually, people love list posts because they are more actionable, for example, the 10 things you need to do x y z or your seven favorite items for spring, or the 14 Powerful SEO Tips for 2023 to whatever. Lists help break down the complexity of a topic, and things have become more doable. You can do anything in like five steps.

Good list posts also don’t always have to be so in-depth as to how to post so that something like the 10 must-have spring outfits of 2023 can be put together much more quickly than a super long 4000-word blog tutorial right now. The purpose of a list post is to inspire or educate your Audience.

Write Reviews Post

While Blog Post Writing Must Write Review articles. You may also write reviews for tools, products, gadgets and other websites in your niche. Reviews can be product reviews, trend reviews, or sharing a personal experience. Maybe you’ve done a challenge, and you’re taking your audience with you.

For example, the good and the bad, what worked and what didn’t work, or the pros and the cons stuff like that. Reviews are also great for affiliate marketing. So if you’re using a specific tool in your business that has helped you transform, you can show your audience exactly how the product helped you go from point A to b, and point b is that result. They want to share affiliate products.

This is effective and one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. So the purpose of your review post is to promote a product or service to your audience.

Creating An Outline Of the entire Article

Once I know what type of blog post I’m going to write, The second thing I do, before I start writing, is create an Outline Of the entire Article. Yes, I do this every time. I’m not usually the type of person who starts from anywhere. I’m more creative; I get many more ideas for what I can say while writing. So writing an outline is seriously necessary.

For the best Blog post writing, You must create an outline for your post. This can be something other than rocket science. Here’s what you can do to start writing down everything that comes to your mind in a couple of bullets.

Free your mind and bring everything to paper. Then dive in more profound, and ask yourself, did you cover everything you need to do additional research or think about if you need to leave something out?

You can say many things when you’re an expert and go on forever. But this could make it difficult for a beginner to understand, so think about that too. You want to reorganize and structure an excellent structure for posting. For example, start with the what, then continue with why this is necessary. Then you can do the actual how to do this thing in a full tutorial.

How to write a blog post fast and quickly

When it comes to writing your Content or How to write a blog post fast and quickly, there are three things involved in writing your blog post: Editing your Post, adding add-ons, and items that are supporting elements like images and videos and Recheck your entire article.

When you’ve done your outline and research, this will be a piece of cake. You need to bring your thoughts to paper now. I write all my blog posts in a Google doc. I’m not the biggest fan of Google Docs. You can use WordPress editor.

I write everything down in a Google doc this way. It’s also saved if something ever goes wrong. I have a folder for each blog post, I have a doc for my outline and my Content, I can add that there, too, so everything is organized in one place.

When I write a blog post, I use Grammarly to check my spelling and errors. I’m a native Urdu speaker, So English is my second language. Naturally, I used to make mistakes, but you know we’re aiming for something other than perfection here. Grammarly will help you get rid of 95 of the errors and mistakes. The person will always point out that typo, but you know what? It’s I’m always assuming they mean well.

The final thing here is that you read everything out loud. You may have heard people talk about finding your voice, and I always thought it sounded woo-woo. What does it even mean the way I make sure the Post says? I am to read it out loud. This will make all the difference in every blog. The Post should sound like you’re talking to your best friend. Reading your post out loud takes five minutes, but you’ll find those little spots where it doesn’t sound natural.

Do Text Editing of your blog

When you’re done with writing, Text editing is next. Here are some tips to help people read through my posts more quickly. They stay longer on my side. Always make sure to use subtitles in WordPress. They’re called headlines H1 is your headline one your main title.

You should only use H1 headlines once per blog Post, then use H2 to organize your posts and if you’ve created your outline, You can use H3 headlines to structure it even further if this is already done, No one wants to read a 4 000 word blog post in one text stream. It’s way too overwhelming now for paragraphs. I tend to do short paragraphs, Usually one to two sentences, you want to pull the reader through your Content.

Using strategic paragraphs helps people look at and read more of your Content. In editing, I use different font styles to highlight certain things or draw attention to something.

You can use bold text or important highlight points you don’t want people to miss when they skim, and then you can use the italic text function when you’re commenting on something or giving a behind scenes, or you want to add fun little text fragments all these editing techniques help people to get through to the end of your Post.

Use of Images, Videos, And Links in your articles

I include add-ons and any supporting elements, so here I’m talking about images, videos, and links.

For blog post images, there are three things your photos, your graphics, and your featured image, aka your thumbnail. First, I want you to add your photos. The photos you took and edited yourself, So if you’re a food or home decor style blogger or something. Adding Images, Videos, And Links to your blog post is very beneficial because once you write high-quality content, second you increase your reputation in the eyes of Google and your readers.

This will be a big thing, or you can also add stock images that help support your Content. Professional photographers take stock images, but they’ve waived their rights to their copyright.

You can use them on your blog and add additional graphics, for example, infographics, stats, or your Pinterest image or images, for a step-to-step guide, So people know where to click and what to do now. I use Canvas Pro to create all my graphics. There’s also a free canvas version you can test yourself. I use it every single day. It’s the best.

Finally, you’ll need to add your featured image and your thumbnail. Usually, on your website, you have your blog post page, and there’s the feed of all the blog posts you’ve written, and then next to the blog post title, you’ve got that featured image, your thumbnail.

Second, as another add-on, you can add a relevant video to your Post if you have one. This is only if you have a YouTube channel or want to add someone else’s video to your Post. Videos can be great for breaking through text; sometimes, people prefer to watch videos.

You can upload your video to your media library and then add it to your Content, but I recommend you start a YouTube channel. First, you can add your video as a private video to your channel and then you only need to add the URL you get from YouTube to that Post, which will also show up as a video.

It’s the same thing, but this way, the video is hosted on YouTube rather than on your blog, and this is important because videos are huge files that take a long time to load. So if you add a video straight to your blog post will take time to load and people might not wait until it’s fully loaded but jump right off, and you don’t want that, and you don’t have that issue if you host a video on YouTube.

Finally, for our final add-on, you’ll need to add your links first add your other website links, so you’ve referenced something like a quote or a state from another site. Make sure you’re crediting those other creators with that link to that resource second, and add your related post links.

You can add your related posts immediately after you mention that or add them to a list of related posts at the end of your blog posts. Add your affiliate links.

As I mentioned, Affiliate links are an excellent way to earn your first income from your blog. When you say products and services, You want to add your affiliate links to get tracked and paid for that commission if a person buys that product.

Before You Publish Your Content Recheck your entire article

This is where most people stop and press publish and walk away, but you go the extra mile today and Before You Publish Your Content Recheck your entire article. Checking and analyzing the entire content can find the remaining topics and points you forget to add and you can add unique information for your readers.

Now, This is where people need to go right big time. We’ve got a couple more things to do before we publish our Post, which is crucial for successful blogging.

Bonus Tips For Writing a Good Article

Here are Bonus Tips For Writing a Good Article to attract more organic traffic and sales.

Promote your blog with Opt-In Forms

We’ve talked a lot about creating Content with a purpose. Educating your audience or inspiring them but also promoting a product, another important goal of your Content is to attract people to your blog, So they ultimately subscribe to your community and your blog.

By that, I mean joining your email list. Your email list contains all your blog subscribers, including their email addresses.

In one tool, they need to give you their name and email address so you can start sending them emails. Your email list is the number one most important asset in your business. No one can take away your email list your email list belongs to you.

It doesn’t belong to Instagram, it doesn’t belong to Facebook, it doesn’t belong to Pinterest, and the most important thing about this is your email. The list is how you will make the most of your money as a blogger. I know this is a shocker to many beginners, but it’s a hundred percent true.

Email is still the number one way to sell products and services to your followers. Before you hit publish. Do you want to add an opt-in form? An opt-in form And people can type in their names to subscribe. They are then added to your list, and you can start sending them emails, I said this is a separate tool from WordPress.

I always recommend Converting Kit convertkit is my favorite email marketing service, and you can start a free account with them for up to a thousand subscribers; it has all the functions you need like automation to send out welcome emails and all that stuff. So make sure you add your opt-in form to your new blog post before you publish.

Create Pinterest Pins

I will probably bust another bubble here, but just because you publish a new blog post doesn’t mean people will show up. Could you read it? If you don’t promote the heck out of your Post, no one will show up.

You could have the best Post in the world if you’re not going to promote it on social media and Google. No one will know it exists now if you’ve been following me for a while. You know that Pinterest is my favorite way of growing traffic.

Here’s what I want you to do before you publish your Post. I’d love you to create a pin image you can share on Pinterest. You can embed that pin like a regular image when your Post is live. You can use the Pinterest Chrome extension or tailwind to post it once that pin is live on Pinterest. People can search for a topic and find your pin, which leads them back to your blog, and that’s how they find you.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Our last Step in creating our killer blog post is to do this. I’d love for you to install a free plugin on your blog called the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s free forever and will help your Post show up on Google when you’ve installed that plugin, and you go to the back end of your blog post, so now you have this additional section at the end and here is where you can add a keyword and a snippet. So first, I want you to define a keyword.

Does a blog need a Keyword?

Each of your blog posts should have a keyword, which can be any word, But it can also be a short sentence. The keyword is anything you type into a search engine like Google to find something, so when it comes to your blog post, use a keyword you think people would type into Google when they’re looking for a post just yours.

This is usually part of your blog post title. Anything with a how-to-do XYZ or ideas for blaa, something like that, and then after you’ve defined your keyword.


I want you also to add your snippet now. If you go onto Google and look at the list of blog posts that show up, you can see that there’s this little extract below the title. It’s just one to two sentences about what the Post is about.


Adding a snippet is essential for SEO, So make sure you fill out and include your keyword, it will help you rank and get even more people to your blog from Google, and that’s a wrap. This is exactly how I write my super high-quality blog posts that people love, But it also helps me convert people into subscribers and how they buy my products.


Should I Make use of AI to write content for my website?

Yes, you can make use of AI and AI tools to write and generate content for your website but there is a point to consider while using AI in your content. Use AI as a content writing assistant to get better ideas for blog titles, meta descriptions and topics. AI only generates factual content that has less value and knowledge than is given and on trained, you have to add the human touch to make it unique and helpful content that fulfills the user purpose of search.

How much length of article should be to rank on Google SERPs?

The length of the article depends on the topics and niches that you take that need to rank on Google SERPs. The perfect length of an article for ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can be different as you search a specific topics and keywords. Some SEO experts and proficients point out that content should be between 2,100 and 2,400 words to rank on Google SERP’s optimal search engine optimization as well as satisfy user purpose of search because it’s essential to note that Google’s primary concern and goal is to satisfying user intent and purpose.
There’s no advantage to expanding and increasing the length of content to rank on Google’s first page but if you focus on creating content that is related to your target audience as well as delivers value and importance.

Does Writing Longform Content beneficial for SEO?

Yes, writing long-form content can be beneficial and helpful for SEO as well as for your website authority, but the length of the content not only matters but there are other reasons as well why long-form content can be sufficiently effective. Writing Long-form content that can help your web page become a go-to resource for a specific topic, increases the time users spend on your page, improves your page’s relevance, and builds authority in the specific niche. If you write Longform Content you have more opportunities and chances to naturally integrate pertinent keywords that can support and improve your visibility in Google search engine results for those keywords

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